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  1. January 28th - Rogue One B+ (87) 29th - Split B (85) 30th - Resident Evil: The Final Chapter B- (81) February 11th - John Wick 2 B (84) 19th - Doctor Strange C+ (78.5) 26th - Lego Batman B (83) March 2nd - Logan B- (81) 5th - Get Out B+ (88) 12th - Kong: Skull Island B (85) 25th - Beauty and the Beast C+ (78) 28th - Life C+ (78) April 2nd - Ghost in the Shell IMAX 3D B- (80) 14th - F8te of the Furious B- (80) May 4th - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 B- (81) 12th - King Arthur C- (71) 18th - Alien Covenant B- (81) 26th - Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales D+ (67) 28th - Jurassic Park A+ (100 in my heart) 28th - The Lost World A- (91) June 1st - Wonder Woman C (75) 8th - The Mummy 2017 D- (62) 21st - Transformers 5 C- (70) 28th - Baby Driver B+ (88) July 6th - Spider-Man: Homecoming B+ (87) 11th - Spider-Man: Homecoming B+ (87) 13th - War for the Planet of the Apes B (84) 20th - Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets C- (72) 22nd - Dunkirk IMAX B+ (89) 27th - The Big Sick B+ (89) August 29th - Jurassic Park A+ (100) 30th - Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D A (95) September 5th - Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind B+ (87.5) 14th - IT B (86)
  2. Looks ok I guess. I just visually don't like movies these days. All the CGI green screen foggy jumping shit looks so whack to me. No suprsie to those who know me.
  3. You have no idea who I am. I would post the fuck outta that post if it had 99%. Ive already stated similar statements to those about both movies multiples times before. If you weren't a new comer who thinks they know everything about everyone you would know I'm part of the certain% group that gives NO FUCKS about RT scores and shit like that.
  4. I'll say this now so I can get yelled at. After the first half First Class isn't that good, the "kids" hanging out with there powers is lame and I'm not a fan of the final set piece. Kinsman has the same problem, the first act is good and the action is fun but having to sit though the james bond kid acedemy stuff is struggle. Same issue two movies in a row for me.
  5. Well Jurassic World doesnt have any shitty slo mo at least. Jurassic World just exists I'm neutral on it. Its bad, but its Jurassic Park so I try to tell myself its not. Its ruins countless movies for me, I think its visually pretty shitty 90% of time. I hate all of Synders movies and didnt like Wonder Woman ether. Sorry not sorry. I honestly don't understand the point of it. Always looks like fake glossy ugly, green screen, tension killing, slow mo. Im constant with it though, not a random hater. That shot of her ducking looks more fake than anything in the first 3 Indy movies. of course I'm not jumping for joy.
  6. Well see, Jungle/temple movies are my favorite genre but Im not into the slow mo watch the trap go by stuff.
  7. Thanks guys! Sounds fun
  8. I can just jump in anytime yeah? You just predict top 10 every week?
  9. Halloween Resurrection doesnt count hahah They retconned 4,5, and 6 already with number 7 (H20) actually being number 3. Im assuming this one (11 or 9 if you don't count the reboots) is gonna actually be #4 in the timeline? Or maybe the actually #3 replacing H20.
  10. IT (2017) (only post reviews if you have seen the film)

    Am I the only one that thinks Beverly looks just like Pennywise. Like they are TWINS. Anyways solid all the way around. Great casting. Fantastic Soundtrack, Good cinematography. Tonally it jumped around too much, from scare to fun, starting and stoping. Like the Bathroom, they see its blood, but then they clean it to 80's music for us to have fun! but why? it throws the mood, the pace off, and adds nothing to the story. Also we see Pennywise in old photos throughout towns history but its never clear if the kids notice. It seems like its just an audience thing. Wish they mentioned it or found out. Not a fan of the Bully subplot, its always hard to pull off but it feels a bit cheesy. But mainly I don't get the point of it... Why does Penny wise encourage him to kill? He's a monster who's hungry. He wants to eat kids. How does convincing a kid to just kill people help his plan or goal at all? The ending fight against IT was little too dark and way to shaky. action wasn't too well shot, it just jumped/cut around did the shake blurry mid body shot thing. I feel like there was tons of details every where though. I feel like I missed a lot of stuff in the background of shots, excited to get the blu ray for this one. B (85)
  11. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

  12. Dances With Wolves (1990)

    The dude basically bankrupted himself making it too. Put all his own money into it. Most baller story ever.
  13. Top 25 films of 1997 (open due date)

    The Trailer set piece is best action set piece in ANY Jurassic Park movie. its a better set piece than any new blockbusters since Fury Road. Honestly that scene has some of the best directing . Its jaw dropping. make my top 10 set pieces of all time. Its 13 minutes. 13 minutes of non stop tension. Its a master class in filmmaking and directing.... Maybe not scripting or the story people wanted. But from a craft start point its fantastic. Each action beat in the this set piece revolve around actually goals too. No random fighting, the tension doesn't come from being cool, it comes from constant time bombs going off at once in the scene. Not only is the rope falling loose but the glass breaking and the truck going off the edge and he has to tow the trailer, and the rope falls again, and the T-rex is coming back, theres even more than that. its non stop. Im sorry i know you guys say it sucks, but again if this is bad filming LOL. Imagine any other director shooting this scene. When I'm watching a movie I can see all the TERRIBLE or normal ways most people would handle and cut this sequence. Heres a 2 min clip - Directing class. just look the 3rd shot in the clip. Its 3 shots, 3 shots in one. 99% of directors would cover that with 3 angles or if they did a oner it would feel it, it would be flashy. The Bergs direction is sooooooo good you don't even notice. Its so natural every cut and and every shot is on point, dynamic. this clip is maybe even the weakest part of the set piece. Its legit like 5- 6 action beats on top of one another. We have the Glass, The T-rex attack twice, Eddie has to set up the rope around the tree first, and so forth. Honestly this clip doesn't even show the best shots of this scene.... Dat Score too its all amazing love 2:26 not on the sound track

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