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  1. I have the Jurassic World Target edition and it has 40 extra minutes of features. Still mad I wasn't able to get the Rogue One Target version. Im going at like 8am to target on Tuesday to get Last Jedi
  2. The Target special has a 40 page booklet attached but its not 4k. its only Blu ray I think. So Best Buy Steelbook 4k probably.
  3. Love, Simon (2018)

    Do you watch!!?? If so THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE GREATEST! I would do more but it takes a lot of effort and I'm not quite sure how many people actually watch or like it since no one ever tells me hahah so its good to know, you're interested. I do this because its fun and for my real life AND Online friends! So I will always take recommendations. You and @Dexter of Suburbia have now both asked for a Love, Simon review so WE WILL DO IT! Hopefully will go this weekend! @Hiccup23 Thanks so much for asking!
  4. Classic Conversation, now with added Teen Angst

    Not up to us. No one want to pay that much. They are trying to price people out. Disneyland cost 135 bucks beaches everyone goes attendance is at 18m its going up and up no matter what they do. They want LESS people in the park its over crowed and the rides get over run. Lots of matinee and overtime cost. But I was there yesterday from 8am to 12:30 am over 16 hours. its worth it. The closing Fantasimc Nighttime Show on the water is a 25 minute as high or even higher than Vegas level show free with admission (multiples shows at like 15k show to put on). Not to mention they have a huge Firework show and parades on top of that. Less than 10 bucks an hour. The avenge Concert ticket in LA is like 65 bucks for 4 hours so... Its only Disney and Universal though. Cedar fair parks, Six flags and Sea World parks are super cheap. BUT A new GIANT steel roller coaster cost 25 million for HUGE 200 foot plus one. Disney and Universal spend 150 - 300m for a new E-ticket attraciton . Small kids rides like Winnie the Pooh cost them 35 to 40m to build, animatronics and shit ant cheap.
  5. Im sure the marketing budget has doubled at least because of how big of a hit it was. They spent more in the coming months then expected because of legs and reviews, plus more Oscar stuff too? Idk Also Universal picks what Blumhouse movies they want to distribute. They also cut the trailers and decided how much to spend on marketing Blum said. He said if Universal doesn't wanna release a film in theaters, he is allowed to go else where. The ONE time he did. He couldn't sell the movie anywhere else all the studios passed. Did It himself or found a small company and it tanked. So he said he doest disagree with Universal anymore and laughed. All Paraphrased from his hour Nerdist Podcast
  6. To be fair. Ive seen Logan 3 times. Each time I've liked it less. Same with Wonder Woman 3 times, movie hasn't grown on me at all. However, Ive seen X-men Apocalypse 4 times. first time I thought its was a C+. 2nd time in the dollar theater B- 3rd time on blu ray B, and the 4th time was rewatching every X-men movie again ending with Apocalypse. And It was a solid B again. Thus pretty much cementing its grade. So its the only one of those films so far that has grown on me. Anyways Singer used* to get much more dynamic and GREAT close up shots compared to everyone else. Like the close up of Just Apocalypse One Eye opening up after reawakening or when he glides his hands across the wall of the yellow bazaar wall or the extreme close up of the cigarette getting dragged in the beginning of X2. These are the type of shots I feel are missing from every MCU film and really bothers me. Not to mention the lighting itself in the movie is much better then every MCU film.
  7. Mission Impossible 6 under The Bourne Supremacy (176m)

    It didnt have a script at all I thought. It was a full story board script, he had the whole movie drawn out. Yes changed happened, but on the blu ray making of they act like they never had a script script. He showed WB 2,400 story boards in a row or something nuts and walked them through the movie with drawings for the pitch.
  8. Would look better with a slight lens flare at some point... JJ da god
  9. After a rewatch, PACFIC RIM is a top 7 blockbuster action movie of the DECADE (2010's) Its Mad Max Fury Road Level of craft. Del Toro is godly. His one false move is stone faced lead, but besides that Pacific Rim is vision, scope, craft and world building on display at the top level. Pacing and structure ON point too. Plus it has a dope ass title sequence which is always a major plus. A- Pacific Rim 2 looks baddddddddddd though..... but im gonna go see it.
  10. Hot take that not ONE person will agree with me on. I'll also get shamed tho. I personally enjoy.... X-Men: Apocalypse > Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Logan
  11. Black Panther (2018)

    Better late than never
  12. Spent the week working on the Disney lot. Been seeing Joe Russo's car all week on the lot has been getting me internally hyped. I've been feeling it I talk shit on Marvel a lot but im actually a really big fan of the Avengers movies, plus the two comics I read were both super cool. This trailer has me tingling all over... HYPEEEEEEE FUCK IT 252/670/1.82B
  13. Cinema Sesh Show (Ep. Archive pg 1) BLACK PANTHER FULL VIDEO

    BLACK PANTHER Sesh 56 minutes -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6aIPjejHgs Voice actor Aj Hamilton and Director Jay Salahi breakdown Marvel's Black Panther! 00:35 Review 51:01 Final SCORES 55:58 Outro/Outtakes Thanks SO MUCH! Please Subscribe! <33333 And send us some questions or things to talk about for next time! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi-XuFi3KO-y6yyknKyZC7g?

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