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Bad Boys 4 Life

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6 hours ago, LegendaryBen said:

Hoping for $150M+ OS!

It opened to $37.7m maybe $39m with actuals.

It also has a few more markets to open in (France, Russia, Italy and Japan, Brazil??) with a few smaller markets like Ukrain, Poland, the Netherlands, Turkey etc.


It should be able to go over $150m, good WoM and it will only need a 2.9 multi or so.


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Like I said last week in the weekend thread it has a real shot at $200m OS, now Domistic as well. Next weekend should bring it up to around $130- 135M.

Next week it opens in Brazil Colombia, Japan and India. Hopefully they open to over 8m combined.


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Just for fun:


$200m OS is happening (atleast it more likely that not, I am not saying it locked but It is what I expect).

$39m OW

$14m Mid week (OS mid weeks are mostely only Mon Tue Wed, some countries have a Wed - Sun weekend and some have the normal FSS)

$42m New markets like france russia and 11 others (Belgium, Netherlands, etc)

$12m Mid week (est)

$33m Weekend (new markets: Japan, Brazil, Colombia and India, estimating $7m+ of them, so expecting a 40% drop for the other markets)

Total by next weekend: $140m

It only has Italy left as market (guessing $7m USD total there)

Other OS markets probably do something like this: (In full weeks now)

$27.9m (38% drop)

$16.8m (40% drop, Harly quin movies opens, but Europe Ociania and LA will make up most money now and they have better drops)

$10.8m (35% drop)

Than $16m more in the rest of it's run.


Add it all up and you get $215.5m, so yeah I would say it has a good shot at $200m.

EDIT: Btw this is without china, if it gets released in china add what ever you think it will make on top of it.


I am going to post it here as wel for informative purpuse and to check if my estimates hold up or if I was talking BS again.

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$170m so it added 27m more this weekend 2m more than I originally predicted by this date.

But HQ did open this weekend (for some reason it's wrong in my write up 3 weeks ago, so next week should see a pretty soft drop again).

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This weekend also saw Sony's Bad Boys for Life debut with an estimated $3.2 million in China. To date, Bad Boys for Life has grossed an estimated $220.2 million internationally and $426.4 million globally (which continues to rank the film as the highest grossing release of 2020 globally).



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