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  1. According to the pre-sale thread in the Chinese sub-forum Valerian should be making 25-30m dollars OW for a 50m-60m total over there. Baby Driver seems to have a little more potential but might end up with around the same numbers.
  2. SILVER AND BLACK | Feb 8 2019 | Sony

    I have no idea what to expect of this until I see actual footage.
  3. Unfair complaint based on Apocalypse. He did play a substantial part in that one and really felt like part of team. No, he was not one of the leads but he was a main character all the way. I'm more worried about Jubilee than him. We need more of her.
  4. I thought she was the highlight of the first movie together with Fassbender though.
  5. Man, you're in for a big surprise next year. 5-billion-dollar franchise with its last 3 movies making almost 2 billion dollars put together being called "washed-up" is the funniest shit I've read this week so far I think.
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Pretty big assumption there. She actually had another guy be her love interest in that movie who turned out to be a bully and left her stranded in a forest at night after a prank(would bed fitting if it were him). That could very well be him as he certainly didn't look like a teenager, shame I don't know the actor's name. There are a couple of other possibilities too in other movies which makes saying "it's gotta be him" a bit too rushed imho.
  7. You keep saying that about stuff all the time but you aren't always right. We'll see. Well I'm looking forward to it and I think it'll be fun I just don't trust much in its financial prospects. Trailers could change my mind though.
  8. This title is so simple and yet it's so oddly tantalizing. I'm thinking this might be a disaster and yet I'm very curious.
  9. Oh look, hate on the internet. How predictable. I suggest y'all take a look at Singer's adjusted numbers. But it's all good, I'll just stay in my corner being very happy about all the parts of Fox's X-Men.
  10. I appreciate your enthusiasm and I'm very excited for this myself as this is my second favorite still-alive franchise(after Potter/FB) but DOFP's numbers is the extremely optimistic ceiling for this and Logan's numbers is the more realistic ceiling. Honestly though? Anything over 550M WW will be great for this considering Apocalypse's numbers and general reception.
  11. @MrPink I finally have done my part and I enjoyed it. Nolan made a pretty tight movie. I do believe my father enjoyed it more though, he really liked the air part.
  12. Well, that's an interesting point of view, I like it. I still don't believe the budget for this is 250M though, but who knows right.
  13. Yeah, this does not have a 250M budget. Pretty sure Fox must have grenlighted it with a budget similar to Apocalypse.
  14. Well, after how Apocalypse performed I doubt Fox would go much crazier with the budget. If it indeed did increase it won't be by much in my humble opinion, 10-20M tops. Even then, anything around Apocalypse's numbers should ensure the continuation of the franchise I think. Not that hard to reach, 545M, they just need the first trailer to be better than Apocalypse's first trailer, with a clear hook in it.

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