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  1. This is going to explode internationally. Domestic is the big question. I can see as low as a 140 dom run to a 250+ run. This is going over 600m worldwide regardless.
  2. I wish there was a way for the Monsterverse to continue after GvsKong. I know Toho wants to start their own series’ of films again, but there’s no way they can keep Godzilla open to the eyes globally without it being a Hollywood film. I think they’ll try to expand but nowhere close to these films. Also I don’t feel it should end with vsKong. That feels like a bonus film moreso apart of the actual Monsterverse.
  3. Yeah doesn’t really make sense to blame Disney for firings/fox employees leaving. Fox was selling regardless.. doesn’t matter if it was Comcast or Disney. Fox couldn’t stay afloat. Kinda sorta off topic but not.. I’m a grocery manager for a chain here in the Midwest. Our company bought 20 stores from another company that was going out of business regardless... but somehow it was my companies fault(in the eyes of some people)for the thousands that lost jobs. We couldn’t pick everyone up. It’s the same thing with the Disney/Fox deal.
  4. It’s kind of funny and sad.... Legendary has a shot to fix the many mistakes they’ve had with money with this film and Pikachu.. which are only two weeks apart.. Pretty crazy.
  5. A post credit TRAILER after GKOTM for GvsKong would be pretty cool. Any film ever do that?
  6. Kong’s got a nice beard if you zoom in... Old Man Kong! This is gonna be much more epic than GKOTM.
  7. The main feature definitely is Godzilla vs Ghidorah, but I think Rodan might just steal the show! Super excited for this... plenty of time to up the ante on the visuals that already look great for a film that still has 5 months till release.
  8. If he's Thrawn I'm there opening day honestly. Thrawn as the main bad guy is what this should have been anyway.
  9. Matthew Fox next? LOST sequel confirmed?
  10. Rampage could still possibly get there if they do some double screenings etc.
  11. Should I create a "The Meg OS total greater than Solo OS total" ? 🤣
  12. Yeah not sure what they were thinking with this budget. Unless they think it'll make 200m+ in China..
  13. No one actually knows when the deal expires, however it sounds like Toho can't put a LIVE ACTION film into production while Hollywood is doing one. Toho wants to start their cinematic universe after 2020. I'm not to sure how LP and WB make bigger Godzilla/Kong films after KOTM and GvsKong anyway. Would be amazing if you had both universes at the same time.

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