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  1. I think Detective Pikachu's performance will be enough to justify the sequel in development, but not a whole cinematic universe.
  2. Gimme a Dragon Age TV series. Too bad Netflix chose the Witcher series instead (based on the books, but still, most people know Witcher because of the games)
  3. I always mix up Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down. I don't remember which of the two was the one I watched, but I kinda liked it, whichever one it was.
  4. But Pikachu wasn't really about Pokemon battles. It did have a few visual spectacle scenes, though. (The sequel should probably cut back on those spectacle scenes to save money)
  5. Yeah, I'm getting a bit worried that Disney tentpoles (MCU, Star Wars, live-action remakes) are the only big-budget blockbusters that succeed these days.
  6. Sure, but I do blame them for spending $175M on the guy who hasn't directed a box office success since 2011
  7. Endgame and TLJ are not similar situations. TLJ's honeymoon period wasn't even a week long. People are still very positive about Endgame.
  8. I'm glad Paramount didn't have the good sense to pull the Sonic trailer out (or they weren't able to). Some of the audience reactions are amazing
  9. It's too soon for me to say. I have to let Endgame sit for a while, though I expect it to be a contender at the very least
  10. Why the heck did the Ditto bring the tied-up real Robert into the old rich guy's office? That part makes no sense to me. I can't think of a plausible reason the Ditto would do that
  11. Being a tad disappointed with Endgame's legs (with such a big opening, we shouldn't have expected great legs anyway) != being disappointed with Endgame's overall run. That opening was insane, and even having a decent shot beating Avatar already is an impressive accomplishment. Ofc Cameron was planning to do an Avatar re-release, but I'm not sure if Disney would still let him release it
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