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  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Good to know, I wanted to wait until round two to make sure of the point because it was so quick, but the two people I saw it with also thought it was CGI so yeah. The hologram maybe fucked it up, has facial features felt like they had too much movement. Maybe they aged him or its just his age? Yoda looked weird at first too in TLJ but after you get past the "blue" effect you could tell it was a puppet. I feel like they do CGI touch ups over things though know, they did on Yoda's mouth and eyes in TLJ. And Jurassic World 2 "had" animatoics but then they replaced them with CGI after. Im def gonna get the blu ray and break it down but I wouldn't be surprised if they touched it up in CG after the fact. I hope you're right and next I see it I go, oh thats real.
  2. Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

    Darth Maul Worst thing in the movie. Its not filmmaking, its twitter/fan baiting. HE DIED in the movies (Ive seen the cartoons and read the comic I know he is alive). BUT 96% of audiences dont know or care he's alive. AND NEVER WILL, when I show My kids and then MY grandkids they are gonna be clueless as fuckkkk. My parent who wanna go see it dont know he's alive. A normal movie goer ACROSS The WORLD doesn’t know that. Anytime you let 4% of people dictate your decision, and you make choices for them and not the 96% of people and HUNDREDS of millions of normal movie goers, you messed up. Its beyond stupid. Its also poor storytelling and under minds episode 1, Obi Wan becoming a Jedi and Qu Gons death are 5x more meaningless now. You wanna keep him alive in the comics and shows to sell toys and keep the nerds happy (I have a Star Wars bed spread) fine, but this is flat out a terrible choice to bring him back into the main line story (films). Cant believe "professionals” think this is a good idea. Star Wars is dead to me right now haha they are beating dead horse. This isn't filmmaking, this is bullshit fan service. This movie is supposed to play to movie goers for the next 80 years. All yet all the people at Lucas film were thinking about was the 7pm Thursday night crowd. Shame on them. Awful. With that said hahaha the movie is fine, actually lots of fun, I had good time! the cast is really good, ALDEN was GREAT! Kessel run while I didn't t need to see it, it had me smiling. 3rd act is anti climatic tho. Lots of things to say, I could write a book but ill save you. Oh the worst part about the film was Bradford Young, the lighting was bad. So muggy, so dark, so colorless , so flat compared to every other star wars movies yet this was marketed as FUN and colorful. While technically its "good" cinematography, He was no doubt the wrong choice for this movie and tonally it clashes sooooooooo hard. B- (82) Side note - Topher Grace was 2 people behind me in line for the 7pm showing and Ray Park was also there. Why was he CGI? lazy too, just do the fucking makeup again UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH modern movies suck.
  3. Found out the first 7 minutes of the movie, and tis the best possible thing they could have done for fans. Basically taking The Bergs first idea for a sequel, mixed with Jurassic Park the game, mixed with two old JP and Lost World concept art and story boards. Got me 10x more excited. Its also tacking to open to like 200m in China so yeah 1.3B + here we come.
  4. WOW The Mummy 99' didn't even make top 250 yet 50% of the superhero movies ever made did. BE ASHAMED
  5. Typical Deadpool I guess. Ill buy it. I feel like the point of it is to laugh at 75% of it but also find 25% annoying or off. Like the point of Deadpool is kinda not every joke hits, becuase thats the character? I thought that after the first one.
  6. If you wanna pay for it and the shipping Ill grab two because I'm nice. But it wont play over there for you huh? different region?
  7. Are you in the scene? idk. If not it wont effect you and shouldn't . Are you an active raver? Do you go to shows like me? Do you havprofessional dj friends. Like anything else it has a "scene". So I think people in that EDM music "Scene" will def be iffy on it. Thats why I said doesn't effect MY grade/ it wont bother 99.5% off audience. The beat and joke are FINE but the song chose was off. But there DEF a hand full of 18 year olds kids who go really? the song I thought was cool when I was 12 before I even touched my penis or said a cuss word? Imagine if he said, is RAP still around in the future, and then it bumped THRIFT Shop by Macklemore or Wild One by Flo Rida. Its the popest of dubstep songs there is too.
  8. One of the worst offenses this movie does is play Bangerang for the dubstep song. Its not a big deal but Its the first time I went yep this filmmaker to def to old to be making this reference, it made me roll my eyes. They picked the OLDEST possible dubstep song they could have. its 6 years OLDDDDDDDDD. its in that awkward time frame. Skrillex has releases like over 100 songs since then. And its not old enough to be cool again. its awkward. Its like saying were about to drop the hottest track on the radio from DRAKE and its from 2 albums ago. its was confusing to me. And it reminded me this filmmaker is 50.... Its like your dad singing that song you liked in 7th grade and saying I thought you LOVED this song but you're in 12th grade now. I'm fucking 25 years old. That song was the most popular when I was 19 for god sakes, I still lived at home, I couldn't even drink, so it feels like a worse offense to me, its not modern. My buddy who is at EDC right now because his DUBSTEP track are being played infornt of 25,000 people was like YAY dubstep joke, and then when he heard the song, he said he thought so lammmmme. The joke only works on people who don't actually listen or have heard dubstep. Thus they didn't succeed. Again, this isn't effecting my "grade" its just two eye roll moments
  9. LOL since posting it in this thread. Ive gone from 0 dislikes to 2. Setting records!!!
  10. WOWWOWOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I never know if anybody is actually listening. I put in so much effort. It really really means a lot, you have no idea, truly, just your post makes all the hours of recording and editing wroth it. On a side note, I KNOW! haha no joke its actually great content and were probably in the conversation for best youtube movie shows discussions (which is kinda sad). But oh well. Its hard to break out, so much content! Gotta find places to share. Also ill take blame because so iffy on if I should do this or not because im actually making films, I dont wanna have my indie movie at a festival playing this fall and trying to get bigger gigs, while judging and discussing real movies. But I think in todays world its ok, I see writers on twitter constantly bashing shit with bad attitudes so maybe it doesn't matter just gotta do it with respect. But I do plan on making a biggest push this year, getting videos out sooner and more of them. We only have 40 subs hahaha But it starts here, i'm gonna have to ask you a favor. Share my video with just one person, just one person who think would enjoy it. thats how it has to start! Thanks again, and please send in any questions or comments, if you want a shout let me know, I got you or want us to talk about an old movie. Were on it
  11. Aj's Favorite franchise is the MCU, and he has over action 3,000 figures hahahah so this is a very fun convo and debate since he has read all the comics and stuff too! One of our best ones!
  12. Its bigger, its funnier, it has more action, its more colorful, maybe even more fun! but its also clunkier and lots of people will think its better but its not quite as good or tight as a movie as the first. Deadpool 1 is pretty much perfectly edited and paced. LOVED that they killed his girl friend. Killing off the X-force was gold. Kinda iffy on them keeping Juggernaut alive. hopefully he's not the main bad for X-force but more of Crossbones type thing. I would have liked to see him be put back together from exploding. Its unclear. We guess his body stitches its self back together, when you touch the body parts together. I get it but we should have seen it for a second. Thats a power that was not fully established (its like filling in a bullet wound I guess, but then why grow back the lower half of his body later when it was just sitting next to him after he got ripped in half?) He grows this shit back. Seems hard to grow back every thing below the neck. legs, arms are one thing, but a heart.... We know he can survive anything. but this was as far as they can push it (didn't mind it) but I would have liked just 1 or 2 extra shots. Just to make it clear. I can see lots of first time Deadpool viewers or GA mildly confused until the end when he grows back his lower half. Doesn't effect my grade but if I made this I would have liked to make it a tad more clear. B

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