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  1. Eternals Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-19 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 55 1287 11561 11.13% Total Seats Sold Today: 58 Comp 0.854x of Black Widow T-19 (11.27M)
  2. Dune Greater Philadelphia Area Seat Report T-5 and Counting Sellouts Showings Seats Sold Total Seats Perct Sold TOTALS 0 36 1064 7031 15.13% Total Seats Sold Today: 52 Comp 0.822x of F9 T-5 (5.84M) 0.347x of Black Widow T-5 (4.58M) 2.082x of The Suicide Squad T-5 (8.54M) 0.595x of Shang-Chi T-5 (5.24M) 0.838x of Venom 2 T-5 (9.72M) 0.875x of No Time to Die T-5 (5.51M) Don't know
  3. Moderation @Momori, you're new here, so I understand you might not know the rules, but we don't do this Marvel vs. DC stuff anymore unless it's absolutely necessary (box office comparisons for instance). Going into some random tangent about whether critics or audiences will like No Way Home over The Batman is just going to lead to lengthy, tiresome arguments and infighting amongst the forum. Next time, please be careful. It's best to just say "The Batman looks good/bad" and that's that.
  4. I know it seems like I was bellyaching a lot during this, but this was a good presentation, even if I think the pacing is wonky and there was a bit too much focus on the content few would be invested into. Obviously you're not going to like everything they put out, but it's clear there's a lot to look forward to and they did a good job presenting them. If they put out a detailed schedule beforehand saying what time what movie or show would get a focus on, I think there would be a lot less irritation from people, because they could just come back at a later time.
  5. Yeah Shazam 2's looking badass. The new cast additions all look exemplary!
  6. That sadly got canceled, though I'm glad Ava still got another good gig out of this.
  7. Wait, Ava has her own HBO Max DC show? How did I not know about this until just now?
  8. Never knew Matt Reeves had such a dope 'stache.
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