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Season 2 Partners

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All eighteen of the registered members will be sent instructions, which can also be found here, via PM. This will determine who partners with whom. It's also going to help introduce the many new participants to the game. I don't want to leave them out by having everyone from Season 1 sign up together and forcing the newcomers to partner with each other with less experience. This method shall also reduce favoritism and help those of you who participated in Season 1 meet fellow competitors from last season to make new alliances.

Your answers to the following questions will determine who your partner will be.

1. Predict Snow White's Tuesday gross

2. Predict Men In Black 3's Tuesday gross

3. Who would you most like to partner with this season from the list of those registered?*

*Your opinion will have some weight in my determination of who shall partner with whom.


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There, all messages have been sent. Now obviously as this will not weigh against you, you do not have to answer any of the questions. It will just help determine who you will partner with. If you don't really care who you wind up partnering with, then by all means don't answer. But some people do like getting partners they feel comfortable with.

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Now the moment we've been waiting for. I will reveal who the partners will be this season. Here's how things went down behind the scenes:

All eighteen participants were sent two box-office predicting questions and one question of their partner preference. The way the selection works is as follows: The member who scores highest on the two questions gets the partner he selected. If that person scored second highest but chose someone else, he will still partner with the player who scored highest. If two or more people opted for the same partner, the one who scored highest will get that partner.

Now, fourteen of the eighteen players answered the questions, and only twelve listed any preference. This means six people don't seem to care who they partner with, so hopefully you'll all be happy with whom you wind up with. We have eleven returning players and seven new ones, so let's make the new guys feel as welcome as the veterans.


Now the first team I will match up goes to the player who scored highest. That player was TOWNZY89. Townzy scored 98.66%. Who did Townzy select as his partner?

The Dark Alfred

Alfred came in fourth place with a score of 96.21%. Ironically, Alfred and Townzy were on the winning team "The Firerisers" last season. They are now back together...let's see what that entails.

Team Name: THE FIRERISERS (yep, reprising the title)


The player who came in second place was Totem, with a score of 97.62%. Totem selected Alfred as his partner. However, Alfred has already been matched up with Townzy who scored higher than Totem. So Totem will be joining forces with...


Riczhang is a newcomer to the game, but he placed 6th with a socre of 92.92%. Riczhang was the highest ranking member to place Totem as his first choice. In this instance, Riczhang's choice beat out Totem's only because Alfred had already been chosen.

Team Name: THE CRIMSON KNIGHTS (all titles are being selected by me this season due to time constraints)


The player who came in third place was Avatarfan with a score of 96.44%. His choice is Alfred. However, Alfred has already been chosen. So Avatarfan will instead pair with the next person who chose Alfred as partner, and that would be seventh place


Sims ranked seventh with a score of 92.07%. He is new to the game, so welcome him warmly Avatarfan.



Next up is Schumacher FTW, who placed fifth with a score of 94.18%. Schumacher didn't choose anyone as a partner, so he will be paired up with eighth place


Also new to the game, Fakhir came in eighth with a score of 91.99%. Fakhir had no preference for partners.

Team Name: EPIC SENSATION (In honor of Schumacher's former team from Season 1)


Up next is ninth place CEDAR. CEDAR, Player of Season 1, scored 90.68%. His first choice was


Acsc1312, last season's runner-up, did not score higher than CEDAR and is therefore CEDAR's partner. This looks like quite a team here.

Team Name: THE SHADOWKILLERS (Acsc1312 came from "The Shadowlords", so it is fitting that the honorable team from Season 1 have some sort of regeneration)


Next is tenth place Tawasal, who scored 86.84%. Tawasal's pick was...


Xeno did not answer the questions. He placed very high last season.

Team Name: THE DREAMLORDS (Xeno also came from "The Shadowlords", an honor to his former team)


The next player up is eleventh place DoctorWho. DoctorWho chose for his partner


Both players are new to the season, which is what DoctorWho wanted.

Team Name: THE DARK HORSES (in honor of their new status)


The next player up is twelfth place Goffe Rises. Goffe wanted Xeno as his partner but Xeno has already been taken, so Goffe will instead pair with


Electric did not answer the questions so he has no care or say in the matter, but he played a good first season.



The final team to be chosen consists of fourteenth place JackO, who will be pairing up with


Rich did not participate in the Partner Challenge. He placed in the Top Ten last season.


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Off to a good start, if I had predicted SW to increase I might have been able to beat Townzy and get my partner of choice. Ow well, riczhang we should do well :)

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Nobody tried to pick me????????? :angry:

I think you had a couple picks. I can't recall, and I deleted all those PMs so I couldn't check anyways. I just remember Alfred having the most picks and Totem had a few, Xeno had at least two, acsc was mentioned at least once or twice, and I believe your name came up at least once, maybe twice.

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