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  1. What are countries doing that is more than flatting the curve? What do you suggest that the 3rd most populated country in the world do if not to flatten the curve? We can't shut down businesses forever (or even a few months) before millions will be on the streets due to a lack of funds to buy housing or food.
  2. Texas high schools are going to move their graduations back to the original dates due to "new data". That is the last week of May/first few days of June. Their excuse is that they are able to have them take place outside, as if that is some sort of consolation. Good God!
  3. Well said. Ironically, TROS has played more like Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, and Civil War. However, none of those 3 had a damaging effect on the franchise. They were, however, holdovers until the "big event" which was the Thanos war. TROS doesn't have that and there's nothing that the SW franchise is leading up to.
  4. I do, very much. Marvel is of course a wild card because of new properties and BP2. But I cannot fathom an Avatar or especially a SW movie making $600 million. SW likely won't touch $500 million domestic and $400 million is a long shot. We're talking domestic, not WW.
  5. JJ was also an executive producer for TLJ and said he wished he had been able to direct the script that RJ came up with. He takes some or much of the blame for TLJ as well.
  6. If they target $200-$300 million box office hits with a lower budget, then they may be okay. The ONLY scheduled Marvel film with the chance of hitting $1 billion WW and/or $500 million domestic is Black Panther 2. Strange and Thor won't do it. GOTG3 won't do it (that ship has sailed). Eternals and Shang-Chi are complete wildcards but there's no reason to project them coming close. And Black Widow? Can anyone say "Solo"? I'd go out on a limb and say that absolutely NO film has a chance of $600 million domestic in the next 10 years perhaps. That includes any Avatar movie. TROS was the last chance and they blew it.
  7. I've had a really hard time sitting through a single episode of Manalorian, to be honest. And that's from someone who actually really liked TROS. Btw, remember when everyone thought Aladdin was destined to absolutely bomb on all fronts? And now it will end up higher than TROS WW. smh
  8. The key is for LFL/Disney to actually make a movie that fans and audiences WANT to see. So they need to decide which of those 40,000,000 different ideas they should go with.
  9. TROS will have very similar legs to TLJ in the long run. That $23-$24 million is absolutely dreadful (again). Concern trolling? Are we going to continue to accuse people of this any more? With these drops, a 3.0X is unlikely. 2.80-2.90X seems more likely. So between between $505-$515 million domestic. Could TROS actually make less than BatB'17 domestic?
  10. This. Video games are NOT the way to go. Use something people already like.
  11. I think the indication is that instead of trying to bank on merchandise, Disney seemed to scale back production in order to avoid loss. Maybe they were seeing how things would pan out and then increase production if need be (like they did for the first Frozen movie). Instead-they are rushing to make baby yoda dolls lol. Truth is that no matter how TROS ends up doing, it's more in lines with POTC and Hunger Games than Potter, LOTR, or Marvel with respect to where it's ending up. And unlike certain franchises (POTC and Transformers for example) the overseas numbers aren't there to support it if it indeed does sink too far down. Btw, any updates on today's numbers? I still find it almost impossible to believe in $25 million.
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