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4.3 "The Return"

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4.2 is not over yet, but in the mean time, here are the questions for this week's game.


Season 4, Game 3

Deadline: Friday, April 19 at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)


1. Predict Oblivion's Friday gross


2. Predict Oblivion's Saturday gross


3. Predict The Lords of Salem's per theater average


4. Predict 42's Sunday percent drop from last Sunday


5. Predict Scary Movie V's weekend gross


BONUS: The Croods should 150 million by the end of the weekend, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be over 105 million. Predict the difference between the percent that The Croods is over 150 million and the percent that G.I. Joe is over 105 million. Take the lower percent value and subtract from the higher. (e.g. if Croods is at 151 million, it is at 0.67% over 150 million (or you can express your answer as 100.67%). And if G.I. Joe makes 110 million, it is 4.76% over 105 million (or 104.76% of 105 million). Your answer will then be either 4.76-.67 or 104.76-100.67, so either 4.09 or 104.09. Either answer would be acceptable, but all answers will be converted to the same scale.)

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Challenge 2 Results


There are some surprises in store...some unexpected occurrences. First up, let's take a look at the Legend Challenge. Will DoctorWho be eliminated?


DoctorWho was forced to go up against Jim Shorts in an unprecedented Challenge. Should Jim win, then DoctorWho would be eliminated. If DoctorWho won, Jim would not be eliminated, but DoctorWho would join last week's winners "The Earth Shakers", with partners Schumacher and 24Lost. Jim Shorts would be scheduled to join them as well.


...but now the tides have changed. Let's first take a look at the scores.





A solid score, albeit not the highest Doc has performed in the past. Is it enough to edge out Jim? Let's see.


Jim Shorts:

Brace yourselves.


And he would have won were it not for a misread on Question 1


So DoctorWho is safe! Another Legend unearthed, and now Doc joins Schumacher and 24Lost on "The Earth Shakers", last week's winning team. His score will be added in with theirs once computed. But Jim Shorts will not be joining "The Earth Shakers" as well. Instead, he awaits a different fate.





And now... the other Challenge.


Here was the traditional Challenge of a one-on-one competition between two players, this week: Riczhang versus EmpireStrikesBack. An unexpected blow for both players, especially Riczhang who won last season. Their Challenge seemed simple, but there are considerations that must be made. Let's take a look.










HOWEVER! The players' scores were based on their weekend scores. And these are the raw scores before the bonus is taken into account. The bonus, however, was meant to serve as a replacement for the lowest question score. Taking into account the bonuses, the corrected averages would be Empire


and Riczhang


. Taking the bonus into account, Riczhang wins the Challenge...which means Empire would be eliminated, while with the raw score, the opposite holds true. This is an unfortunate turn of events, but as it stands, the bonus was meant to serve as a replacement score. If I adjust so that the bonus counts as a sixth question, the scores are as follows: Empire - 63.69%, Riczhang - 71.04%. By that token, Riczhang wins on two out of three fronts. This means that Riczhang wins this Challenge...and unfortunately, EmpireStrikesBack is eliminated. 'Tis the cost of earning a strike, even early on. It makes you vulnerable. And now, the prize that Empire acquired from Totem passes onto Riczhang...but that shall be it's final resting place. Should Riczhang be eliminated before it is time to use it, then the prize dies altogether, as it can only pass three times (Totem, then Empire, and lastly Riczhang.



But what of Jim Shorts? Well, stay tuned. You shall find out.

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Oh my god, You scared me for a moment there.... 


Sad to see Empire go tho. 



EDIT: And I just realised that I misread questions 1 and 2 and confused them. :lol: 

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4.3 "The Return"


This week marks some significant changes. Empire has just faced elimination at the hands of Riczhang. It was an unfortunate loss, and the veteran, who appeared in 6 episodes in Season 1, passes on his "special prize" that he acquired from defeating Totem in the Challenge two weeks ago. Now that prize is handed off to Riczhang, of "The Legends." Riczhang himself survived all of last season and was therefore not cast as one of the unidentified legends...but, he did have the same legend status they all had. This means Riczhang now has double the "legend status", and you'll find out what that means later on. Riczhang just whooped butt in one Challenge, but now he's the big threat, the big head honcho, and he certainly can't go down without a fight. Totem's specialty is about to be unlocked, for if Riczhang is eliminated, it will be of no use anymore. So Riczhang will now use that "special prize" that Totem possessed: Creator Power (not to be confused with The Creator). Totem's special gift granted him the ability to create a new team and merge himself onto that team, should he wish. This would have been particularly useful if Totem were up for a Challenge. He could've used his Creator Power chip to add himself onto the winning team. But Riczhang now gets to unlock this Creator Power chip...and in doing so, a new team is born.


