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  1. Frozen 2 teaser just had a VERY epic feel to it. It was produced in such a way to make it look like a huge fantasy epic with tons of lore and world building. Yes, it came across as much more of an event. I think it has a great shot of making quite a bit more than $500 million domestic and $1.3-$1.5 billion WW.
  2. jedijake

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    I don't see any way this film makes less than $400 million domestic and $1 billion WW. Even $400 million seems low domestic. However, I am not so sure about $500 million. I had predicted $450 million for a while and don't see any reason to deviate from that.
  3. jedijake

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    I think the premise looks fine, albeit a bit repetitive but with a different outlook. Just wish they did something else with the makeshift "toy". I mean, we use sporks for apple sauce for crying out loud!
  4. jedijake

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    Oh yeah it will. Soda is also unnecessary and coka cola does pretty damn well. Toy Story is like that.
  5. jedijake

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    They certainly could have done better than a spork. If my daughter came home with something like that when she was in day care or kindergarten (and she did), it would probably end up in the trash a few days later. Not because we'd take it from her but because there's no way a fork action figure would keep her attached for more than a few minutes. But the movie looks like typical TS fun and will make mid-$400 millions domestic and break $1 billion WW. For sure.
  6. Naomi's a good enough singer they should just keep her version. But then again, they would have done that for Idina Menzel too I guess.
  7. Only Aladdin will make $100 million OW.
  8. When people watch trailers they want to see footage. We know that the plan was always to show as little footage as possible for End Game teasers and trailers. Anything past 15 minutes was forbidden. So while the hype is still there and growing, the EG trailer may not be the most re-watchable trailer in the world. There's nothing visually WOWing in it and that is by design. Nothing is lost from hype if the views are not what people expect. Wait until tickets go on sale. That will be the most telling of where this thing is going and beating IW seems imminent.
  9. But why should they afford flops? And it's not like they don't get a few each year. And on the flip side, why should they pass up the chance to make something they know people will pay for? Isn't that pretty much the capitalistic way? Provide a product that people will pay for and keep making those products.
  10. jedijake


    Want to make a club that will be interesting? Aladdin DOM over or under MPR WW. That is something that will be more of a challenge.
  11. Follow the same plot as the original=lack of originality, big or massive hit Do something too different (Maleficent)=ruining a classic, decent sized hit Do an original story, even if based on a book or work (Wrinkle in Time, Nutcracker)=suckfest and horrible movie, bomb Try something completely new and different (Tomorrowland)=also suckfest and horrible movie, bomb If you had the choice to do one of the above AND had to pay the bills, which one would YOU choose?
  12. The reactions to the latest trailer have proven that this is NOT going to flop. I'd say $300 million domestic is pretty certain. It has gotten glowing reactions.
  13. This trailer has certainly separated those who were really waiting for a good trailer and those who were always going to hate for whatever reason.
  14. jedijake

    Monday (03/11/2019) Numbers - Cap Marvels 10.9M

    Wasn't BvS out on Easter weekend? Thus a lot of people off on Monday? And a stalled out Sunday due to Easter?

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