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We've got a pileup. What will the weeks of 8/4 (TMNT vs Meg 2) and 8/11 (Gran Tarismo vs TMNT and Meg's 2nd week) look like?

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I don't think any of these look like heavy hitters. Meg 2 will drop notably from the last, TMNT will maybe do alright I suppose, and I'm not really feeling Gran Turismo. I don't think it's much of a problem for them to open where they are now, moving wouldn't really change most of their prospects.

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8 hours ago, BadOlCatSylvester said:

With the caveat that all three will likely at best underperform, I think Meg 2 will be the winner here. At least it has some appeal in the form of Jason Statham. Turtles will be Smurfs The Lost Village all over again, and Gran Turismo is a bomb in the making.

Idk man that TMNT trailer and the cast announcement got more of a response online than Smurfs TLV ever got with any of its marketing. I could easily see a 30+ OW if they play the marketing right.

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