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  1. J-Law is the reason were getting this movie pretty much. J-Law told Simon that he needs to direct one of these X-men movies! Simon said, I'll direct the next one but only if you come back for one more..... She said of course, and thus everyone else signed on for a another film.
  2. Jay Hollywood

    2018 Comic-Con Thread

    Met Joss Whedon on the floor today. Shock his hand. He was alone just acting like a regular dude.
  3. The Dino price was already an issue in the last film. I-Rex cost 26 million they said hahaha Cant kill it because we invested 26m LOL A E-ticket theme park ride at Universal like A Harry Potter or Jurassic Park cost 200 - 300m dollars. Themeparks cancel or close rides that cost as much as the I-rex alllll the time. SeaWorld opened up a 20m dollar ride 2 year ago, it was open like 20 days hahah Parks like UNIVERSAL and Disney cancel rides in development when they already spend 20m on pre (like some blockbusters) Its beyond stupid that no one at the company speaks up and says WTF? Yes its a nitpick in both movies but it shows how clueless these companies are. Any person at Universal theme parks could have just told the Studio at any time. It feels lazy. Like they dont show anyone at the park the scripts to get advice about a working themepark. Lame. A Rhino Horn is worth like 300K Every single bit and piece of these creatures would be worth INSANE prices.

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