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Percy Jackson | Disney+ | Officially greenlit

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If you would have told me that the middle grade novel I read as a teen to be revitalized would be Percy Jackson....I'd go "Yeah, makes sense, the Broadway play is really good apparently.


1 hour ago, TheDarkKnightOfSteel said:

It’s funny watching Film Twitter mad at the idea even, that Percy, and some of the cast, will be white. Sure. It’s not like it’s a film about Greek gods and their offspring. Or that Riordan gives a description of them in the books.


Eh I could probably make an argument that Greeks weren't a totally white society, but I do agree that .... Percy and Annabeth are white. That's it. Riordan involved much more diversity in every series after PJO, so I don't get the anger.

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Really loved the books back in days. I think things tailed off a bit in the following series, but Percy Jackson itself was great.


The two movies were pretty enjoyable, and I liked the leads quite a bit (even if it meant increasing the age of the main characters compared to the book-series), but they were quite far away from the story the books told.

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