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Best IMDb Thread Ever - Remove One Letter From a Movie Title and Describe New Movie

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Minios: Cheerios mini version has a chance to prove themselves the tastier of the bunch, but first they have to fight their way through an evil food critics schemes to discontinue them before it's too late.  

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Hoe: Cute animated aliens look for the planet with the sexiest inhabitants to plan an intergalactic orgy.


American Siper: A man who loves his country must win an Apple Cider drinking content to save his family farm.


Lil & Stitch: An alien crash lands on earth and goes into hiding with the help of Lil' Wayne.


Pollo 13: The only thing more fun than going to the moon is playing pool games on it!

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Jurassic Ark - The Time has come for Dinosaurs to build an ark to save themselves from the wickedness of the man which hunts them down, and a flood is coming


Jurassic Word - The Dinos write their shared histories passing from generation to generation. 


Jurassic Park: The Lost Word The Dinos find the lost word of their ancestors, after building a park for the now tamed humans.  

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Forrest Gum-Tom Hanks stars as Forrest Gum, the worlds greatest gumball machine maker!


Dark Night-Rather boring film about the sky.


Dark Night Rises-In this part the sky goes up!


Mad Ax-Ultra violent film about a mad ax!


Argo-In this sequel to Fargo-wait this is a film! ;)


You know this thread work better if we had consistent of the game-like someone says "Ambi"-A film about a amber deer and then puts a film title next for someone to do!


Babe (someone try this)

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