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  1. Not a huge Tarantino fan but I can usually appreciate his films and enjoy them enough. But this... Not that it was poorly made by any means, but whoever said it was a strung together set of scenes with about 45 minutes of plot, that is the best description for this I could think of. Not my cup of tea. I wasnt completely bored, but I never really felt engaged in anything not involving Pitt's character. I don't see how this gets any sort of incredible summer legs, but we will see. It could play well to a nostaligc older audience who can really appreciate all the classic Hollywood references. But that isn't exactly Tarantino's typical audience.
  2. This all gives me life. Every. Damn. Bit. You bet your ass I'm gonna smoke a big ass joint and have the time of my life on opening night. I've never seen the musical or even know a thing about it, but I am so excited for this. It looks every bit of crazy and awful that I will totally enjoy.
  3. Hah, if that's all it is, I doubt it does all that much more honestly. Maybe bump it a couple million, but it wont be enough to get it past Avatar. Nice try though.
  4. I would agree with this statement. The overall film isn't near the disaster I was expecting. I was expecting the finale to be F4F bad, but I would hazard to say that it was one of the better aspects of the film. After being completely entrenched in Powell's score to The Last Stand over the last few weeks, (Its easily the best X-Men score, if not one of the best superhero scores ever written IMO) Zimmer is a snooze fest. The whole score sounds like a boring regurgitation of "Time" from Inception. I was expecting to be letdown, but jesus... Can we have a MCU X-Men movie yet?
  5. So, in preparations for Thursday, I have been dissecting John Powell's score to X3, and god damn, if it isn't one of the most powerful superhero scores ever written. The movie may have disappointed, but the score certainly did not. Seeing as Zimmer is doing this, it will be really interesting to hear his take on the story. I doubt it ends up anywhere close to being as good, but I am holding out a bit of hope. As a whole I have revisited all the prior X-Men films and they are all much better then I remember, specifically X1 and X3. I really hope they can send this franchise off on a high note... somehow...
  6. After his score to the Cloverfield Paradox, I am really excited by the potential this score has to be absolutely stunning.
  7. My local theaters arent selling nearly as well today as they were yesterday. Yesterday all shows were either sold out or almost full (less then 10 seats left), today, most of the morning shows have all passed without even almost selling out. The later shows are doing much better, but it didn't have the same amount of early morning business as it did yesterday, at least not here in my neck of the woods.
  8. It was... fine? I left infinity war with my jaw on the floor. This just felt like it followed most of the steps we all assumed it would. The end was exactly as I expected and nothing really surprised me outside of the who obtaining the soul stone. I am disappointed. I had tickets for tomorrow to see it again, but I am gonna get a refund. I don't think I want to sit there for three more hours, bored just to get to the end and be disappointed again. It wasn't bad... it had good moments, but it just... something was off and it just didnt resonate with me like I wanted it to.
  9. Yeah, I was in line on Fandango. started at 57 minutes, got to 40 and now the bar is stuck and it just says "more than an hour"... fml. I give up. I'm too old for this shit. I'll wait until tomorrow and get the scraps. lol
  10. hour long wait on Fandango... wtf. All the theater sites are basically crashed. What the literal fuck.
  11. That doesn't seem very solid at all... I mean, not bad, but with the 600k sneaks from a couple weeks ago added in, it just makes the number seem less then great.
  12. I am a huge dog lover, and this trailer is in front of every fucking movie I have gone to for like the last two months. It almost makes me hate dogs... I want it gone. And god, BDH's voice grates on my nerves like nothing else. It's not cute. It makes me fucking happy my dogs can't talk.
  13. I felt like I had a teenager screaming at me for two and a half hours that what I’m seeing is awesome and I should love it and it’s fucking cool. I left feeling like I had a hangover, without having the good time to deserve one. The movie is so loud and obnoxious... the visuals are fine, but after awhile, so much is thrown at you that you just become numb to it all. its too long, the dialogue is awful, the acting is subpar, and the camera is on crack the whole time. Solid 4/10. If this is the future of DC, I think I’m gonna find my way out. now, someone give me some fucking Tylenol.
  14. Looks good. It's nice to see Godzilla actually moving at a quick pace instead of just lumbering around.
  15. Looks good. I was already excited, which is why I think the trailer doesn't exactly get me excited all that much. I don't really think I could be more excited, so the trailer isn't going to do all that much in the first place.
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