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  1. Does it not bother anyone that a thousand year old prophecy that Anakin FULFILLED only brought peace for 20-30 years? Straight up a blip on the radar in the Sith/Jedi history.
  2. Basically just like Godzilla: King of the Monsters from earlier in the year. I’d say the difference is Godzilla can be any story it wants to be while TROS needs to follow a coherent story from movies beforehand. Kind of why I can’t stand the sequel trilogy.. they’re sorta just there.
  3. I can’t forgive that they totally forgot about a character in this final film... probably the most important char of them all.
  4. My question would be, did Luke know Darth Sidious was still alive? If not, one has to wonder if Luke would have went into hiding if he knew he was. And THAT might be exactly why Palpatine has been hiding all these years after RotJ. He knew Luke could defeat him and waited.
  5. Expecting something that everyone can enjoy isn’t too much to ask for in the FINAL film to the Skywalker saga.
  6. I think a good chance for the delay is because of the China/Hong Kong relations. It’s already known that Hong Kong is a major location for the film. LP and WB might be scared of losing that China $, which is highly important for the Monsterverse. They could be going as far as to completely changing Hong Kong to another city.
  7. Release dates are far enough away from each other they will coincide. Anyway, glad they finally said something.
  8. Suddenly The Numbers website getting lots more traffic. Hopefully they take advantage and add more data that’s useful. This new BOM is terrible. Ew
  9. You need Anakin Skywalker in this to really REALLY truly connect all the trilogies together. The ST just doesn’t feel connected to the PT or OT. Something with Anakin needs to happen. Im way WAY more a Luke fan than Anakin, but recognize it’s so vitally important to end this SAGA with Anakin doing something huge versus Luke. ESPECIALLY with the Emperor being back.
  10. Looks beautiful but the story is a mess... THE OVERALL story is. Has Anakin fulfilled that prophecy or not? Obviously not and needs to come back one last time. IMO is the only way to redeem this.
  11. We need to see Anakins and Luke’s ghost in this defeating Palpatine.... it’s the only thing that can save this trilogy I think. At least help Rey.... im not talking BO revenue... I’m saying this trilogy has no coherent story whatsoever.
  12. So... unless Anakins ghost is in this and saves the day I guess his “sacrifice “ was pointless in RotJ? Hopknv that’s what the title means... because I have no idea what “The Rise of Skywalker” is supposed to mean.
  13. Yeah, WB has completely changed the way they release trailers/marketing etc... probably won’t be any kind of teaser for another month. However, there WAS a 1 minute teaser a week ago at that expo. I’d say this is still on track.
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