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  1. I can't imagine this making less than Solo over 4 days, but I guess I have to start imagining it. What a shame!
  2. Everytime this movie seems to take one step forward in hope, you hear something that takes it back two steps. Not sure how much more they can do to shatter hopes.
  3. Interesting BOP keeps edging Aladdin up a bit. I wonder if they're onto something. And we're only one week away before the first TLK projections come out!
  4. How would Disney have known that Dumbo was doomed for bad reviews? Truthfully, the movie was actually pretty decent. Pretty good story. Slightly different from the original but not terribly so. Did they test screen it to a very negative audience? There's nothing to suggest that Disney didn't have decent confidence in Dumbo. I mean-if they feel THAT bad about a movie, then why would a studio let it get to that point? The logical answer is that they didn't think it was that bad and thus there's no link between the review embargo and confidence. Aladdin, on the other hand, has been massacred by the internet this entire year. I could see them protecting it as long as they can since they anticipate negative reviews. That's just based on the social media hatred that the film has gotten. They probably feel like critics are prepared to pounce with their claws out. So it makes sense to delay that as long as possible.
  5. Sad to say this but I hope it at least makes Solo numbers. This is after thinking it would easily make $300-$350 million a couple of months ago.
  6. I fear this may be happening now. I want to know where the Under-MPR folks place TLK and TROS in terms of domestic box office?
  7. Yes "Be Prepared" is in the movie. That rumor a while ago that the song wasn't in it was proven false by people who saw test screenings. It most certainly will be in the film.
  8. There was a time before POTC that Disney was ONLY an animated studio with a few low budget live actions here and there that weren't expected to do much. Disney put out 1 or 2 films per year that were truly mainstream. Other studios put out much more films. So what did they do? Well POTC came around and gave Disney a nice successful franchise. Then came the christening of the live actions starting with Alice in Wonderland (jumping on the 3D train). But still other than POTC there was nothing new. So they bought Marvel. Then they bought SW. Then they made live action remakes. They'd never settle for a dozen $100 million or lower films. But they are getting there anyway. If Aladdin "fails" this is what the past couple of years looked like without Marvel for their live action stuff:(domestically speaking) Wrinkle in Time: $100 million Solo: $213 million (nearly 50% lower than expected) Christopher Robbins: $99 million Nutcracker: $56 million Mary Poppins 2: $172 million (expected to be MUCH higher) Dumbo: $110 million And sandwiched around BatB we had POTC5: $162 million Pete's Dragon: $76 million And there are more that "failed". Bottom line is that without Marvel and MOST of their SW stuff, Disney really has not made much of a dent in the live action category. And if Aladdin makes less than $200 million (which its continued horrible press would make you think) then it spells even more bad news. Disney is only producing hits (since BatB) from properties they bought rather than their own creative enterprises.
  9. The cartoon version was SO over the top that it was just outlandishly great. There's no way they can make a live action that over the top without being forced and absolutely ridiculous. Anything they do will seem like it's disappointing. People just need to enjoy and stop comparing so much. And yes, playing it at 1.25 X is actually pretty good.
  10. The marketing for Aladdin has been insane. Solo, Poppins, and Dumbo never received even remotely as much marketing as this one. If the film "fails" as BOP suggests, it won't be due to a lack of marketing effort. And as many have said, those more prone to see the film aren't part of the highly toxic social media hate that has perpetuated society. It will certainly a test of whether toxic social media hate (and inevitable low RT scores) can match high visibility, nostalgia, family based entertainment.
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