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Hiccup's Critical Review Year 7

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Welcome to Hiccup's Critical Review! 


Here is the agenda!






Post Review- Top 25 Best Films, Top 15 Worst Films, and Post Review Discussion


Review Scale




A+ = 10

A = 9.7

A- = 9.0

B+ = 8.3

B = 7.4

B- = 6.6

C+ = 5.8

C = 5.0

C- = 4.2

D+ = 3.3

D = 2.5

D- = 1.6

F = 0


Enjoy! :)



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15. Amulet- Yes this film caused quite a bit of controversy on the early schedule and it definitely got my interested. The cast doesn’t look too appealing but I do like Bryan Singer and I am interested what he can do with animation. I definitely hope this film can please me when I read it since the premise is interesting. But part of me if feeling I will be disappointed.


Prediction: FAIL! Will Miss the Top 25

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14. Bone- Solstice- The first film just missed by Top 25 in Year 4 with 72% fresh but that score has greatly increased over time. The first film is now one of my favorite films of Year 4. I feel like this film will live up to expectations but probably will not blow past them. I am still very excited for it!


Prediction: SUCCESS! Will just make the Top 25.

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13. Wings- I loved this film in CAYOM 1.0 and will probably still enjoy it. Creator is excellent with animation as he is with fantasy/sci-fi. 


Prediction: SUCCESS! Definitely in Top 25!

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12. Shipbreak- Christopher Nolan film. Boom that is it. I know nothing of the plot which heightens by anticipation and the cast appears strong like always for a Nolan film. The tagline is very cool to. 


Prediction: SUCCESS! Probably in Top 25!

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11. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- Narnia is perhaps my most beloved fantasy book series and I am very excited for this installment. Although I am going to admit it will be very hard for this to surpass Disney’s adoption. The cast is ok not great but these movies aren’t really about the cast. Rupert Wyatt is a very strong director and I enjoy almost all his films. I feel the visuals will be excellent but I am worried about the cast and storyline. I also don’t like Aslan’s voice. You have to have Liam Neeson as Aslan. FACT!


Prediction: SUCCESS! but slim.. Might enter Top 25!

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Special Presentation!



The Wanders Analysis


The Wanders is set top open in theaters on March 3, which means it will kick off spring Year 7.


Little is known about the actual story of The Wanders. Ridley Scott has kept the script under tight secrecy much like other films like Cloverfield, Super 8, and Prometheus. What we do know is that this is a type of horror film but the new trailer and several updates have hinted that it might not be a straight up horror movie. Ridley Scott himself said that the genre of the film is hard to define. The film also has a big budget for a horror movie (reported at 60 million). Ridley said the majority of the budget was spent in the last 45-50 minutes of the film and the film spans a length of 2 hours and 5 minutes. The studio also boldly proclaimed that The Wanders would challenge the Academy for being the first horror Best Picture nominee.


O$corp Pictures has established a strong rule in the horror genre. Like the challenge they are making with The Wanders is year, they made the same challenge in Year 1 with The Chrysalids, which was a horror period film. That film opened at 43M and finish with strong legs at 175M domestically. It later went on an Oscar spree with 7 nominates (not BP nomination though) and 1 win and just narrowly lost 3 nominations. Some say it was snubbed because of the horror genre and M. Night Shyamalan as director. Outside of The Chrysalids, O$corp Pictures’s horror films have been box office wise successes. They have delivered 6 horror films over 100M and 17 horror films over 50M. Unbalanced, Paranoia, Halloweentown, Paranormal..lamronaraP, and Fright Town have been incredibly successful horror franchises.  The Wanders couldn’t ask for a better set up.


So how will The Wanders fair in the box office? Over recent times, the first weekend of March has become less of a major weekend and instead the mid to later weeks of March have become the major weekends of spring.


Year 1: Land of Storms lead with 32.8M

Year 2: Pokemon: The Journey Begins lead with 36.4M

Year 3: Wolves of the Deep lead with 65.8M

Year 4: Conundrum lead with 17.9M

Year 5: Paradise Lost lead with 39.8M

Year 6: An Improper Exchange lead with 27.8M


With its shady marketing, horror like premise, and R rating, we can almost say that The Wanders isn’t going to be a 60M+ opener or maybe not even a 40+ opener despite hype and Ridley’s direction. The best comparison for The Wanders might be The Island. The Island was a psychological horror flick that was intended to be an Oscar contender. The Island interestingly opened the exact same weekend as The Wanders. The Island took 27.4M opening weekend and finished with 76M off a 75M budget. The comparisons between The Wander and The Island are shocking. Both directed by well known directs (Ridley Scott The Wanders and Tim Burton The Island) but filled with a pretty average cast. The theaters they are been launched in are almost the same The Wanders- 3,375 theaters and The Island- 3,367 theaters. Both also carry the R rating and an over 2 hour running time. The Island had an average box office run but failed miserably with reviews and critic reception. Can The Wanders escape this? The Wanders has several advantages over the Island. The Wanders has Ridley Scott who has directed Alien and several other strong films. The Island had Tim Burton. Burton was new to the mature psychological horror film while Ridley who is no veteran to horror has proven he is capable of delivering strong horror flicks. The Wanders also has strong marketing and more publicity than The Island had. The Wanders grabbed a Super Bowl spot, which should help spread news of its release.


O$corp Studios has released the official premise of the film:


“Five-college students travel to Florida on what they hope will be a fun and relaxing spring break. At the isolated island beach house, they discover a haunting illustration in the attic of the house. Soon strange and frightening occurrences begin to happen. They desperately battle whether these are supernatural happenings or if they are just going crazy.  The Wanders will challenge what you think you know about religion, science, and the supernatural like no other film. Experience it in Digital 3D and IMAX!”


The studio is currently projecting a 30-35 million opening weekend for the film, which would be a strong start for an original film. 

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10. Heavy Rain- I normally don’t care for video game adoptions but ChD proved himself with the genre with Too the Moon. The cast for Heavy Rain is excellent and so far this remains a high contender for entering the Top 10 films of the year.

I really hope ChD doesn’t let me down with this film. I have high expectations!



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