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  1. Quarantined at home, I'm fine overall! The situation around here (Venice) is under control, even though the improvement that some thought would have come by the end of the month is still nowhere to be seen.
  2. Not sure where they're going to find those 3.8 millions now that most theaters around the world are closed...
  3. Amazing total! Finally 1.45B reached. NA and Japan prevented this from reaching the 1.5B+ it would have deserved.
  4. Thank you very much for this @Inceptionzq. Sci-fi is my favourite genre, so it was great to follow. And although the overall top 100 reflects some inevitable superficiality of judgement, I was really happy to find (speaking of judgement...) Terminator 2 in the top 3, which is where it belongs.
  5. Sonic > Onward? Nobody saw that coming a couple of months ago.
  6. That's a pretty terrible death ratio...sigh... I have serious heart problems. So if I suddenly disappear from this forum, you know what happened.
  7. Still in the hospital, entered 8th week. Got a flu on Monday, doctors requested a tampon and it turned out to be negative. I'll likely put myself in quarantine as soon as I get back home.
  8. 1. Dune 2. Wonder Woman 1984 3. Raya and the Last Dragon 4. Scoob! 5. Chaos Walking 6. Soul 7. Mulan 8. The Eternals 9. Bill & Ted Face the Music 10. Black Widow
  9. The Last Jedi and Sunshine on the same level. Should I laugh or cry?
  10. We don't have many examples of this. IO/GD is the only one that counts, as everyone knew Cars 3 was doing sub-450M since it was announced. Also, I'm pretty sure you're switching cause and consequence: it's not like GD, Cars 3 and Onward failed because they were released along with a bigger Pixar movie, but they were released with a bigger Pixar movie because Disney knew they had limited potential. Sure they wouldn't release I3 and Soul the same year.
  11. Disney has been overall more reliable than Pixar in the last decade, with the first Ralph being their lowest grosser at a still respectable 471M WW. On the other hand, The Good Dinosaur stands at 332M as the lowest Pixar grosser ever unadjusted. The problem with Pixar is that they occasionally miss the target, and make a product with no apparent appeal and/or a goofy/weird premise. Onward always looked closer to a GD than to an Inside Out, but covid put it in a very risky spot. GD got a risky spot as well by being released a few weeks before than the (now second) most anticipated movie ever, s
  12. I'm afraid the target for this is Cars 3. Sub-GD OS wouldn't shock me.
  13. Progression of the virus. We just had a very very bad day yesterday with 566 new cases. Overall 4-day weekend admissions around 300K, most likely a record low outside of summer. 2020 still over 2019, but that's going to stop soon.
  14. Yeah, 205M or so. This weekend's domestic hold will make it happen.
  15. Yeah, was thinking the same. 1) Terminator 2 2) The Terminator 3) Alita: Battle Angel 4) The Fly 5) Wargames 6) Blade Runner 2049 7) Sunshine 😎 Blade Runner 9) Monsters vs Aliens 10) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) 11) Wall-E 12) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) 13) The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1995) 14) The Truman Show 15) Mars Attacks! 16) The Iron Giant 17) Snowpiercer 18) Ghost in the Shell (1995) 19) Morgan 20) Arrival 21) Alien Resurrection 22) Aliens
  16. 1. Dune 2. Wonder Woman 1984 3. Raya and the Last Dragon 4. Artemis Fowl 5. Chaos Walking 6. Soul 7. Mulan 8. The Eternals 9. Bill & Ted Face the Music 10. Black Widow
  17. Also, the death rate is particularly low there. In Italy we have the same number of dead people with one third of contagions.
  18. Right now, they're handling the situation quite properly I guess (as much as I know). Also, the wave of alarmism created by the media can only help the containment (of course on the other hand it causes an irrational hysteria, but I guess you can't have one without the other, unless you're maybe Japan). That said, these measures have been taken too late. Controls were very scarce until a week ago. So scarce that an Italian guy denounced that he had to put himself under isolation for 2 weeks after coming from China in early february, as at the airpoirt no control was made and author
  19. Thanks! I've been in the hospital for five weeks, and as soon as this segregation ends a new one will certainly come. Oh well. Yeah, people's behavious is more important than anything. And yesterday there were 20000 people in Venice for the Carnival. Not exactly the kind of attention one would expect under this situation. Many of them probably got caught by this collective psychosis last night and emptied the supermarkets this morning.
  20. Lombardia closed all theaters, and the region alone represents 1/5 of the national box office. Emilia Romagna did it too, and Veneto is the next. Like in SK, some movies' release date has already been delayed. In the areas more hit by the virus, the box office was down 80/90% from Saturday, which was already down from the norm. Btw, it's 229/6 now. ...
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