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  1. Oh god , I thought you still don’t know how that works. All that expalanation for nothing.
  2. I still can’t see it tho. And the bold one : All countries figures have been updated until Wednesday. Maybe if you see BOM foreign charts ( for example ) , most figures only updated until June 2nd but the total WW numbers that Disney gave already covered all the countries figures up until Wednesday. So it doesn’t matter at all cause all the numbers have been added. It’s just the Mojo individual country charts that’s late to update.
  3. It’s impossible for it to have crossed $700M already. I would guess maybe closer to $600M by the weekend over. Need to wait tomorrow’s weekend number to confirm. Also , the WW numbers that we all have now ( stands at $508M ) was updated until Wednesday except North America of course in which BOM updates it every day. That means we still have all the overseas country’s numbers from Thursday-Sunday and NA Saturday-Sunday to be added but still I even can’t see it crossed $700M by the weekend , let alone by now.
  4. Aladdin suddenly has the perfect release date lol.
  5. Needs 49% jump and considering Godzilla does 44% then of course it's possible.
  6. 45% jump pretty good. Let's wait other movie's numbers to give us some perspective to the daily jump.
  7. Yes. They do and for the rest of movie's run they always use the same exchange rate. Here's a detail example : - X country sell tickets for ¥1 each - ER when the movie released : ¥1 = $1 Let's say the movie sell a million tickets on opening weekend. That means : 1,000,0000 x 1 = ¥1,000,000 ( local currency ) converse it to dollar = $1,000,000 Second weekend the ER fell to ¥1 = $0.5 Let's say 500,000 tickets sold On real value it should be : ¥500,000 x 0.5 = $250.000 so the total should be $1.250.000 BUT BOX OFFICE ISN'T LIKE THAT
  8. How many times the same thing needs to be repeat again and again and all over again ??? The ER adjustment on Mojo doesn't mean shit. They just a site who collects number not an official source. Disney is the source and they ( likely other studios as well ) always uses the ER when the movie released to determine the total. For Example , Mojo adjust the China total to $614M from $629M that Disney has. Therefore the WW total on Mojo should change to $12M lower than what Disney. But in fact it didn't Cause Mojo ER adjustment IS USELESS. The studio is the real
  9. Could even hit $850M if Dom could sail past $300M and Japan breaking out.
  10. Opening weekend : $123M second weekend : $78M that’s an OUTRAGEOUS 36.5 % DROP. could target 35% drop with actuals. I’m expecting $335M OS total until next weekend. Great things are : -the frontloaded China already opened (it also seems has a decent hold there tho ). -the leggiest market still to come ( Japan ) so expect a great hold over next weeks with DP looking to flop , KotM and MiB looking to be an underperformed and SLOP not looking too good ( UK is an early indication )
  11. My deepest condolences to Godzilla who has to live among that kind of human with cringewothy dialogue.
  12. Here’s the May 30th chart : Godzilla opens second behind Aladdin.
  13. Going forward , Any chance of Aladdin getting some screens back from the disappointing weekend openers ?
  14. Ah you’re right. Counting time isn’t my best skill I guess.
  15. Yes. Everything can happens. Defying logic , over perform , crashing and break out always fun when it happens. But prediction is fun when you're using logic , comp and data history. So let's discuss using logical way 😁 1 month is plenty of time when you're opening blockbuster but not enough when you're opening uber blockbuster. Let's say TS4 with $200M makes $500M with shit legs then Lion king makes like most people predict around $600-$700 tot. Now you have $500M and $600M movie in just one month. Out of 13 over $500M domestic movies rn the closest is I2 and IW with
  16. If TS4 really breaks out with $200M , will it has some kind of effect to TLK opening and total ??? Given they both are 4-quad movie and could hurt each other especially when they come out just 1 month apart. I think it will.
  17. Mine : 1. Beauty and the Beast - I watched it 4 times 2. Aladdin - Hard to choose between this and BatB. Let's say they're on the same level. Currently 2 times watched. Will be going for 3td time 3. Christopher Robin - Pooh is my most favorite Disney character 4. Maleficent - watching this in theatre. Pretty good. 5. Cinderella - pretty good too. Lily James 6. MPR - plot is so thin and simple. The song saves this. 7. Pete's Dragon - not so bad. But.... Eh... 8. Dumbo - mediocre. At least Dumbo was cute. 9. Jungle Book - I don't like it. Maybe
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