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Best Potter Trailer?

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Yeah. It had the best marketing for a Potter movie by far. I just never got the same feeling for DH1/2. HBP had like 4 or 5 different trailers, all of which were captivating. Even the very first teaser.

"Did you know sir? Then?"

"Did I know I just met the most dangerous Dark Wizard of all time?...No."


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Like all the HBP trailers were just amazing. The marketing for that movie was through the roof for a Potter film. It had never been so good looking before. Great trailers all around, but I think I liked the first teaser most of all. It was chilling and unlike any Potter trailer before it, with its focus on just the one scene between Dumbledore and young Riddle.Also, I would place the DH1/DH2 joint-trailer from June/July 2010 as one of the best. That was a brilliant trailer. The other DH1 trailer was decent, but paled in comparison. And the DH2 final trailer was also incredibly epic.

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