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Les Miserables OS Thread

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I think most of the Musicals that underperform OS are set in American and based off American works. MM had British characters in Greece with ABBA music and Phantom of the Opera was based off a French work, and they both had an OS share of over 66%.

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Look how many different versons of the musical there are:

There are also various non-English language cast albums of the musical.

    [*]1980 Original French Concept Album

    [*]1987 Original Israeli Cast

    [*]1988 Original Hungarian Cast

    [*]1988 Original Vienna Cast

    [*]1990 Original Swedish Cast

    [*]1991 Original Dutch Cast

    [*]1991 Paris Revival Cast

    [*]1992 Original Danish Cast

    [*]1992 Original Czech Cast

    [*]1993 Original Korean Cast

    [*]1993 Original Spanish Cast

    [*]1994 Japanese "Blue" Cast

    [*]1994 Japanese "Red" Cast

    [*]1996 Original Duisburg Cast

    [*]1996 Swedish Värmland Cast

    [*]1998 Original Antwerp Cast

    [*]2003 Japanese "Orange" Cast

    [*]2003 Japanese "Green" Cast

    [*]2003 Japanese "Light Blue" Cast

    [*]2003 Japanese "Violet" Cast

    [*]2003 Czech Revival Cast

    [*]2008 Dutch Revival Cast

    [*]2008 Le Capitole de Québec Cast

    [*]2010 Polish Revival Cast

    [*]2010 Spanish 25th Anniversary Production Cast

    [*]2011 Czech Cast

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