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  1. Gotta say, this movie really does stand a solid chance of being #2 domestic for the year. Not sure about WW. Could be #3 though.
  2. Agreed that filmmakers should follow the narrative rather than just sound good on the internet. That is what you said after all, isn't it?
  3. Part 2 of Jedi Praxis' plot is out there (if you can find it-I'm not posting the link here). Oh boy! God help us if this is how the film actually goes!!!!
  4. Seems as though MSW has some spattering of information with no real context. JP took mostly MSW's stuff possibly with a little bit more spattering of info without context. Then they put it together in an EXTREMELY amateur fashion with zero ability to tell a story, threw in an awful lot of conjecture, fan fiction, and misinterpretation. Whala-you have what equates to an elementary school child's attempt to take a few random sentences and make a story out of it. No theme, no connection, no pattern. Just an awful attempt to string together a few unrelated tidbits.
  5. Well one source is completely down and cannot be accessed. The other is on reddit and is, well, reddit. As for the leaks for TLJ, they were not received well. We all know what happened. It did well, but dropped like a bag of bricks and wasn't necessarily too well loved by SW fans so.......
  6. Well in all honesty if anyone can make an ounce of sense from the spoilers then good on them. They certainly don't add up to a synopsis of anything but a pile of regurgitated dog food.
  7. I've already seen a lot of Frozen 2 TV ads. Hoping that D23 really DOES get the TROS thing going because it's been stale. I don't see Disney going crazy with Maleficent 2 so it's really just Frozen 2 and TROS to top off this amazing year.
  8. You mean this weekend? Not sure. But if not this weekend, then definitely within the next 7-10 days. $430-$435 million domestically
  9. Lion King is behaving a LOT like Age of Ultron and The Last Jedi and will end up somewhere in between those (probably right smack in the middle).
  10. $19 million weekend=ANOTHER 50% drop. TLK is suffering some really bad holds. Weekend 4 is when the movie would really need to stabilize. Right around TDK's numbers is where this will lead.
  11. If studios didn't grab cash when making movies, then the studios wouldn't exist. But anyway, the added theaters doesn't seem to be helping.
  12. Seems like it. I don't think it will do any good. If you have a 45% drop this week and then 35% drops after that (with modest mid-week numbers), it still won't get to $600 million. It will have to enjoy some GREAT drops (25-30%) here and there. Not sure there is enough good will for it to do that though.
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