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  1. That doesn't seem very solid at all... I mean, not bad, but with the 600k sneaks from a couple weeks ago added in, it just makes the number seem less then great.
  2. I am a huge dog lover, and this trailer is in front of every fucking movie I have gone to for like the last two months. It almost makes me hate dogs... I want it gone. And god, BDH's voice grates on my nerves like nothing else. It's not cute. It makes me fucking happy my dogs can't talk.
  3. Kalderic

    Aquaman (2018)

    I felt like I had a teenager screaming at me for two and a half hours that what I’m seeing is awesome and I should love it and it’s fucking cool. I left feeling like I had a hangover, without having the good time to deserve one. The movie is so loud and obnoxious... the visuals are fine, but after awhile, so much is thrown at you that you just become numb to it all. its too long, the dialogue is awful, the acting is subpar, and the camera is on crack the whole time. Solid 4/10. If this is the future of DC, I think I’m gonna find my way out. now, someone give me some fucking Tylenol.
  4. Looks good. It's nice to see Godzilla actually moving at a quick pace instead of just lumbering around.
  5. Looks good. I was already excited, which is why I think the trailer doesn't exactly get me excited all that much. I don't really think I could be more excited, so the trailer isn't going to do all that much in the first place.
  6. Audience score is down to 12%... has a sub 10% audience score ever happened? Especially to a wide release?
  7. Well reviews have gone to shit, and the audience score is at 18%...
  8. In my mind, a B- lends itself to the 6.5-7/10 area of things, and a C or C+ would be the 5 or 6/10 that gets a bit more grey. As Val said, not a raving review, but not exactly a read down either.
  9. It says its a B-, I don't see how that would be considered rotten...
  10. Trailer was underwhelming... of all live action remakes, this basically isn’t even live action as there are no humans or anything. Should it qualify as live action if it’s all CG in the first place??? im not a huge fan of the first, so I might be biased. And where was timone and pumba??
  11. Kalderic

    Tuesday Numbers | 20/11/2018

    not a great number for Beasts... Great for Creed though! Damn!
  12. I think it doesn't quite have the variety that the first film had, however, he really develops the main theme much more. The whole thing is a bit more focused than the first score. Where we really only heard the main theme once in the first film, the entrance to the american ministry, he explores it to a much greater extent in this one, working in several variations dependent on the situation. It was my favorite theme from the first film, so hearing it get so much love this time around was a really pleasant surprise to me.
  13. I saw it again yesterday. My feelings remain unchanged. I think it's a bit scattered, but I really do think that its either going to go one of two ways. The next movie will fix a lot of these issues and make this film look better in doing so. This whole film was set up. If the pay off ends up being worth it, then I think it will end up being looked at more favorably in the years to come. However, if it cant get a grip and start grounding some of these ideas, then we might be in trouble. I personally loved the film. But, that score... god damn that score is just so good, that I think it might influence me a bit. The opening chase, perfect. The Hogwarts moments with Leta's back flashes... amazing. And don't get me started on the Salamander Eyes scene. And that whole final hour... the music literally makes the movie. I think if it were another aimless Hooper score, then I wouldn't have felt shit, but lord... Leta's "I love you", Queenie screaming to walk with her... it's all so emotional. Long story short, even if the film might fall short, at least we got a bomb ass score out of it. Shame the score will never receive any awards recognition that it definitely deserves. In my opinion of course...
  14. Well, I for one fucking loved it. I want more. now. I love how the characters are being fleshed out, and I am in love with Newt. I couldn't relate to a character more. I wish Nagini had been explored a bit more. She seemed kinda useless honestly, and I was surprised she ended up on the side she did. That third act is a fucking mind blower. The CG, the score, the reveals... just... god damn it. I have tickets to see it in IMAX on thursday, and I am so ready to live it all over again.

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