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Sing 2 | December 22, 2021

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On 11/4/2021 at 7:27 PM, AJG said:

This is gonna be another Secret Life of Pets 2 dud. I don’t think the kids care about Sing at all.

I don't think that many people do, period.

Of course the film will have a couple of huge fanboys, but you can say that about any movie nowdays.

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5 minutes ago, Eric Madrigal said:


While a big drop from the first, I would consider this a big win for Illumination when almost every family film since the pandemic began has fallen far short of even $100 million (Encanto aside).


Also, I'm surprised this thread only has 3 pages since its creation. This must be one of the smallest threads ever for a major release coming out in just a few weeks.

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27 minutes ago, KP1025 said:

Only 2 weeks theatrical exclusive? That's one of the shortest windows I've seen yet, and just when it looked like it was legging quite well. Will still be the first animated film to cross $100 million DOM since the pandemic though.

Universal had a 17 days window for the films that opened with less than 50M (Old was their only sub 50M to have a longer window, because Shyalaman financed it, I guess). Last year Croods 2 had the same window and still legged well.

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Also from Universal (and Illumination), Sing 2 has crossed the $400M mark globally. This makes it the first Hollywood animated movie to pass the milestone since Frozen 2. It is also the only animated film in the Top 10 studio pictures globally during the pandemic era and the ninth Illumination title to the mark, with the Sing franchise now reaching more than $1B ($1.036B) worldwide.



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