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Independence Day (1996)

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not sure about the ebst, but the campaing was great.  The movie just resonated with everyone so I get why it did so well.


There was ID4 stuff everywhere.  I still have some of the marketing materials, like the alien ship yo yo, among other things :P 

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it also adjusts to $599,175,800



the budget was also a very reasonable 75 million. Decently big at the time but a lower budget than a lot of other blockbusters including Twister and MI that same summer. 




the marketing campaign was terrific and set the stage for the type of blockbuster marketing campaigns we see today. I think this was also the first movie to receive a Superbowl spot




no surprise it was huge. It delivered on the action and spectacle front and also had a good amount of humor and a great cast including a star making turn by Will Smith. It is popcorn fun done right



also worth mentioning is the incredible foreign gross of $511,231,623. Made that back in 1996 with no 3D. 

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1 hour ago, John Marston said:

no surprise it was huge. It delivered on the action and spectacle front ....


I agree. Like many, I went to a midnight showing and was thrilled. 


The trailers led us to believe that this would be the first film to really DELIVER in terms of depicting an alien invasion using the newly-advanced digital CGI and surround sound, and it did that in spades. It was exactly what we hoped it would be. 


In addition to the amazing foreign box office, it also had pretty strong DOM legs. It never had a weekly decline as great as 45% until its 20th week of release, after all its money had been made.

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This more than any other movie is the template for the modern tentpole movie.  I know Batman and JP played a part but ID4 was what put it together and changed the industry.  ID4 is in large part responsible for most of the new screens from 98 to 02ish.  Theater owners wanted this movie on as many screens as it could get and the audience wanted this movie with as great of sound and big of a screen with stadium seating they could find.  This movie is directly responsible for the change in business plan.  Before ID4 the split was basically standard 60-40 (studio/theater) first week and moving towards the theaters advantage from then on.  By the next year, Sony was demanding 75-25 splits and it was not long before the tent poles basically paid a house fee and kept all but a percent or two in the first couple of weekends. 


The ad campaign as mentioned is still the blueprint for tentpoles.  ID4 had the night before opening show which is not just a part of the industry. 


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This is, easily, the most anticipated original film in history. 


It nearly broke the 1 year old opening weekend (fri-sun) record, despite opening on Tuesday night and blowing off a ton of steam. There is a very strong case to be made that, had ID4 opened on a Friday, it's weekend record would have held up through 2001/2002 with Potter and Spidey. JURASSIC PARK 2 and STAR WARS EPISODE 1 wouldn't have compared.


Incredible marketing and perfectly timed to capitalize on Will Smith's explosion.

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