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The Dark Alfred

Cayom Year 3 Superbowl Spots

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    Superbowl Spot for Karate Kong

    Whatever the commentator says is done in italics

    *Perseus Animation Studios Logo Comes Up*

    We see a rather fat ape being washed down a river while it's raining.

    A hand grabs him and pulls him up.

    Kong was an outsider in his family

    Glimpse of the large kong looking out of place with the other kids in the family of monkeys as they do karate moves & he looks clueless

    But now they need him more than ever

    Quick glimpse of the famaily being kidnapped & caged in a small truck

    This May Watch Kong Make The Forest His Friend

    Quick glimpse of a owl & squirrel with Kong celebrating & having fun

    And watch him find the hope within

    We see a montage that includes a branch breaking with Kong on it, water rushing towards a squirrel..

    **Screen flashes...From Kevin Lima, the director of Tarzan**

    Montage continues with a villainous looking man emerging from a bathtub, a circus on fire...

    Then we see Kong doing a back flip and crashing into the screen


    May 10th, in 3D & Imax 3D

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    8am Superbowl spot

    We see a quick shot of Christian Bale as a homeless drifter, then switch to a rough looking Charlize Theron, who kicks Tom Cruise, who falls out of a window. (5 sec)

    The Guernica Studio logo fades in and a popular rock song begins.

    Cruise puts on sunglasses and he sees the posters hanging with photographs of the Fascinators' multiple eyes and various commands printed under them, such as, "Work eight hours, play eight hours, sleep eight hours," and "Marry and Reproduce." (10 sec)

    Title card appears: CRUISE

    Action-packed montage of Cruise fighting, shooting and running. (17sec)

    Title card appears: SMITH

    Montage of Smith and he cracks a good one-liner joke. (24sec)

    Title fades in: 8AM, THIS SUMMER (26sec)

    Money shot: Glimpse of a Cruise and Smith fist fight. (30 sec)

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    Divergent Superbowl TV Spot

    Arcturus Films Logo Flashes Up[Note: Italics represent text, and objects on screen]

    We see a quick aerial shot of Dystopian Chicago, and the year 2403 appears typewriter style on the screen. This is set against a very sorrowful, sad and depressed type of music. (4 Sec)

    On March 29

    We see Tris waking up from her aptitude testing, and she shoots up into a sitting position (8 sec)

    The World has Changed

    We see a quick flashback to the nuclear war that tore the world apart, soldiers dying, bombings exploding, and the city being ripped apart.

    *Marcus [V.O.]: And out of the ruins, five factions rose from the ashes* (12 Sec) [Marcus's speech, and the following faction names are set against an empowering score]

    [Note: The Following items happen in rapid succession. Marcus says them as if they were one sentence]

      [*]We see a group of people dressed in yellow, and looking cheery interposed against a background of a bowl of water.

      *Marcus [V.O.]: Amity,*

      [*]We see a group of smartly[business] dressed people, interposed against a background of a bowl of glass.

      *Marcus [V.O.]: Erudite,*

      [*]We see a group of black and white dressed people, interposed against a background of a bowl of grey stones.

      *Marcus [V.O.]: Candor,*

      [*]We see a group of plainly dressed people in grey, interposed against a background of grey stones.

      *Marcus [V.O.]: Abnegation,*

      [*]We see a group of pierced, and tattooed darkly dressed people, interposed against a background of a bowl of fire.

      *Marcus [V.O.]: Dauntless,* (17 Sec)

    We see Tris/Beatrice walk up to the platform as, and the camera pans over the 5 bowls, and we have a close up of Tris’s finger pricked, and leaking one drop of blood, and her finger hesitates over two options, and then the drop of blood falls, all of this is set against a rapid minor rise, complete with a rising tremolo in G minor to build anxiety, and tension and we cut away to: (22 sec)

    We see a rapid montage with building momentum of Tris fighting real people, fighting crows, trapped in water, and hanging over a cliff, before finally we see a camera shot over an expanse of soldiers, marching in unison, and they fire. This is set against a militaristic, drum type beat, that builds moment, and peaks just as the soldiers fire.

