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Under the Silver Lake| April 19 2019 | A24 | From David Robert Mitchell (It Follows) and starring Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough

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Saw this back in December and kinda loved it. A comic noir blend of Hitchcock, Lynch and Inherent Vice that keeps taking the piss out of its jackoff of a lead. Totally full of itself but in a sincere and endearing way, plus it's such an entertaining ride I wasn't bored for a minute. Garfield's best performance to date.

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On 11/1/2018 at 8:37 PM, WrathOfHan said:

Confirmed day and date or just speculation? Because YIKES if that’s happening.

No. Not yikes. It's a viable way of releasing films. Small studios are trying this out with films they don't believe need to be exclusive in cinemas I.e. ones that won't sell tickets. Commercial appeal got nothing to do with quality.


Cold War for example was day and date and that has just been nominated this week for an Oscar for best foreign film. 


Also I'll be happy to bet my left nut that in say 25 years time your way of thinking will be ancient. And all the biggest films will release on demand the same day they come in theaters. You'll have the choice on the opening night of Avengers 17 to stream it on your TV, or to go out and watch it on a dedicated big screen/IMAX etc

Get ready to watch the landscape change.

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