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CAYOM Studio Plans (New Thread)

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The original studio plans thread got too long and bulky with peoples' plans scattered over several different pages, so we're getting a new one.


The premise is simple: On a single post you can lay out your definite plans for the next couple years as well as potential future plans for films. It helps build awareness for what you're doing as well as alert other players as to what directors or leading actors/actresses are already being used in major roles.


Keep this thread solely for your studio plans. When you make a significant update to them, post a link to the updated/edited post in the Behind the Camera, Year X Discussion, or CAYOM Magazine thread (use the Magazine thread for more specific updates into the progress of your films or to announce new films and franchise directions). This will prevent the thread from spiraling out of control in page count and splitting people's plans across multiple pages.



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My current plans
Numerator Pictures
Year 11
Pokemon: The New Frontier
Cast: TBD
Directed By: Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Ewan McGregor, John Slattery, Richard Armitage, Lena Headey, Chris Cooper, Paddy Considine, Michael Kelly, Jürgen Prochnow, with Tom Hiddleston, and Jason Clarke

StarCraft: Queen of Blades
Directed By: Neil Marshall
Starring: Josh Brolin, Rooney Mara, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jon Hamm (voice), Viola Davis (voice), Lance Reddick, with Max von Sydow, and William Hurt
Co-Starring: Danny Huston, Michael Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (voice), Jason Momoa (voice), Zoe Kravitz (voice)


Mysteries of the Beyond: Fractured Worlds


Directed By: Jack Bender

Starring: Cillian Murphy, Freida Pinto, Anthony Mackie, Kyle Chandler, Taraji P. Henson, Richard Armitage (voice), Diane Kruger, Keri Russell (voice), Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Peña, Saïd Taghmaoui, with Benedict Cumberbatch (voice), and Michael Sheen
Call of Duty: Nova
July 16th
Directed By: Tony Gilroy
Cast:: Jeremy Renner, Rupert Friend, Frank Grillo, Stellan Skarsgard, Leslie Odom Jr., Grigoriy Dobrygin, Sean Harris, Jack Reynor, Andrew Scott, Christian Berkel, and Gary Oldman

Star Wars 1.3
Directed By: Philip Noyce
Cast: Taron Egerton, Alicia Vikander, Joel Kinnaman, Sharlto Copley, TBD

His Majesty's Service
Directed By: Matthew Vaughn
Cast: TBD
Year 12
Mass Effect Part 1
Director/Cast: TBD
Star Wars 1.4
November 18th
Director: TBD
Cast: Armie Hammer, Deborah Ann Woll, Eddie Redmayne, TBD
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Cast: TBD
Future Plans 
Pokemon G/S/C Parts 2 and 3
Star Wars Convergence Parts 1 and 2
Untitled Andy Serkis-Directed Fantasy
Halo Reach Adaptation
Dragon Age 2 Adaptations
Untitled Paranormal Detective Film
Blood Currency
The Long Walk
Stronghold (trilogy)
Various CAYOM 1.0 Archive Inserts

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Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
Director: Josh Trank
Cast: Eva Green, Tom Hardy, Lupita Nyong'o, Vincent Karthaiser, Ed Harris, Emily Browning, Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Connelly, Matt Bomer, Kevin Bacon
A detective, able to step between this world and a parallel universe, similar to ours with some sharp differences, must prevent a threat to prevent each world from cataclysmic disaster.


Pixie Dust

Genre: Crime/Comedy

Director: David Wain

Cast: Andy Samberg, Emma Stone, Neil Patrick Harris, Rashida Jones, Jake Johnson, Clark Duke, Danny McBride, Uzo Aduba


Loosely based on the classic J.M. Barrie tale (veeery loosely), the story follows a stoner, Pete, who steals a fairly potent new drug from a Chicago drug runner, eventually getting himself and his friends into a trouble filled evening around the city's underbelly.


