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Les Miserables OS Thread

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Friday (12/28) Update: From Universal:

LES MISÉRABLES grossed $3.8 million internationally on Thurs., Dec. 27 and raised the overseas total to $32.2 million. Combined with the U.S. 3-day gross of $39.4 million, the worldwide total currently stands at $71.6M.

Internationally, LES MIS is playing in Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Spain. Highlights include:

Hungary opened yesterday grossing $38k and placing 2nd behind The Hobbit.

Australia grossed $1.3M for a 2-day plus previews total of $4.5M. It moved ahead of Wreck It Ralph to take over the No. 2 spot behind The Hobbit.

Japan grossed $860k on Thurs. and raised the 7-day total to $9.5M. The film is still No. 1 of the Hollywood films at the box office with 50% market share.

Korea grossed $881k on Thurs. for a 9-day total of $15M.

The rest of the international will release in 2013 including the U.K. and Ireland on Jan. 11.


Strong start continues. I think 400-450M OS. :)

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LES MISÉRABLES played at 1,698 dates in eight territories this weekend inAustralia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary and Spain.

3-Day weekend estimate = $38.3 million

International cume = $48.7 million

International Highlights include:

LES MISÉRABLES opened No. 1 in Korea (beating the opening for THE HOBBIT) where it has grossed $20.1 million at 599 dates in six days with previews. It’s the biggest musical opening of all time in Korea, Universal’s biggest opening day ever and Universal’s biggest film of the year.

In Hong Kong, LES MIS opened No. 1 (also beating the opening for THE HOBBIT) with $1.6 million at 31 dates including previews. It has set the record for the biggest opening ever for a musical.

Japan moved into its second weekend and held strong at No. 1 amongst MPAA studios, with $3 million at 351 dates and a 10-day total of $13.5 million. It is dominating the major studios’ films with 50% market share.

Australia opened on Boxing Day, Dec. 26, which is the biggest movie-going day of the year and set the record as the biggest opening day ever for a musical. LES MIS is the biggest opening day for a Russell Crowe film in Australia and the biggest opening day for a Working Title production. It has grossed a terrific $8.3 million at 241 dates in five days plus previews.

The majority of the international rollout will continue in 2013 with the U.K. and Ireland opening January 11.

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Korea's done just amazing. Flat from last week, and New Year's next week ensures a very soft drop. Japan's doing extremely well as well. Looks to do about 40 million total. Asia alone could gross in excess of 110 million.

It needs a Chinese release. The way Asia has done, it could do gangbusters in China.
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It needs a Chinese release. The way Asia has done, it could do gangbusters in China.

Hopefully. Even if it's a buyout and not a revenue share. But didn't they sing Do You Hear the People Sing during the Tiananmen Square protests? That might be a problem in importing the movie into China.
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Tom Hooper's Le Mis, opening opposite Django on Christmas Day, also jumped the $100 million mark domestically. The film reached the milestone in 13 days, the fastest for any musical. Combined with international earnings of $81 million, Les Mis has earned $184.6 million worldwide.


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