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7th Annual Baumer's Summer Game (BSG) Teaser Thread

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Last year I had the thread up the first week of March.  We're heading into the third.  


For those who have never played before, I suggest you read some of the past games.  They are all located in this forum.  


For those of you returning, I'll have more information available in the next few days.  


Any questions, comments, suggestions, please let me know.


I look forward to another great season, starting May 2nd, exactly 7 weeks from now.  



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Just for the record, if anyone has any suggestions that don't alter the ideology of the game, I will listen and consider them.  I'm like Tyler Perry.  I listen to the fans of the game and if there is a suggestion that makes sense, then I will add it to the game.  The international numbers was a suggestion as well as some of the preseason questions that have been asked. 


Don't get offended if I do not use your suggestion, this is, after all, a game I created and by now, it's seventh year, it is what it is.  

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I sucked last year. I want the pre-season predictions/questions to matter more, 'cause I particularly sucked at the day-to-day stuff.


The preseason stuff always matters more.  But this year, I'll make sure that the bonuses are much more consistent.

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One change I would suggest is to open a thread which will have the questions and answers for every week as an archive. This way anyone can compare their answers to the actual answers and sort out any discrepancies in scoring early.


And maybe increase the bonus for number of movies rightly guessed to be in the top 15. Last year whether you guessed 9 or 11 movies the bonus was the same.

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Also, will those of us who bought the book you recommended receive those points you promised?I haven't been able to sleep since I remembered this,

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