Of Mystique and Maladies
August (Platform Release)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Wes Anderson
Cast: Listed Somewhere
Set in the end of WW11, a magicial comes upon an actress, and notices mysterious events occuring in NYC. The magician is requested by the NYPD to assist in their investigation, but things slowly begin to become uncertain as time progresses.
Freddy Zapper Vs. The Manifesto of Doom
September 27th
Genre: Sci-Fi/Musical/Comedy
Director: James Bobin
Cast: Darren Criss, Elizabeth Gilles, Ezra Miller, Anton Yelchin, Jane Lynch, Allison Janney, John Malkovich, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jeffrey Tambor, Lauren Lopez, Robin Williams, Jeremy Renner, Kristin Chenoweth, Joey Richter
In the sequel to the Y7 cult hit, Freddy Zapper and his friends discover a secret plot brewing in Russia to completely freeze over the world, and it's up to them to stop the trouble in the continuation of this affectionate parody of mid 20th century tropes.
Moments of Silence
Genre: Drama
Director: Michelle MacLaren
Cast: Ben Foster, Garrett Hedlund, Rene Russo, Richard Gere, Alice Eve, Kate Mara, Aaron Paul
Two brothers return home to reunite as a family for the holiday season. Sam is well off and has a great family, but his older brother, Jake, is unemployed and struggling with depression and anxiety. Envious of his brother's success, and falling deeper into his own issues, Jake begins to see his life unravel before his own eyes, and he risks taking his family down with him in this dark family drama.


Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass - Season's Beatings
Genre: Action Comedy
Director: Scott Sanders
Cast: Billy Bob Thorton, Mila Kunis, Samuel L. Jackson, Adrien Brody, Chloe Moretz, Dolph Lundgren, Tommy Wiseau, Claire Holt
Santa and his allies join forces against a group of some despicable people straight off the naughty list, seeking revenge for their coal filled lives.



Summer Platform Release

Genre: Sci-Fi/Comedy

Director: Jim Rash & Nat Fixon

Cast: Emily Blunt, Aaron Paul, Colin Farrell, Louis C.K., Kristen Wiig


A couple, bored with their daily and sex lives, are talked into buying a robot named Francis, a specially designed therapy robot to help humans regain their fervor for life.


Bounty Hamster

Genre: Animation/Sci-Fi/Adventure/Comedy
Director: TBD

Cast: Charlie Day, Kara Hayward, Tom Cavanaugh, Julie Bowen


Based on the British cartoon, Bounty Hamster tells the story of a teenage girl, Cassie, who struggles to 


Untitled Love To Die For Sequel

June 12th

Genre: Romance/Dark Comedy

Director: Greg Mottola

Cast: Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts, Steve Buscemi, Lupita N'Yongo, Kevin Spacey


Brad and Gloria are now on the run from the law, embarking on a road trip to escape. They're going to meet a variety of characters on the way, especially once a secret fortune hidden in the family is unleashed.


The Parting Tale


Genre: Drama/Adventure

Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Jessica Chastain, Richard Dreyfuss


A dying writer of adventure novels, leaving a will for his daughter to finish what would have been his greatest novel, sends her on a journey across the globe, reflecting on his works and his relationship to his family.


Y11 and Beyond 

  • [*]Untitled Spike Jonze Dog Story [*]Darren Aronofsky's Samurai Jack [*]Kingdom In The Sky [*]Hand Drawn Heroes II [*]Boy: Tales of Childhood [*]42nd Street [*]Dust: An Elysian Tail [*]The Alchemist [*]World War X (What if the Axis Powers won WWII?) [*]Airframe (Based on the novel) [*]Walking To The End (The finale)

