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SOTM 3 (Can it be done?) Question deadline Sunday May 26th at 3pm.

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What day will Iron Man 3 pass 400 million domestically?


Call it on the exact day:  10,000

Call it one day off:  7000

Call it two days off 5000

Miss it by 3 days:  -5000

Miss it by more than 3 days:  -8000

Say it will not pass 400 mill:  10,000

If you say it will not pass 400 and it does, you lose -5000.


There is a time bonus as well.  If you lock your answer in before Saturday May 25th at 3AM, and you are correct (within 2 days) you get a bonus of 3000.  You do not qualify for this bonus if you abstain.


This is one of the big SOTM questions....good luck


Abstain:  2000 pts


Question is due on Sunday May 26th at 3pm.

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Number-crunching now. I've got Data, Johnny-Five, and Joshua working away.



JOHNNY 5  :rofl:  :rofl:


You call him Dr. Jones

Who's Johnny, she said?!!

Shall we play a game?

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