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  1. FB1 vs FB2 OW Thu > 772K vs 752K Friday > 934K vs 996K Saturday > 2.09M vs 2.05M Sunday > 1.98M Unfortunately the Saturday jump has been relatively weak. Still a very good permormance so far considering the state of the market. It needs 1.98/1.99M on Sunday to open higher than the original (previews excluded).
  2. Boom Baby! FB2's Friday was just 4K shy of one million, meaning it was 6% higher than the original's first friday. Nutcracker looking at a 50% drop from last weekend. Widows #3.
  3. 1 billion anyone? Edit: nevermind, China will make sure this won't happen.
  4. Very solid, since they don't include the previews. Down only 3% from FB. FB's first days for comparison: Thu > 772K Friday > 934K Saturday > 2.09M Sunday > 1.98M That's a 4-day OW of about 5.8M. So FB2 is projected to get an OW of 5.6M. Temperatures will fall hard this weekend, that should help.
  5. FB did 14.9M euros (I somehow thought it was a tad more). I'm pretty sure this one will drop from that number, since the italian market is in trouble (the overall 2018 gross so far is down almost 7% from last year), but these previews suggest the drop should be limited. I'd say a 10% drop from the previous chapter. I exclude it will fail to beat HT3 for the top spot of the season, and it could even get close to 15M if the Bohemian Rhapsody+Grinch combo disappoints on its 3rd weekend.
  6. FB2 did a very promising 270K in limited previews yesterday. ASiB now out of the top 10. Some of the worst late legs I've seen.
  7. Omni


    The fact it only had 9 openings at #1 out of 23 isn't a good sign, though we can't take the Brazil OW as an indicator, as a movie centered on Xmas is obviously a hard sell down under, where Xmas (where celebrated) is far far away. The key weekend is the last of the month, when it opens in all major European countries.
  8. WEEKEND ACTUALS 8-11 NOVEMBER - all in million € - -RANK- MOVIE WEEKEND GROSS HOLD TOTAL GROSS PROJECTED GROSS 1 The Nutcracker and the 4 Realms 1.74 -59% 7.03 9.60 2 Tutti lo Sanno (It) 0.70 NEW 0.70 1.80 3 Notti Magiche (It) 0.66 NEW 0.66 1.70 4 Ti Presento Sofia (It) 0.61 -57% 2.30 3.00 5 First Man 0.60 -60% 2.40 3.00 6 The House with a Clock in its Walls 0.59 -64% 2.70 3.40 7 Hunter Killer 0.41 NEW 0.41 0.80 8 Overlord 0.29 NEW 0.29 0.50 9 A Star is Born 0.26 -67% 6.09 6.40 10 Euforia (It) 0.14 -74% 1.40 1.50 Awful holds after a highly inflated weekend. A Star is Born a lot, and I should have expected it as the movie is already perceived as "old", and lost many showings to the local openers. No 4x multiplier after all. Not even close, actually. The 18-19 season so far: 1) Hotel Transylvania 3 > 12.24 millions (-) 2) The Incredibles 2 > 11.98 (+0.05 increase over last week) 3) Venom > 8.42 (+0.05) 4) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms > 7.03 (+2.24) 5) A Star is Born > 6.09 (+0.35) 6) The Nun > 5.46 (-) 7) Mission Impossible Fallout > 5.24 (-) 8 ) The Meg > 5.02 (-) 9) Ant-Man and the Wasp > 4.89 (-) 10) Mamma Mia 2 > 3.39 (-) Next week: Fantastic Beasts 2. The first one grossed more than 15M, so it apparently shouldn't be a problem for the sequel to overtake HT3 for the top spot of the season. But considering the state of the italian box office, a 25% decline and a total below 12M euros has to be taken as a possibility. Also, Nutcracker being surprisingly successful certainly didn't help. We'll see.
  9. 2.3M admission will be enough to outGROSS it, thanks to the ticket price difference.
  10. WEEKEND ACTUALS 1-4 NOVEMBER - all in million € - -RANK- MOVIE WEEKEND GROSS HOLD TOTAL GROSS PROJECTED GROSS 1 The Nutcracker and the 4 Realms 4.26 NEW 4.73 9.80 2 The House with a Clock in its Walls 1.62 NEW 1.94 3.90 3 First Man 1.53 NEW 1.57 3.70 4 Ti Presento Sofia (It) 1.43 NEW 1.58 3.50 5 Halloween 0.93 -21% 3.03 3.60 6 A Star is Born 0.77 -20% 6.03 7.20 7 Euforia (It) 0.59 +10% 1.26 2.00 8 Goosebumps 2 0.42 -30% 1.85 2.10 9 The Children Act 0.39 -25% 1.58 1.90 10 Hell Fest 0.36 NEW 0.57 1.00 The weekend was insanely inflated by the holiday on Thursday, kids not going to school on Friday/Saturday and bad weather. So the multipliers from this weekend will be far worse than usual. Still, The Nutcraker opened higher than any other film of this season (August 2018 - July 2019): its 4-day weekend's 14% above Venom, 1% above Incredibles 2, 5% above Hotel Transylvania 3. On a normal weekend, the opening would have been at least 30% lower, as the Monday figure (133K) being on par with Incredibles 2's SECOND Monday shows. If now The Nutcracker follows I2's path, it will make a little less than 9M euros, but with much less competition in the next weeks and the novelty factor still there, I wouldn't be surprised by a double-digit finish. Among holdovers, A Star is Born is very likely going to get the tremendous achievement (at least nowadays) of having a multiplier higher than 4x from the 4-day opening without any considerable boost by holidays. I really doubt Bohemian Rhapsody will go that high. The 18-19 season so far (Monday included): 1) Hotel Transylvania 3 > 12.24 millions 2) The Incredibles 2 > 11.93 (certain to finish below HT3 now, likely by at least 200K) 3) Venom > 8.42 (almost done) 4) A Star is Born > 6.09 5) The Nun > 5.46 6) Mission Impossible Fallout > 5.24 7) The Meg > 5.02 8 ) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms > 4.91 9) Ant-Man and the Wasp > 4.89 10) Mamma Mia 2 > 3.39 Next week: if I'm not mistaken, nothing relevant. Hunter Killer and Night School open, but they'll be lucky to make one million combined.
  11. So the dullness ended, and it ended with... ...The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Its 5-day opening is greatly inflated by Thursday being a holiday, but we're still talking about a debut quite close to the Incredibles' 4.8M euros.
  12. So...on Friday the total admissions for the whole top 10 was...120K. Halloween failed, holdovers not named ASiB fell hard. Another dull weekend is coming.
  13. Omni


    Oh my! Ahah no idea why I forgot about it yet mentioned its sequel
  14. Omni


    I don't know why the first solo movie of a completely new character would gross just 10/15% less than the third chapter of Avengers and an insane phenomenon that attracted millions and millions of black people. Okay, it's the pre-Avengers 4 movie and it has connections with it...but 600M is more than 30% higher than the highest grossing SH solo movie not named Black Panther (= the hyper hyped Dark Knight Rises). Isn't it too much?

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