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ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS | 5/27/16 | If anyone cares, there is an RT watch in this thread apparently.

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Where does this put Cinderella? Will DIS start rolling out one of these in the Spring/Summer or maybe Spring/Holidays.

If Blanchett signs for Cindarella I hope she sweeps Razzies. She`s so freakin due and this role is overacator`s dream. It`s going to be campful.Anyway, I hope Depp signs for AIW2 because that`ll cockblock POTC5 and I don`t want POTC to happen because Borelando wants to come back.
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It was sort of adapted in the 2010 movie. It mainly featured characters from the first book, but also from the sequel book. It (the movie) was sort of a sequel to both books, so any sequel to the movie is sort of going to have to have its own story (though to entry into Wonderland will probably match the second book's entry, and it will probably also be named the same thing).

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