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  1. I predict a $100-$115 million OW with a $300-$320 million domestic. If it has some really cool and fun 90's nostalgia and also had the WOM that it's an absolute MUST to see this going into Avengers 4, then we'll be looking at much higher numbers.
  2. What seemed very lacking in this teaser was a sense of other-wordliness. No world building or sense of real doom with hope. It was not much more than an announcement teaser.
  3. So the "unconventional" backstory is that she starts as a hero and has flashbacks that tell us about her backstory. Sounds pretty good to me! Not necessarily something that hasn't been done before.
  4. No way that soon. January....two months before premier. Besides, they will probably be releasing more teasers between now and the end of the year. Avengers 4, Aladdin, possibly Toy Story 4 and Lion King will hopefully all have teasers in the next few months. If anything, there MAY be a full Dumbo trailer in December since the teaser was way back in June.
  5. No 90's music??? Definitely a teaser with very little information. I feel the same way I felt about the BP and IW teasers when released. Can't wait for the full trailer in January.
  6. They are calling it a full trailer? Or is this what GMA is calling it? No 15 second trailer to the trailer tonight?
  7. I see that Marshall used some under water scenes. Testing ground for Little Mermaid?
  8. I'd say $200 million-ish domestic. Looks great, fun, colorful, but I'm not sure if it will have the broad appeal for making deep into $200's.
  9. Well, I for one am very glad Disney did not hire any of those people to play Aladdin. I don't think any of them would be a good fit lol.
  10. Tuesday's teaser will assuredly be MUCH more than an announcement teaser. It will probably more on the lines of the Aquaman "teaser" we got in July. When I say that, I mean in terms of length, depth, and visually as well as just enough story to let us know what's going on. It's been LONG awaited so they have apparently been working hard on this one. No mention of any problems with production and the excitement level of the cast and crew seems EXTREMELY high so the wait for this trailer was most likely due to them wanting it to be as spectacular and jaw-dropping as humanly possible. Or at least that's my hopes. We'll see Tuesday.
  11. Teaser for Nutcracker would be nice. Probably not until Poppins though since they have to finish the reshoots and edit the teaser. Full trailer in time for Dumbo. That's two months before release.
  12. Where did you find this? Looks cool. I want to see more. Truthfully, I don't think that Disney is expecting Poppins2 to be a HUGE success. MAYBE $200 million domestic max. Poppins is a VERY old property and appealed to people who are now quite old themselves. There's never been anything to keep it modern, especially for kids. Things like Aladdin stay current because of merchandise (Jasmine is grouped with all other princesses) and Disney meet and greets (my daughter met Jasmine twice at Disney World along with others). Poppins may actually be on the level of Solo. Appeals to the older generation but not as much as the newer. Plus let's not forget the international appeal for Aladdin. As long as Disney can somehow reduce the PC "backlash" about the use of actors, it will be fine.
  13. Disney's streaming service is scheduled to come out in late 2019/early 2020. They want to hit the trail running with as much new stuff as possible. Of course, none of these titles would be available on any streaming service until a few months after disc release since they have to sell physical discs also. In addition, Bob Iger was intending to retire in 2019. I'm sure that had a lot to do with it also since he wanted to go out with a bang. The ONLY movies Disney is confirmed to be working for 2020 are Mulan and Maleficent 2. But remember, Avatar 2 will also be distributed by Buena Vista since by then the Disney/Fox deal will/should be finalized. There is also supposedly a pixar movie about two brother trolls looking to spend one day with their lost father. It is set in suburbs with dumpster diving unicorns or something. That's all I know. Oh, yeah, and the live action Lady & The Tramp will probably come out that fall. And SUPPOSEDLY there is a live-action Pinocchio being made by the makers of Paddington. No word on release or current progress though. Also, the comparison to Solo isn't a fair one. Disney films have a much broader appeal than a SW spin off. Solo appealed to the die-hard SW fan. Rogue One had the privilege of following the biggest film of all time but Solo was definitely niche. Kids and families are almost immune to that effect. What will hurt Aladdin, if it comes down to it, is poor marketing. As I said, they started marketing Cinderella and BatB 9-10 months prior to release. They should have pumped up Will Smith as the Genie during the summer at least and showed some costume designs. I was never expecting a trailer or teaser this early but an announcement teaser might have been a good idea. Maybe not even as much as they showed in June for Dumbo, but something like a lantern or setting. There are STILL a lot of people who don't know this film is coming out. And how would they?

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