    Four [V.O.]: You chose us, now we have to choose you. (26 sec)



    Tori [V.O.]: Choose wisely Beatrice, WISELY. (30 Sec)

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    The Coming Storm Superbowl TV Spot

    Arcturus Films Logo Flashes Up Followed by Elliptical Entertainment [italics represent text/objects on screen]

    An aerial pan of the extensive Aruedian army marching towards the mountains. Grand and majestic background music that conveys a type of royalty, grandeur, and strength.

    On May 31 (5 sec)

    The scene cuts to the watch tower as we see the Prince’s back turned towards the camera,

    War’s Coming(8 sec)

    And looking at a battle on water, as the two sides fire at each other, as lightening and storm brews above them. Strong, war like chaotic music supports this.

    From All Sides (11 sec)

    You see the Prince giving instructions to the hooded figures, and an emotional moment of him telling his son to stay safe, as the door bursts opening leading to:

    A rapid montage of one second long clips from the film including in the following order:

      [*]The Prince venting about his brother, the King;

      [*]The blizzard, and the Aruedian troops getting trapped there;

      [*]David, and Aiden racing towards Tynesdale;

      [*]Aiden, and the Prince’s sword fight;

      [*]The Boulder falling

      [*]The Prince screaming at his wife Elizabeth [recently found to be still alive, and working for the enemy];

      [*]The ship crashing into the cliff;

      [*]And The King shouting No!

    From the Prince giving instructions until the last montage, we have the beginning which is more emotional, and eventually builds in strength, and builds in tension, until the King's final shot of No.

    Like Never Before (21 sec)

    There is the Aruedian ambassador in the darkness of The Prince’s office, and he hisses, “Majesty, there’s a storm coming and it’s going to blow you off your feet.” Before he turns around, and his cloak does a huge dramatic swirl transforming into an arrow flying, and when the arrow disappears into the foliage, the camera pans to a storm developing over the mountains. (25 sec)

    Academy Award Nominee Steven Daldry (26 sec)

    The Coming Storm


    In Real-D 3D and IMAX 3D (30 sec)

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    • Community Manager

    Cool. A trustworthy fella. Then please PM when you have done the actuals, then I will send you the outcome of the poll, so you can add the extra to the OW before you start posting the results.

    Well what about next year and the year after that?
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    Genesis Superbowl Promo (30 seconds)


    [GOLDEN FILMS] logo appears – A torch light up and as it revolves around in a golden globe of the Earth, stars and strips of film circle around it.

    /dull dramatic thud, then a melodious score kicks in/

    *A man is running down a street late at night; the street is completely empty except for him* (2 sec)

    /Fade to black with another thud, and a voiceover kicks in/

    Michael Douglass voiceover: “I know I ask too much of you...”

    *The same man stands on Brooklyn Bridge, and people surround him with guns.* (5 sec)

    Michael Douglass voiceover: “But there is no other choice.”

    *Emile Hirsch is in a plane, looking suspiciously at a woman seated a few aisles up.* (7 sec)

    *The woman (Sarah Clarke) stands up suddenly, and as she's coming toward Hirsch, the plane starts falling. * (9 sec)

    *One compartment on a train blows up, and then the next, and a ripple effect occurs as more explosions go up the length of the train. * (12 sec)

    Emile Hirsch (looking panicked): “I don't know who they are, but they're after me. I have something they don't want me to see.”

    *As he says this, it cuts to Hirsch leaping out of a car as it freezes , and bullets are fired at him as he takes off on foot and a woman in jet black chases after.* (15 sec)

    *Scarlett Johansson flips over seats with unmoving passengers in the cabin of a plane that is quickly falling.* (17 sec)

    *Two people in scuba outfits collide under water, and blades protrude from the arm of one, slashing at the second man. * (19 sec)

    Emile Hirsch (it starts by showing him waiting in an airport lobby, but then it fades out to another scene of Jeff Bridges looking out a window of a skyscraper): “And I have to find out what they want from me. I have to know why they're after me.” (22 sec)

    /music crescendoes as these scenes play in quick succession (some are less than a second)/

    *People flipping about in a falling plane. * (23 sec)

    *A motorcycle speeds up into the air.* (24 sec)

    *Emile Hirsch runs down a dark street. * (24 sec)

    *A man shoots a bullet, and the bullet explodes as it hits a pillar. * (25 sec)

    *Johansson and another woman fighting seemingly in mid-air. * (26 sec)

