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  1. Not if they decide to make this the Venom prequel
  2. Lab Rats die? RIP Tele's former job
  3. I barely remember watching this movie honestly. So shrug worthy
  4. I once knew a kid who recognized the Touch from Saint Row IV and not Transformers the Movie aka the greatest film of all time. I was devestated
  5. So now? Honestly as much as I loved it, I wished Anno finished Evangelion 4.0 before doing Shin Godzilla Tele would be worthless though Yep
  6. Yes. I might suggest waiting until Splatoon 2 or FE Warriors drops since they'll probably have a bundle by then. Also avoid 1-2 Switch unless it's on sale Then who's the next host
  7. Honestly the most interesting part of Venom is the fact the symbiote was a formerly peaceful creature driven insane after infecting Deadpool.
  8. Tele April in general sucks. Only game coming out that I'm interested in is Mario Kart. I'd get Persona but I don't have a PlayStation 4.
  9. davincicode1 is like the Symbiote from Spider-Man, but instead of going insane because it infected Deadpool, it infected an angry SJW. Gokira is the current host
  10. Kids are never too young to learn about disappointment