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  1. I never tought I would say this!! Will this will be a crowd pleaser? This is what matter now. Having Zhao as a director might not appeal to the mass. This is what might affect its boxoffice. As for Marvel movies. I wonder why blockbusters from other studios get a pass being dumd and fan!!! And when it comes to Marvel movies the same members here never miss a chace to shit on a ten year old movie again, again and again. It is like these members have a never ending grudge against Marvel. At the end, Eternals is not the end of the road and we witnessed how Characters like Thor got redeemed.
  2. Other than the visuals. This movie has done nothing to me. I was surprised it is just part1!! After all the hype about how Villeneuve directed the movie. It felt just an average big sceen movie for me. Another forgettable experience. B/B-
  3. Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D - P Halloween Kills Universal $4,850,000 2,950 $1,644 $4,850,000 1 (1) No Time to Die United Artists $3,608,414 -14% 4,407 $819 $75,210,554 7 2 (2)
  4. Only 20% drop from yesterday. 1 (1) No Time to Die United Artists $4,190,316 -20% 4,407 $951 $71,602,140 6 2 (2) Venom: Let There be Carnage Sony Pictures $1,953,171 -20% -53% 4,225 $462 $149,844,582 13 - (3) The Addams Family 2 United Artists $620,064
  5. Previous Chart Chart Index Movie Distr Gross %YD %LW Thr Per Thr Total Gross D - (2) Venom: Let There be Carna
  6. Nah, he is so salty of anything Disney related and he can't help to hide it. Dude just stop it. It is tiresome.
  7. Lol, take that 220M$ from China and more from the south east Asia markets and both will have the same boxoffice. Don't spin things around. F9 to Universal is more important than BW to Disney. The fact is that both are financially disaster for thier studios. Surely the pandemic had a big effect in this situation. But studios must realize the stakes are becoming more challenging in the business.
  8. I gave it a D when I first seen it. Rewatched it yesterday. This movie is something you hate more with each viewing. It is an F for me now. I love Star Wars and I think this movie did lots of damage to the brand and was the reason of creation, existance and the flourishing of tens of YT biased channels and blogs that aleinated the fans and create lots of toxicity arround Hollywood.
  9. @The Panda A League of their own was released in 1992 not 2012.
  10. Wearing a mask will help you a lot. Please do not touch your face, mouth or nose even if you are wearing gloves. Wash your hands as much as possible and use a disinfectant. It will help you a lot. I am really sad that this forum falls on racial and political issues. While most of the members seem very friendly. It is always a small group that brings endless fights and debates that are not necessary. People die and others take this as a joke. My parents are very old and I had to keep them away from the world. The only thing that scares me is to pass the disease on to them if
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