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  1. YongYea's really cashing in on the Sonic movie controversy. All of these videos are exactly ten minutes, too. Hmm. Interesting.
  2. The biggest worry for Sonic is going to be the budget increase from the redesign if Paramount is actually redesigning Sonic. Sonic was already going to have a tough time with Frozen 2 coming two weeks after. The last thing it needed was to increase the budget from 90 million, which is already too high.
  3. Wasn't Uglydolls tracking for $12-14 million? Is that even possible anymore with that Friday number?
  4. The Endgame hype got to ya. Can't really blame you after those beyond insane OW numbers. Edit: I joined that club as well. RIP
  5. Paramount needs to delay the movie. A delay would give the animation team more time to fix Sonic's design and lower costs. It's not like Sonic is holding on to a great date, anyway. Frozen 2 would have steamrolled it.
  6. BREAKING: Avengers movie makes money Jokes aside, Endgame's numbers are great, but there's not much else to say beyond that.
  7. I don't think there is any one comp that works for Pika Pika. It's a PG live-action family flick but with a built-in fanbase that will probably come out opening weekend to see it. I think its legs will fall lower than the average family film but higher than, say, CBMs.
  8. Pokemon has a strong built-in fanbase of older children and younger adults, so I think we can expect it to be more front-loaded than the average family film.
  9. I only pre-order tickets if I anticipate strong demand for a film that I want to see opening weekend, like Endgame. Pikachu pre-sales are pretty low, so I save the convenience fee by walking up, and I'll probably get decent seats.
  10. Sonic let off an EMP powerful enough to knock out electronics on the entire Pacific Northwest.According to GoNorthwest, the area has a population of around 15 million. Bump Reveal estimates that 3,978,497 babies are born every year in the United States.Using statistics from Bliss it is estimated that about 1 in 7 babies in the UK require a neonatal unit upon their birth. Assuming this statistic translates to the United States, this would mean that 568,365 need this treatment in the US yearly.The United States has approximately 327.2m people living there, meaning that the Pacific Northwest hold
  11. Snyder's cut probably would have made more money since they wouldn't have had to do as many screenshots. Critical reception probably would be as abysmal as BvS's, though.
  12. I've found a couple hotspots of positivity for the Sonic movie, but the reception among fans is overwhelmingly negative otherwise.
  13. Paramount should move Sonic. It would only have two weeks to itself before Frozen 2 steals the vast majority of its target audience. November 8 is a horrible date. (Maybe Paramount knows exactly what they're doing.)
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