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On 6/24/2019 at 5:00 AM, baumer said:

/The first and only Toy Story I actually enjoyed.  I liked all of it and the themes resonated with me this time around.







They put captain Canada in a film and it can make even Baumer love a Pixar film. 

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As soon as the opening credits / logo rolls, and the song comes on, I just felt happy, being back in a Toy Story film.

It is nice meeting up with old friends and seeing these characters again. These are beautiful characters. But I suppose that's really down to the previous films, not this.

I'm not sure this dissuades me from my original belief that this doesn't need to be made / seen.

I did enjoy it, the filmmakers know how to make an engaging animated movie, but it really lacks the emotional resonance of the originals. There are moments that come close but they feel a bit on the nose. Lines like, (paraphrasing) "I have to look after my kid because that is my purpose!" are just a bit un subtle.


Keanu Reeves was great as usual. Key & Peele annoying as usual. Film references to Keanu Reeves movies are amusing but probably look lame on a rewatch.


I enjoyed it more than Toy Story 3 (which I am not a fan of), but still think should have left it at 3 films. I'd have preferred to be watching the original in the cinema than this if I wanted to spend time with the characters.

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After seeing Toy Story 3 I thought it was the perfect end for the TS franchise so I had some doubts about TS4 even if I was excited.


What I saw today proved me I was wrong, TS3 wasn't the perfect end, it would have mean the infinite cycle of toys changing owners all the time for eternity..The idea of seeing Bo again and being that strong, so free, the lost toys who aren't really lost but freed from this cycle and found something greater than just 1 kid that will abandon them someday.


This movie is really the story of Woody and seeing him evolving that way and finding true happiness really seems like it was how it was meant to be. Sure, saying goodbye to his friends wasn't easy but in the end everyone was happy and he found a place, and finally reunited with the sole love of his life.


I'm so happy I've been able to see it, definitely my movie of the year, nothing will pass this.


It's an A grade obviously, an S Grade if it was possible :)



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