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  1. how is corporations other than disney buying tickets for kids "inflation". They thought the movie had value, so did the kids, so they purchased it for them. Is it inflation if i buy my friends tickets?
  2. This film is gonna hit a billion -- its gonna be the skyfall of mission impossible.. CAllling that shit now.
  3. Also highest grossing superhero movie domestic is on lock
  4. I said this was gonna hit 700m earlier in the tuesday thread i think. Is 700m achievable now so i can rub it in people's faces
  5. 'Trump pledges to 'strongly' consider concealed carry in schools" Just read this now amazing the people in this country they are
  6. i will never understand why people feel the need to have any gun stronger than a pistol
  7. They just need to delay this so they can keep favreau on all theyr live action remakes. Beauty and the beast would have made 2 billion if it wasn't mediocre
  8. Chastain doesn't look anything like her. Give me amy adams, a.k.a the best actress in history, please.
  9. Its going to not drop on wednesday at all. GO BLACK PANTHEA
  10. This film is hitting 700m domestic Mark my words friends. Avatar and Titanic are going DOWN!!
  11. anybody think if captain marvel was released before Wonder Woman, it would be more of a huge break out and do as well as BP right now? I have this huge feeling that the DCEU was dragging WW down
  12. have a little more faith in BP. 100m is achievable for a 2nd weekend
  13. Say what you want about avatar and Titanic but they are honestly the best quality movies of the top 10 or so. not to mention they aren't even a part of a franchise
  14. Let's talk a little more about the 69m number Basically impossible right? It would break all sat records if so. and give it a 200m 3-day.
  15. DHP1 is good if you watch P2 right after. Imagine having to watch them camp and dance for almost half the freaking movie! That said dobby scene and the opening scene were amazing.
  16. No film franchise will beat the consistency of quality and box office returns as Harry Potter. A truly special franchise to be honest
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