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  1. I think around 350m would be satisfactory for the studio depending on how much of it was made domestically.
  2. I don't know but I'm starting to hope so.
  3. Welcome to the boards! It took a while between your registration and your first post haha! I'm not a big expert but that drop seems fine to me.
  4. I was about to say that it's probably Ready Player One but after re-reading the article about that movie's VR it seems it's another company that landed an exclusive contract with them rather than IMAX: Oh well, it's interesting that Warner is investing in that.
  5. I get it but not every single movie lends itself to that kind of trailer, you know? I mean, it must be pretty hard to put a money shot or two in the trailer without showing some of the plot in some movies, specially action movies. A lot of marketing consideration goes into these trailers, you know. Show that amazing scene that will put butts in the seats but risk spoiling that part of the movie? Or focus on not spoiling it but then have no big scenes on the trailer? Sounds hard. I'm not saying it couldn't have been done just that I doubt it's as easy as people make it out to be.
  6. Making superhero trailers these days must be so hard. One of the biggest complaints about the JL trailer is that it showed nothing of the plot and then this one comes out and the biggest complaint is that it apparently shows too much. That balance must be so hard to achieve these days considering how picky CBM fans are on the internet.
  7. I don't know, I thought he looked and sounded resigned and sad about it when he said it.
  8. That line in the article ends this silly discussion right there. Next.
  9. Awesome trailer, I'm finally hyped to see this.