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  1. Here's what I see happening as a set up for this new era. Mysterio poses as a hero so that he can become part of the "new" Avengers. He is secretly working with someone BIGGER and BADDER who the Avengers will have to face later on. Maybe a newly developed Zemo or Galactus or something/someone else. Mysterio getting on the inside track in order to spill the beans to this new dreaded villain would be a great jump start for the next phase. We can't expect to go from End Game to nothing but separate stories onward. The next phase (presumably Spidey, BP, Strange, Ant Man and maybe Thor again) will have to face someone huge eventually. Maybe Mysterio is the "Loki" of the next phase. But we won't see it until MAYBE the end credits.
  2. How is Mysterio any different from Dr. Strange in abilities?
  3. Looks like my theory may hold up true. End Game resets things. I think the question Parker poses near the beginning is supposed to be what we're thinking: what just happened? I'm assuming we'll see how the timeline works after seeing End Game. But I do sincerely think that the above spells it out. What future supervillain will Mysterio subtly or directly have a link to?
  4. It's going to be REALLY interesting to see how much interest there is at this point. All the emphasis is on beating Thanos and the end of this phase of Avengers and how Captain Marvel fits in, etc. etc etc. Peter Parker on a road trip will be.....out of place to tell the truth.
  5. They were making a Spiderman movie anyway. Either he was to live or it was to take place before dust. Quite honestly, I think the whole Avengers existence will be reset by the events in EG. But the film won't say so and it won't allude to the Thanos events, leading us to wonder whether it was before or after.
  6. If Captain Marvel ties in directly to IW/EG then the sky's the limit. By the way, can someone PLEASE PM me explaining why the alleged spoilers are to be believed? Thanks!
  7. Spidey FFH may be anticlimactic after all of the End Game drama. Starting fresh that soon I think will dry up interest a bit. I too am expecting Spidey FFH to make less than HC. I think both OW and DOM will suffer a bit and I am predicting right around $300 million DOM on a $105-$110 million OW.
  8. To be fair, they also said MPR would make $350 million domestic and Aquaman would make under $200 million.
  9. Big difference. Solo wasn't tied to anything. Captain Marvel is going to be tied to the very next movie: End Game. We've already been set up with the credit scene in IW that it is essential and that she will be important. So CM will be seen as being a precursor to End Game. For those into the Avengers, CM will be seen as a must see.
  10. Is this the Harry Potter thread now? I made a comparison between DH1/DH2 to IW/EG in terms of projection. I really apologize if I created a monster.
  11. On the contrary I think it is great. It was just written extremely poorly which is why I am not sure if it is real. March OW in jeopardy? Do people honestly think that CM is poised to pass both Hunger Games AND BatB17 ?
  12. Are we allowed to post our own plot theories here as long as we have them in spoiler tags?
  13. How is one to know whether it is fake or not? I read it and while the grammar is atrocious, looking like it was written by a 10-year old with a horrible demeanor, the plot sounded pretty cool. (it also supports one of my main theories which I won't get into here)
  14. What is the REALISTIC opening weekend for this movie? I'm talking at this point based on the information we have? Not an overly hyperbolic exaggeration or a unnecessarily negative projection just to stir things up. Before all of this Fandango stuff I would have said $110-$115 million. Now I think we can bolster that up to, I don't know, at least $120 million maybe closer to $130-$140 million. Is $150 million realistic or overly optimistic? I don't see it having the legs of BP because it won't have the cross-cultural impact and it looks more like a fun film than something with real world impact. But then again, there's Aquaman so who knows.
  15. Doubt it but that would be one incredible start to the 2019 Disney domination, especially after 4 consecutive films to miss $200 million domestic (assuming Ralph 2 and Poppins2 miss that mark which they likely will).

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