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  1. Also, the death rate is particularly low there. In Italy we have the same number of dead people with one third of contagions.
  2. Right now, they're handling the situation quite properly I guess (as much as I know). Also, the wave of alarmism created by the media can only help the containment (of course on the other hand it causes an irrational hysteria, but I guess you can't have one without the other, unless you're maybe Japan). That said, these measures have been taken too late. Controls were very scarce until a week ago. So scarce that an Italian guy denounced that he had to put himself under isolation for 2 weeks after coming from China in early february, as at the airpoirt no control was made and authorities just ignored him.
  3. Onward officially delayed to April 16th.
  4. Thanks! I've been in the hospital for five weeks, and as soon as this segregation ends a new one will certainly come. Oh well. Yeah, people's behavious is more important than anything. And yesterday there were 20000 people in Venice for the Carnival. Not exactly the kind of attention one would expect under this situation. Many of them probably got caught by this collective psychosis last night and emptied the supermarkets this morning.
  5. Lombardia closed all theaters, and the region alone represents 1/5 of the national box office. Emilia Romagna did it too, and Veneto is the next. Like in SK, some movies' release date has already been delayed. In the areas more hit by the virus, the box office was down 80/90% from Saturday, which was already down from the norm. Btw, it's 229/6 now. ...
  6. Guess a WW-Ch total gross above Detective Pikachu is close to locked, Or at least it would be if there wasn't a potential pandemic wandering around Europe.
  7. Yeah, this has started to explode earlier and worse than expected. Next week universities around where I live are closed, football matches are suspended. A good friend of mine decided to skip tonight's disco and Monday's theater, and I'm pretty sure most are thinking the same. Panic was created in just a couple of days. On Friday, the box office was up 8% from the same Friday last year. Saturday is down 30%, and it can't be all attributed to Carnival and the relative hot weather. Pretty sure today there are going to be abnormal decreases from Sat to Sun. The virus has also so far hit the north, which is where movies do most of their business.
  8. Thursday numbers - aka Bad Numbers For Life 1 GLI ANNI PIU' BELLI 13/02/2020 ITA 01 DISTRIBUTION € 166.756 28.347 € 3.792.151 607.825 2 BAD BOYS FOR LIFE 20/02/2020 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 148.303 22.704 € 148.330 22.708 3 PARASITE 07/11/2019 KOR ACADEMY TWO DISTR. S.R.L. € 86.804 14.061 € 4.621.441 724.900 4 IL RICHIAMO DELLA FORESTA (THE CALL OF THE WILD) 20/02/2020 USA WALT DISNEY S.M.P. ITALIA € 65.216 10.990 € 65.216 10.990 5 SONIC - IL FILM (SONIC THE HEDGEHOG) 13/02/2020 USA 20TH CENTURY FOX ITALIA S.P.A. € 47.719 8.659 € 1.743.084 284.573 6 CATTIVE ACQUE (DARK WATERS) 20/02/2020 USA EAGLE PICTURES S.P.A. € 29.085 5.079 € 29.085 5.079 7 ODIO L'ESTATE 30/01/2020 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 28.616 4.641 € 7.103.396 1.091.399 8 LA MIA BANDA SUONA IL POP 20/02/2020 ITA MEDUSA FILM S.P.A. € 26.862 4.712 € 26.862 4.712 9 BIRDS OF PREY (E LA FANTASMAGORICA RINASCITA DI HARLEY QUINN) 06/02/2020 USA WARNER BROS ITALIA S.P.A. € 15.263 2.436 € 2.243.678 333.688 10 1917 23/01/2020 GBR 01 DISTRIBUTION € 13.779 2.385 € 6.473.698 999.062 Well, hard to imagine a bigger disaster. Gli Anni Più Belli remains on top, headed for a likely sub-2M weekend. Bad Boys 3 did quite good to be honest and may get a debut above 1.5M (200k adm), though that doesn't mirror the general increase the movie has had over BB2 both dom and os. Parasite's hold looks nothing more than solid. Call of the Wild will have a hard time even reaching the million mark (guess the CGI dog hurt it) and only managed to destroy Sonic's legs. Local comedy La Mia Banda Suona il Pop flopped. Aaand the comical note: Cats debuts OUTSIDE THE TOP 20 (#21) with 2790 euros. Average of 3/4 people per screen. Insane.
  9. Okay, just 110 screens for Cats, basically a bit more than a limited release. Call of the Wild is released in 500 screens, Bad Boys 3 gets 450 and local comedy La Mia Banda Suona il Pop gets 400. This is a weekend with a potential of four 2M+ (300K adm) movies. Could even be zero though.