    /at this point, everything becomes so chaotically fast that we can't make out any scene individually, just a bunch of quick explosive shots building up to a tensely mounting score that cuts off at the end into a sonorous flat sound. / (28 sec)

    G E N E S I S

    05. 03. 03

    (30 sec)

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    I'll do one for the following and one for Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Loch Ness Monster

    Avatar: The Last Airbender - Water Superbowl Spot (30 sec)

    The Blankments Productions logo briefly appears, followed by rapidly quick demonstrations of the four types of bending. (4 sec)

    Cut to a shot of an iceberg rising from the ocean, and then bursting open. (6 sec)

    Cut to a bison flying across the sky, passing over the sun causing lens flare. (10 sec)

    Cut to a view of the Northern Water Tribe, a beautiful city made of ice and snow. (14 sec)

    Cut to THIS SUMMER (16 sec)

    Cut to Zuko and Iroh, standing at the front of a ship. (20 sec)

    Rapid cut of action scenes, including Sokka throwing a boomerang, Aang going into the Avatar state to subdue Zuko's boat, Katara fighting Pakku, Aang confronting Koh, and Aang merging with the Ocean Spirit. During the action scene, the following voice over is heard. (25 sec)

    Katara: Why didn't you tell us you were the Avatar?

    Aang: Because... I never wanted to be.


    THE LEGEND BEGINS (28.5 sec)

    JULY 19 (30 sec)

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    Salvation SuperBowl Spot

    *Number 2 Productions Logo Comes Up*

    We see motorcycles race down a streets among the ruins of Chicago

    We see a plane lower over a building

    Anna (Katerina Graham) and Rogue (Emma Watson) run through a hallway and the lights blink red

    On May 17th

    We see a mutant slowly look up


    We see a rocket blast off into the sky

    Delstro (Jamie Bell) looks up into the sky


    Delstro looks at a mutant lying on a experiment table

    Pyro (Xavier Samuels) fire a machine gun into a crowd of mutants


    Rogue screams in pain as she lies on a table

    Luke (Jake Gyllenhaal) holds his head screaming, “No no no no!”

    *the images begin to flash quickly*

    A mutant leaps on top of Delstro

    A young Asian girl jumps off of an over pass

    A building collapses in flames

    Rogue braces up against a wall in fear

    A mutant leaps up from a table and grabs Anna

    Luke rolls on the ground gasping for air

    *there are a bunch of images that the viewers can't make out*

    *the screen goes black*

    We see Rogue and June (Keira Knightly) peep out from behind a bush

    A female mutant turns around and is shown nursing an infant.

    The mutant roars in anger

    We see Rogue and Junes shocked faces

    Rogue whispers in horror, “They can reproduce”


    Experience Steven Spielberg’s Finale to the Worldwide Phenomenon in IMAX


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    Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. The Loch Ness Monster Superbowl Spot (30 sec)

    The Blankments Productions logo briefly appears, followed by a private jet flying over Loch Ness. (4 sec)

    THIS SUMMER. (6 sec)

    Cut to the private jet falling into the loch. (8 sec)

    LOCH AND LOAD. (10 sec)

    Cut to Liam Neeson and Chuck Norris. (15 sec)

    Chuck Norris: *cocks gun.* You're Scottish, right?

    Liam Neeson: No, *cocks gun.* Irish.

    CHUCK NORRIS. (20 sec)

    Cut to Chuck Norris roundhouse kicking three zombies in a row. (21 sec)

    LIAM NEESON. (22 sec)

    Cut to Liam Neeson breaking four zombies' necks at once. (23 sec)

    SAMUEL L. JACKSON. (24 sec)

    Cut to Samuel L. Jackson firing two double-barreled guns, one in each hand. (25 sec)


    Cut to the Loch Ness Monster. (29 sec)

    Loch Ness Monster: Just die. *bares teeth.*

    COMING SOON (30 sec)

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    The Last Projectionts70s music fades in.Cut to lacing up a film reel that turns blood redCut to a dark room and a shadow appearing in the behindCut to a small empty corridor in the basement with a staff member looking scared hearing an ominous whistleTitle card fades in Quentin Tarantino presentsCut to film reel and showing the mad face of Harold, the projectionistMusic gets louderCut o scenes of the massacreThe Last Projectionist
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