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  1. [*]The Dark Knight [*]Batman Begins [*]Memento [*]Inception [*]The Prestige [*]The Dark Knight Rises [*]The Wrestler [*]Following [*]Insomnia [*]Pan's Labyrinth [*]Shaun of the D... [*]The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King [*]The Thing [*]Taxi Driver [*]Children of Men [*]12 Angry Men [*]Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind [*]Sunset Blvd. [*]American History X [*]Stand by Me [*]Raiders of the Lost Ark [*]Rear Window [*]Office Space [*]Looper [*]Rebecca [*]Source Code [*]Moon [*]No Country for Old Men [*]There will be Blood [*]Evil Dead [*]Requiem for a Dream [*]A Clockwork Orange [*]Rope [*]Sin City [*]Silence of the Lambs [*]Heat [*]Kung Fu Hustle [*]Empire Strikes Back [*]American Psycho [*]Skyfall [*]Superman 2 [*]The Devil's Backbone [*]Bridesmaids [*]Rushmore [*]Se7en [*]Singin' in the Rain [*]Planes, Trains and Automobiles [*]Evil Dead 2 [*]Kill Bill Vol 1 [*]Kill Bill Vol 2 [*]Dawn of the Dead 1978
  2. Pure and utter trash in every single possible measurable aspect. These films are so far below Nolan's on an artistic and storytelling scale it's mot evem funny. The best part about Nolan's magnificent trilogy, is not just the fact that it makes Burton's abortions seem like the generic, poorly written, style-over-substance messes they truly are, but have allowed the masses to take a look at Burton's entire directorial resume and see it for the overhyped tripe it's been since the Emo version of Edward James Olmos blackened cinema over 3 decades ago. Films like Pee Wee's Big Adventure is being referred to more and more as "Jar Jar Binks: The Prequel" with every passing year, and the vast majority of his Depp collabs have been exposed for the flat, repetitive narratives and cliche stock characters they've always displayed. Congratulations to Christ-opher Johnathan James Nolan for completely expunging Burton's entire filmography from the minds of future film watchers and curb-stomping him right out of pop culture relevance
  3. The single greatest comic book film ever made. An instant 5 star modern classic that hearkens back to the rich storytelling days of the Godfather and Lawrence of Arabia. The performances are simply out of this world, with the late great Heath Ledger's Joker becoming THE bar to which all movie villains are measured, and Aaron Eckhart and Gary Oldman each contributing lifetime achievement level performances, with everyone else rounding off the cast nicely. Christian Bale (tied with Daniel Day-Lewis as our greatest modern actor) gives a subtle yet menacing performance reminiscent of Al Pacino in his role as Michael Corleone; Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman provide great character moments as well as subtle, sophisticated humour that is delivered with far greater execution than most films that try to cram as much unnecessary slapstick as possible (i.e. Transformers, Avengers) An iconic masterpiece of cinema and a phenomenal triumph of storytelling, The Dark Knight is a truly epic film that tops any other contribution to the genre by leaps and bounds, no matter how many jealous fanboys of rival companies bang their heads in frustration over their own failure to reach this level of quality or social relevance.
  4. TDK was destined to be a massive Star wars style blockbuster regardless of what happened to one of the actors. Joker (one of the most iconic villains of all time) + outstanding good word of mouth + Hugely popular origin film [rivaled only by LOTR trilogy as far as influence on 21st century cinema is concerned] to get the franchise rolling again.
  5. Ugly, cheap and fake (stagey) as hell. Not one trace of cinematic talent can be found. If you had told me that Tyler Perry cut his teeth in the industry as a 2nd unit director with this film, I'd believe you.
  6. Bullshit, JW is idiotic on both a conceptual basis and in practice. It's boring, contrived and cliched-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life, complete with chemistry devoid stock characters and some of the worst CGI to ever be put to film. It's every bit of a step BACKWARDS as a cinematic achievement as the first JP was a step forward. The Dark Knight Rises was every bit as good as the first JP film. JP has better effects, TDKR had better characters.
  7. Seeing as how Nolan characters have delivered some of the most brilliant, epic, phenomenally quotable lines in the history of the spoken word, this statement has no legs to stand on.
  8. A drastically overrated pile of crap from a no talent, brainless man-child.
  9. I hope Sandler dies in a plane crash. Seriously. Why the hell is this parasitic menace still allowed to poison cinema?
  10. The only good thing about this atrocity is that it's virtually guaranteed that the Wachowskis will never be allowed to be involved with another big budget film ever again. Send these two nitwits to Direct-to-dvd hell!!!
  11. As opposed to you, who makes outlandish predictions like "There's no way in hell TDK will make more than Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man 2 will top 500M Dom" or "Predators is going to rape Inception", then when those predictions become spectacular disasters, you say "Who the hell cares, Iron Man/Iron Man 2/Predators was still a big hit". What about your "Only Domestic totals matter" stance, will that go the way of the dinosaurs when Ultron's doesn't even come within sniffing distance of The Dark Knight's?
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