  10. Pixar being weak overseas is mostly a false myth. Incredibles 2 and TS4 both did well over 600M overseas with awful exchange rates, and both Coco and Inside Out did just great considering they're original. That said, there is no Pixar movie among the top 7 animated movie of all time overseas. Top 10 Frozen 2 > 975M Frozen > 880M Minions > 823M DM3 > 770M Ice Age 4 > 716M Ice Age 3 > 690M Zootopia > 683M TS3 > 654M TS4 > 639M I2 > 634M A few relevant facts: * 6 of those 7 movies at the top belong to only 3 franchises and 6 of them are sequels * When TS3 was released, it was the #2 all-time os grosser just behind IA3 * Pixar gets pretty much ignored in China, which is something a little troubling nowadays; just switch the China gross of DM3 and TS4, and the latter is on par if not higher than the former * Pixar's sequels are not confirmed the week after the last chapter of the franchise comes out, but they get into production years later - with obvious consequences on both quality and quick box office revenues (much easier to beat the iron while it's hot) * Pixar often makes films that clearly are not meant to get a sequel, while Blue Sky and Illumination do the exact opposite (and we all know that you usually needs the third sequel of a beloved franchise if you want to go really really high) * Pixar is extremely consistent, and does not fully rely on a single franchise to top the chart (take IA out of Blue Sky and you get nothing; take the Minions out of Illumination and you don't have much left)
  11. Ok, it looks like Cats is indeed releasing tomorrow. That said, it is also confirmed that the distribution is really dumping it: Uci Cinemas theaters have all their showings listed till next Wednesday, and Cats is getting only 1 showing per day (or 2 somewhere on Sunday). Guess a debut outside the top 10 is possible, with maybe 100/150K over the weekend. Also, Call of the Wild is receiving a lot of showtimes. Not sure if that's enough for a top 3 placement, but at least it's a good sign.
  12. Us Avengers Endgame The concept of "overrated movie" makes perfectly sense, at least as long as someone tries to recognize a film's positive and negative aspects while keeping their personal attitude aside as much as possible. For example, I thought that Widows was overall a good product, despite the fact I got bored the whole time and I'll never see it again. Or again, Terminator DF is one of my favourite films of 2019 but I have no problem admitting that anyone who puts it into the yearly top ten is just wrong if they're trying to do a "best" list. Of course being really "objective" is just utopistic, but one has to try. So, if a banal, unsteady and occasionally goofy or ridiculous horror movie that never manages to be scary gets a lot of praise just because of the trite social content it metaphorically shows to the audience, I say that movie is overrated. Same for a derivative, uninspired, linear movie with a lazy script and lot of plot holes which, though, is filled with fan service. These are the main options that come to my mind.
  13. It's definitely going to flop. The question is...what the heck are they doing with this movie? It's still listed everywhere as a Feb 20th release, but it doesn't look like it. Space Cinema (#1 theater chain in Italy) doesn't even list it among their upcoming movies, and they're even listing freaking Charlie's Angels which comes out in a few weeks and will be a failure. Uci (2nd biggest chain) for some reason is already selling tickets for the movie, but for the 9/10/11 March frame only, which makes me think they have so little faith in the movie that they'll treat it as one of those "3-day events released on weekdays and give that short window to the few people that will show some sort of interest in it. If that's the case, I'm seeing Italy contributing for 200/300K to the movie's total. Weekend numbers (14/17 February) 1. GLI ANNI PIU’ BELLI (ITA) – € 2.896.109 (445.778 we admissions) 817 screens / 3.545 avg – Tot. € 2.898.088 (446.104 tot adm) // NEW 2. SONIC – € 1.445.090 (229.792) 457/3.162 – Tot. € 1.445.090 (229.792) // NEW 3. PARASITE – € 1.401.083 (209.797) 411/3.409 – Tot. € 4.142.955 (641.090) // +321% 4. ODIO L’ESTATE (ITA) – € 980.701 (147.974) 445/2.204 – Tot. € 6.907.013 (1.057.113) // -46% 5. BIRDS OF PREY – € 597.089 (86.358) 393/1.519 – Tot. € 2.104.291 (310.204) // -50% 6. DOLITTLE – € 586.384 (92.144) 366/1.602 – Tot. € 4.313.119 (681.488) // -50% 7. 1917 – € 451.440 (67.069) 342/1.320 – Tot. € 6.350.264 (976.810) // -49% 8. FANTASY ISLAND – € 351.059 (52.210) 262/1.340 – Tot. € 351.059 (52.210) // NEW 9. JOJO RABBIT – € 199.387 (29.429) 183/1.090 – Tot. € 3.784.543 (594.068) // -49% 10. JUST MERCY – € 114.843 (17.412) 115/999 – Tot. € 1.217.083 (192.236) // -66% A pretty decent weekend overall, up 8.29% from the same weekend last year. 2020 now up 22.31% from 2019. February is still down from last year (-5%) but the gap is reducing. Sonic posted a respectable opening, though definitely sub-par relatively to the ones it got in NA and in Western Europe. The movie lost by a wide margin the competition against last year's Detective Pikachu (2.4M OW), though it should get better legs (Pikachu did like 2.2x its OW, very poor). Parasite is, just like in many other countries, the story of the weekend. Crazy high jump and 2nd best PSA after Gli Anni Più Belli. If it performs in line with the average Oscar winner, it should hold well next weekend, and then freefall quickly. Projecting a 6M finish, more than enough to get in the top 20 of the year. As expected, the other Oscar-related products fell quite hard, especially Just Mercy has it was the weaker of the bunch in terms of relevance. Little Women stands at 5.798M after a 65K weekend. Joker up to 29.555.574 after a 32K weekend. Birds of Prey's hold is pretty bad, as it should be the best one of its run if it follows the norm. It should still beat Dark Phoenix in the end (500K 2nd weekend, 1.8M total, 2.75M finish) though I wouldn't bet anything on a 3+ finish. Next weekend we have Bad Boys For Life and Call of the Wild. Should be a decent weekend.
  14. The Lion King is likely more profitable from theaters. Frozen 2 definitely more profitable pretty much anywhere else.
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