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Ezen Baklattan

CAYOM V - And The Nominees Are... (CEREMONY @ about 7:30PM ET)

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Nom count:

13: Dawn of Oblivion

11: The Shark Mutiny

10: Oro

9: The Dogs of Babel

7: Hindenburg; StarCraft: Fury of the Swarm

6: The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane

5: Empty Hearth; Psychonauts; Shiverin’ Gulch

4: The Affair; Dragon Age: Onslaught; Khanh Bernarda Alba; Worlds Apart

3: Corso; Past Tense

2: Forgiven, Not Forgotten; Lucid; The Once and Future King: The Sword in the Stone; The Very Last First Time

1: The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones; 4Chan: The Truth; Adele: Rolling in the Deep; Candlelight; Celia, A Slave; Chris Smith and the Island of the Dinosaurs; Edward Tulane; El Sombrero; The Next Dimension; Ratchet & Clank; SpellForce – Shadow of the Phoenix; Stories From Eden

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Can't wait!!! :D I've got my hopes on a few awards, hopefully I'll be able to hit them unlike last year. :lol: Really disappointed that Wenan couldn't hit score after I spent ages coordinating the aspects of the score with the movie and consulting my anciently old music theory textboks. ;)

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CREATOR'S FORECASTBest Picture - The Eccentric Minds of Belmond LaneBest Director - Sam Mendes for The Shark MutinyBest Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis for Empty HearthBest Actress - Emma Watson for The Eccentric Minds of Belmond LaneBest Supporting Actor - Ed Harris for The Shark MutinyBest Supporting Actress - Marion Cotillard for Empty HearthHoping Dawn and/or Past Tense can snag a few of the big ones, though.

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Riczhang's Projections

Best Picture:

The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane

Best Animated Feature:

Shiverin’ Gulch

Best Director:

Sam Mendes for The Shark Mutiny

Best Actor:

Daniel Day-Lewis for Empty Hearth

Best Actress:

Leila Hatami for Khanh Bernarda Alba

Best Supporting Actor:

Tommy Lee Jones for Empty Hearth

Best Supporting Actress:

Marion Cotillard for Empty Hearth

Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Leading Role:

Linda Cardellini for Shiverin’ Gulch

Best Voice Actor/Actress in a Supporting Role:

J.K. Simmons for Psychonauts

Best Original Screenplay:

Past Tense

Best Adapted Screenplay:

The Shark Mutiny

Best Ensemble:

Empty Hearth

Best Original Score:

James Horner for The Dogs Of Babel

Best Original Song:

“Letting Go” by Adele (Worlds Apart)

Best Cinematography:

The Shark Mutiny

Best Film Editing:

The Affair

Best Art Direction:

Dawn of Oblivion

Best Costume Design:

Starcraft: Fury of the Swarm

Best Makeup:

Dragon Age: Onslaught

Best Sound Mixing:


Best Sound Editing:

Dawn of Oblivion

Best Visual Effects:

Dawn of Oblivion

Best Use of Action:

The Shark Mutiny

Best Foreign Language

Khanh Bernarda Alba

Best Documentary

Adele: Rolling in the Deep

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