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  1. Crappy Saturday rise for Frozen. Leaving the site (and BO numbers) again for awhile, I came back for F2, but when it comes to this movie I'm just too emotionally involved to actually enjoy its run without litterally ruining my mood the whole day every time weekend figures are relatively low or disappointing. See you all in January!
  2. No idea how this managed such a pitiful increase on Friday in NA.
  3. Friday 1 FROZEN II - IL SEGRETO DI ARENDELLE (FROZEN II) 27/11/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 518.382 83.226 € 9.966.730 1.554.930 2 L'IMMORTALE 05/12/2019 ITA VISION DISTRIBUTION € 504.643 72.724 € 1.167.349 167.937 3 CENA CON DELITTO - KNIVES OUT 05/12/2019 USA 01 DISTRIBUTION € 174.061 28.025 € 283.519 46.470 4 UN GIORNO DI PIOGGIA A NEW YORK (A RAINY DAY IN NEW YORK) 28/11/2019 USA LUCKY RED DISTRIB. € 126.884 20.067 € 1.779.503 282.379 5 CETTO C'E', SENZADUBBIAMENTE 21/11/2019 ITA VISION DISTRIBUTION € 55.278 8.473 € 4.426.990 667.940 6 L'UFFICIALE E LA SPIA (J'ACCUSE) 21/11/2019 COP 01 DISTRIBUTION € 43.977 7.071 € 2.453.546 389.278 7 L'INGANNO PERFETTO (THE GOOD LIAR) 05/12/2019 GBR WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 39.148 6.544 € 63.610 10.744 8 MIDWAY 27/11/2019 USA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 35.846 5.525 € 839.688 128.987 9 LE MANS '66 - LA GRANDE SFIDA (FORD V. FERRARI) 14/11/2019 USA 20TH CENTURY FOX ITALIA S.P.A. € 14.268 2.058 € 2.825.557 414.124 10 PARASITE 07/11/2019 KOR ACADEMY TWO DISTR. S.R.L. € 12.296 1.816 € 1.664.829 259.885 Frozen back to the top! It's down 42% from last Friday. L'Immortale was terribly frontloaded. Should be headed for a 3M OW and then drop huge the weekend after. Knives Out is locked to open above the million and has a very slim chance at 200K admissions. Not bad. Parasite...still there!
  4. HP is a freaking beast. Every time I check it on Amazon, it's in the top 10. Also, 7 titles out of 10 are Disney.
  5. My god at L'Immortale! Who would have thought? And my god at Frozen, too, but in a totally different way. High 40's drop from Wednesday, and 45%+ drop from last Thursday. Its dailies have been worryingly close to Dory's, not a good sign at all.
  6. Possible, but not that likely. Among the titles listed above, only Inside Out managed a >3x multiplier after its 2nd weekend, and that was a crazy phenomenon. Not saying Frozen won't get there, that total is in play, but it has to hold well this weekend (4.5M euros or more) and then remain among the highest titles the weekend before Christmas.
  7. Glad to see Frozen 2 actually got a 3+ Sunday with actuals, just like what happened when TLK opened. Some second weekends of recent Disney LA/animated hits (not counting what's too high - TLK - or what's too low - Aladdin, I2 - or what was messed up by Christmas dailies - Moana): Despicable Me 3 > 3.61M (-33%), 11.24M cume, 18.00M total gross Beauty and the Beast > 4.70 (-32%), 14.13 cume, 20.50 total gross Finding Dory > 3.04 (-45%), 10.08 cume, 15.18 total gross Inside Out > 5.40 (-5%), 13.58 cume, 25.41 total gross Minions > 4.84 (-32%), 15.49 cume, 23.45 total gross Cinderella > 3.73 (-28%), 10.30 cume, 15.02 total gross Excluding the Dory letdown and the Inside Out phenomenon, unless there's some sort of holidays or highly (un)favorable weather these big family movies drop in the low 30's on weekend 2. That would put a reasonable projection for F2 at 4.6/4.8M. Competition shoul help as it's really non-existent. No animated film in the top 10, 2 local comedies not feeling particularly dangerous and distributors not feeling confident in Knives Out, as it's receiving the same amount of showings as an average holdover. We'll see.