But before we get to that, let's take a moment to recognize a different legend this week. Baumer, Riczhang's partner, and Season 3 runner-up (also the winner of Season 3 Player of the Season), lasted all the way to the finale last season. This season, he partnered with his nemesis-turned-ally on "The Legends", seeking glory alongisde Riczhang and, should the opportunity arise, the chance to outsurvive his partner in an epic re-showdown. But unfortunate circumstances have arisen, and now the beloved Baumer has opted to bow out. In an utterly shocking and saddening move, the legendary Baumer, last season's beloved underdog, steps out of the competition. He will be truly missed.


And what does this bode for Riczhang? Riczhang has the Creator Power chip now, so he can make a new team and join it.  "The Legends" may be no more...but one of the game's most powerful teams will rise again. This week, a team that has lasted two seasons and made it all the way through one of them, will return from the depths of hell. This week, that team will merge with Riczhang to create perhaps the most powerful team of the series. Riczhang's Creator Power chip (formerly Totem's and then Empire's) is being cashed in at a time of desperation in Riczhang's presence here, and the new team formed is...







This is a truly splendid moment. Now a lot of you may not know who they are, as a lot of you are new. But there are those of you who should remember, and for everyone else, it's time for a quick history lesson. Of all the teams to grace Box Office Alliance, only one team ever made it together through an entire season. Only one team ever re-emerged in the next season to have both its members make it to the Top Ten. And only one team ever held these two titans together...

ACSC1312 and



That is right. With the rebirth of "The Shadowkillers" comes the resurrection of two defeated legends, now revived from their time in isolation. An analysis will be made to follow what they accomplished over the past couple of weeks in isolation, but for now, we will focus on what they can accomplish together. And now, "The Shadowkillers" may be stronger than ever for Acsc and CEDAR, two of the greatest champions of the game (CEDAR won Season 2, and Acsc has made it to the finale twice!), are now joined by Season 3 winner Riczhang.


Words can barely describe this awesome matchup.


Now onto the weekend results:



The Destroyers of Evil

Chasmmi: 84.81% +4 (+3 1st team, +1 80%+)

Spaghetti: 90.47% +8 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +3 90%+)

AVG: 87.64% +12


The Earth Shakers

24Lost: 84.20% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 80%+)

DoctorWho: 86.14% +2 (+1 3rd team, +2 85%+, -1 Strike 1 Week 2)

SchumacherFTW: 75.77% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 82.04% +5


The Equation Sensation

4815162342: 84.80% +1 (+1 80%+)

Iceroll: 78.58%

AVG: 81.69% +1


The Gold Seekers

ChFloppit: 88.23% +4 (+2 85%+, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 4)

Jay Salahi: 69.85% +1 (+1 highest Question 2)

AVG: 79.04% +5


The Imperials

Fakhir: 64.85% (placeholder) -1 (-1 1st strike)

JohnnY: 82.86% +1 (+1 80%+)

AVG: 73.86%


The Shadowkillers

Acsc1312: 85.35% +6 (+2 2nd team, +2 85%+, +1 80%+ Week 2, +1 Highest Question 5 Week 2)

CEDAR: 91.07% +13 (+5 1st individual, +2 2nd team, +3 90%+, +1 3rd individual Week 2, +2 85%+ Week 2)

Riczhang: 85.24% +5 (+2 2nd team, +2 85%+, +1 won Challenge 2)

AVG: 87.22% +23



Jim Shorts: 82.90% +2 (+1 80%+, +1 highest Question 1)




Unidentifed Legends

Legend 4: N/A

Legend 5: N/A



Identified/Deceased Legends

Baumer: Week 1-3

Totem: Week 1 (proxy - EmpireStrikesBack Week 2-3)


Green denotes Legend



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I will have updates on points, The Challenge, etc. soon. Game 4 will be up late, late tonight (after midnight).


In the meanwhile, feel free to discuss this week's big changes and the loss we've had, as well as the gains we've made.


Any comments on the season so far? You guys are much less engaged than you were last season.

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