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  1. I don't think Endgame beating TFA domestic and Avatar WW is a question anymore. The real question is whether Endgame can reach a billion domestic and 3 billion WW.
  2. Is there a Spider-Man FFH 1 billion WW club yet? I feel like the huge Endgame result will translate to increased interest in Spidey. Iron Man 3 got a similar bump after the first Avengers.
  3. I'm morbidly curious about the original cut of Chaos Walking considering that Lionsgate considered the Hellboy reboot releasable
  4. I cancelled my Netflix subscription after Santa Clarita Diet was cancelled. Disney is going to move all of its content to either Disney+ or Hulu, so I have no need for Netflix anymore, especially if they're just going to keep cancelling all of my favorite shows on cliffhangers.
  5. My gut says that it won't get close to Avatar 1's run since it's been so long, but betting against James Cameron is a bad move.
  6. Bad fanboy takes like these are why I'm following this thread. Thanks for making my day
  7. I'm just glad we live in an era where both DC and Marvel are pumping out fantastic superhero movies. Here's hoping Hollywood starts figuring out how to do video games, too.
  8. Yeah, it felt like the set design and costumes were made by a 13-year old goth. Bleh.
  9. This summer is so nuts that WB may have actually made the right call. Shazam wouldn't play well against Detective Pikachu, another family-oriented action comedy. I think Shazam would have done fine against Toy Story 4 in June, but maybe WB was scared that Toy Story 4 would lock down the younger demographics.
  10. Looks like a fun family movie. I don't know a good frame of reference for this movie, so I won't make any hard number predictions, but I think it can profit. Hobbs & Shaw targets a different demographic, and I think Dora can stand against Lion King's legs.
  11. Dora comes out three months before Sonic, so Paramount definitely made the right call by debuting Dora tonight instead of Sonic, but man, I just want to see this monstrosity in motion.
  12. Yeah. I wonder how many people will come out for Black Widow without a new Avengers ensemble film to look forward to. With no info to go on, I'd speculate that Black Widow has a run similar to Winter Soldier, while The Eternals is marketed as a huge cultural event with the first (I think) gay actor starring in a superhero film and easily passes a billion. DC also has an interesting, unpredictable slate next year between Wonder Woman 1984, DC Super Pets, The Trench, and Birds of Prey.
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