  8. It could. Most likely range right now is 20/22M euros, or 22.5/24.5M dollars. Needs to remain in the top 3 the weekend before Christmas to go higher than that. At least one of the two big local products (released on Dec 12th and 18th respectively) has to disappoint.
  9. WEEKEND RESULTS (28th NOVEMBER/1st DECEMBER) RANK MOVIE WEEKEND GROSS HOLD TOTAL GROSS CONVERTED TO NA 1 Frozen 2 6.899.793 NEW 7.674.953 138.00/153.50 2 A Rainy Day in New York 1.240.438 NEW 1.240.438 24.80/24.80 3 Cetto C'è, Senzadubbiamente (It) 1.115.563 -55% 4.116.784 22.30/82.30 4 J'Accuse 721.369 -41% 2.220.924 14.40/44.40 5 Midway 576.769 NEW 623.213 11.50/12.50 6 Ford vs Ferrari 281.102 -62% 2.746.799 5.60/54.90 7 Hustlers 224.251 -61% 4.328.009 4.50/86.60 8 Parasite 141.340 -52% 1.393.669 2.80/28.00 9 Il Peccato - Il Furore di Michelangelo (It) 136.807 NEW 136.807 2.70/2.70 10 Countdown 132.625 -66% 591.433 2.60/11.80 As expected, despite Frozen 2's opening, the weekend was up just 2.33% from the same weekend last year, when Bohemian Rhapsody and Grinch combined for 7M+. 2019's lead on 2018 is now 14.43%. Frozen 2 delivered a very strong opening and went very close to being one of the very few movies to ever have a 3M+ day, as well as the third one in this crazy year after Endgame and The Lion King. This is also the third highest animated OW ever and the second animated opening of all time. That said, considering how crazy of a merchandise phenomenon the first Frozen was, an OW just 25% above Dory, which was considered a disappointment back at the time. From here on, though, the movie could go anywhere from 5% below the original (19.7M euros) and above Inside Out (3rd biggest animated movie ever after the animated LK and Ice Age 3), depending on how strong it remains once Christmas and the relative competition comes. Good for Woody Allen, a finish above half a million admissions is possible. Pretty bad for Midway though, it's going to disappear very quickly from the chart. Holdovers were hit very hard from Frozen 2, even those who appealed to a whole different audience. Addams Family dropped 70% while Maleficent 2 got a disastrous -83%. This weekend: * Knives Out- doesn't feel like a movie that will breakout, 1M+ could be doable * The Good Liar - out of the top 5 * The Two Popes and Where'd You Go Bernadette? - modest numbers in likely limited releases Frozen 2 will have zero trouble repeating at #1. There are also a couple of local products that could prevent Knives Out to finish in the podium.
  10. Nope. No holiday + big domestic drop.
  11. Of course TLK is not animation. But F2's true OW (Wed doesn't count) is 6.9M, which unfortunately is below Minions as well (7.16). Would have needed a 3.21M Sunday to beat that - and I honestly have no idea how it didn't happen after what I saw yesterday. Maybe the brand is weaker in the south?
  12. Got this smart idea of seeing Frozen 2 again with my family on Sunday. All showings basically sold out. And there's a showing every 30 minutes. This is making 3M+ today.
  13. 1 FROZEN II - IL SEGRETO DI ARENDELLE (FROZEN II) 27/11/2019 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 2.484.343 369.560 € 4.698.495 719.928 (Sat gross/sat adm/total gross/total adm) fabiopazzo's guess turned out to be conservative So Frozen 2 confirms its status of weekend movie in Italy as well. Looking at a 6.5+ 4-day opening, close to Beauty and the Beast. One could hope for something more, but at least RJ 95's hopeful post-OD scenario came about true. Second place for Woody Allen, 472K Saturday. It's very rare for that director to fail here.
  14. An 80% rise on Friday is actually pretty good. The first Frozen did 19.7M and I still see this grossing more than that.
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