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Season 4: Early Overview

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Drumroll please.


Season 4 is about to be upon us guys. The initiation process will go up this weekend, but there will be a twist to initiation this season. You'll have to stay tuned for that, but I promise it shall be exciting.


Last season, we saw a huge transformation in the game, and in particular, the last few weeks and the birth of Box Office War have called for some exciting changes in the game.


But this season, I'm not going to promise you anything bigger or better. I'm not going to promise more twists and turns. This season, I'm promising you more entertainment, thrills, and competition. There will be some noticeable changes, but I can assure you, the changes will be for the better.


But don't fret. This season, I am planning a return to the most traditional format of Box Office Alliance...and you shall find out soon just what I mean. For now, get yourself ready for the next amazing season of Box Office Alliance. Because...



It. Is. Coming.

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I really wanna try this, I did receive an invitation from the Creator to answer some questions in the last season, but when I saw his message it was already too late. I've been kinda busy lately and I still don't know how Box Office Alliance works, but I may find time to join the game, when does it start?

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