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Blanked Out Reviews, Y6 (Top 25 Is Up!)

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4815162342, on 02 Feb 2013 - 09:37, said:Last Ditch Effort, Cyber, and AvariceNumbers, this may sound odd, but could you please pick three different movies? I actually pre-read both Last Ditch Effort and Cyber, and I wasn't that big of a fan of Nirvana to really give a good review for Avarice.

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Mysteries of the Beyond:


This is a film practically made for me. I love space adventures, Brad Bird, J.J. Abrams, Kyle Chandler, Cillian Murphy, and of course, Michael Giacchino. Does it stand up to my hopes? Mostly, yes. Mysteries of the Beyond is an incredibly entertaining summer blockbuster. The ensemble is great, filled with great chemistry. I also like Murphy and Chandler finally getting the big-budget exposure they so deserve. Giacchino's score is one of his best, and should be nominated, maybe even win, Best Original Score at the Oscars. The film is incredibly well-directed, with Jack Bender seamlessly making the jump from television to the big screen.


Lindelof gives a good script, which may surprise some. However, it unfortunately falls into cliches at points. Indeed, after they land on Chiron, quite a bit of the plot developments are slightly predictable. I also never really bought into the main romance of the movie. However, the gradual falling apart of the crew is written perfectly, and generally makes up for the rest of the script's follies. The action is very exciting, and the effects are great, but could be better. The ending is fantastic, and all in all, this is a great sci-fi for the summer of Year 6.



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The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark:


Andrew Stanton has an interesting career the past few years. He returned to live-action film making with Prodigy, which was a huge success. He followed it up with Blue Beetle, which, despite its connection to the DCU, bombed. Now, he does another comic series, one of which I have never heard of. Let's see how good it is.


I really wanted to love this movie. The premise is crazy, the casting is great, and above all, I wanted to see Andrew Stanton make a comeback. Alas, although the film is slightly above average, it ended up being a huge disappointment for me. The script is just bizarre. Some points I love, and other points I wonder what the writer was smoking. Things happen in this movie for no apparent reason, like a ballerina weilding a pistol, and a flashback out of nowhere, which is followed by backstory given through dialogue instead of a flashback, and these issues are just in the first half hour. The script is all over the place, and ultimately ruins the movie from being the epic masterpiece it could be.


Thankfully, the cast is great. This has just a good cast as the previously reviewed film, with Hiddleston, McAdams, and Dalton as highlights. Scout is incredibly cute too, and you'll be sure to hear several d'awws over him. The score is nice, and the action is well-done, if confusing at points. The $170M budget is well-spent, as the effects on everything is fantastic. All in all, this had the components for a great movie, but the script was just too uneven for me to give a really positive review.




(On a very random note, although Glover would've done a great job, when I saw Alan Tudyk in the cast list, I couldn't get King Candy's voice out of my head for the Mayor role. :P  I also kept on imagining the Boogeyman with Mark Hamill's voice. Take these observations how you wish.)

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That's really biased, given that Avarice is nothing like Nirvana...at all.


If you'd really like me to review Avarice, I will, but I'm being honest when I say I thought Nirvana was really overrated. If you'd like to suggest it, then I'll have to review it. :P Although, I really do want to read High Life...

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The Golden Bird:


It's no secret that HTTYD is one of my favorite animated movies, with Lilo and Stitch closely behind it. Naturally, when I saw Chris Sanders had a new movie this year, it quickly jumped to the top of my anticipation list. Unfortunately, as with Andrew Stanton's film this year, it's just not creative enough. The script reads as a typical fairy tale, which would be fine if this was, say, Nathan Greno and Bryon Howard, but this is Chris Sanders, the genius who brought us a story of a girl and his alien and a boy and his dragon. One could argue this is a "boy and his fox" movie, but it's been done before, give us something exciting.


However, once you get past the disappointment on the basic details, you'll find a fairly charming animated film. The celebrity voice casting is odd at points, since I still have no clue why Mark Wahlberg was in this movie in such an small role, but Baruchel proves once again his talent lies in voice acting, and David Tennant is David Tennant, meaning that this film already is a success in my eyes. The score is excellent, and John Powell should be nominated for it. Powell is an incredibly underused composer as it is, and he brings his A-game to this outing. All in all, The Golden Bird proves to be a uncreative, but very enjoyable animated outing.



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To the Moon:


To the Moon is the first movie I'm reviewing from a new studio, and it's a sci-fi animation. I thus shall compare it to my first film, a sci-fi movie as well, Consciousness Slip. I can tell you before even reading it that it's better than Consciousness Slip, so it's a good thing we got that out of the way.  To the Moon has a wonderfully poignant story, and an early frontrunner for Best Animated Feature. The voice cast does a fine job, and the script is very strong, and emotionally resonating. Simply put, in my time on CAYOM, this is the best debut film I've ever read.


However, I'd like to propose something that might be considered odd. I would've liked to have seen this movie done in live-action. The actors for Johnny and River would be frontrunners for Best Actor and Actress, and the film overall just has a very realistic sci-fi feel. It also would probably do better financially in live-action, since I don't see much children having appeal in the subject matter. Nevertheless, To the Moon is the first truly great film of the year, and a must-see for anyone who loves cinema.




(Just to let you know, in the beginning of the film, there's a major typo. You say "The next couple of shits show the man sitting..." Yeah, it kind've took me out of the movie. :P )

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OH MY GOD *holds hat and runs to topic*

It happened countless times, and I thought I fixed all of them. It's reflex... -.-


At first I thought about making it a Live-Action but I simply couldn't find actors that would match with them... River would be the only one to match since Tom Hanks doesn't really have the appearance of Johnny and Olivia Wilde as Eva not nearly as much (since Eva is black)

I don't know if this has been done by anyone, but it might happen sometimes during my late years... I need experience to write a movie that will actually feature front runners in any categories. I wanted this movie to get some Oscars, to give me some attention, and I was sure that It would get Voice and Animated Feature, more than enough to make myself a worthy opponent.

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