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More information on page 46 cayom magazineFlight 5523 JulyGenre: ComedyDirector: Nick CassavetesCast: Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, Leslie Mann, Jayma MaysFilmHero12 JulyGenre: animationDirector: Andrew AdamsonCast: Daisy Ridley, TBC , Chris Pratt, Kodi Smit-McPhee, John BoyegaSubway SurfersTBC Y9 or Y10Director: Louis LeterierCast: Jay Baruchel, Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Lupita N'Yongo, Anna Kendrick, Kate Upton, Andrew Garfield, Riz Ahmed and Nick FrostVideotapeOctober 11Director: James WanCast: Rachel Shenton, Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld, Eliza Taylor (something like that, the one from the 100)Candy Crush 2September 27Directors: Phil Lord And Chris MillerCast: Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, Steve Carell, Vince Vaughn, Drew Barrymore, Will Ferrell, Idina Menzel and Robert Downey JrMosesDecember 13Director: Peter JacksonCast: Chloe Grace-Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, Joseph Gordon-LevittRosaBased on the life of Rosa Parks8 November (limited)/ 15 November (Wide)Director: Tate TaylorActress: Lupita N'Yongo as Rosa Parks and Michael B.JordanBad Moms20 SeptemberBudget: 52MDirector: Amy HeckerlingCast: Alicia Silverstone, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Zoe Saldana, Alison Janney, Anna Sophia-Robb,Emma Roberts, Samanca Lowton, Lily Collins, Zoey Deutch, TBC, Lake BellEverlasting LoveDate: August 21Director: Lasse HallstormCast: Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Rachel McAdams, Tom Hiddleston, Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Abigail BresclinPaydayDate- December 25Director: Drew BarrymoreCast: Drew Barrymore, More TBABannedDate: 30 August (around 700), 6 September (around 2,400)Director: Edgar WrightCast: UnknownsOther possible projectsHumphreyHorrid henryStuart's documentaryYEAR 10 AND BEYONDKill Them 2Simpsons 3Tortoise Run 2- January Y11

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Arcturus Entertainment




Untitled Horror Movie

Release Date: 4 January

Director: Andres Muschietti

Cast: TBA


The 39 Clues: Beyond the Grave

Release Date: 24 May/28 June/4 July

Director: Gore Verbinski

Cast: Thomas Horn, Molly C. Quinn, and others



Release Date: 18 October (Limited) 

Director: Ben Affleck (Subject to Change)

Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Garret Hedlund and Ralph Fiennes


The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and His Boy

Release Date: 22 November

Director: Rupert Wyatt

Cast: Tom Holland, Asa Butterfield, Ramona Marquez, Eve Newton, Ralph Fiennes, James D'Arcy and others


Timon of Athens
Release Date: 25 December

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Cast: Kenneth Branagh and Others


Future Projects: 


Animals in the Savannah

Release Date: TBA
Director: Roman Polanski
Cast: Taraji P. Henson, and Pierce Brosnan
Synopsis: Polanski's next project, Animals in the Savannah, tells the tale of a British explorer, his adventures, and his forbidden love with an African woman, an African queen. It traces love to its root, and breaks down a human to their animalistic roots, set against the gorgeous backdrop of the African grasslands.


Nothing Left

Release Date: TBA
Director: Stephen Frears
Cast: Jeremy Irvine, Helen Mirren, and Meryl Streep
Synopsis: Henry (Jeremy Irvine) is a newly graduated Lawyer working at his own private Practice made possible because of his rich Grandma, Helen. One day Helen Brings in her friend, Margaret, who finds out that after her husband died, and when she went to claim the inheritance she found that there was nothing left. The problem is that Maragaret's Husband David, wasn't poor, had no gambling problem, nothing, so Henry digs through initially what is just paperwork, but eventually finds himself tangled in a web of lies, and mysteries.


My Side of The Mountain

Release Date: TBA
Director: Tomas Alfredson
Cast: TBA
Synopsis: My Side of the Mountain is an adaptation of the Newbery Honour winning book by Jean Craighead George telling the story of a boy, Sam Gribley, who runs away from his jaded life in crowded New York city, to the Catskill Mountains with only a penknife, a ball of cord, an ax, $40 dollars, some flint, and some steel to help him survive. My Side of the Mountain is a fascinating account of how a boy with only his ingenuity, the land, and what was in his pocket, survived, and learnt from the land. 


Inside Secrets (Working Title) 
Release Date: TBA
Director: James Cameron
Cast: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and TBA
Synopsis: 2300 AD, the sun is displaying some truly odd behaviour, and a task force is sent to investigate. The junior member of the task force discovers something secret, something big, will he keep it that way? Or will he spill it? Either way, he's soon caught up in a tangle of lies, attackers, violence, as he tries to do nothing but stay alive in a world that piece by piece begins to abandon him.


Tentative Order for Chronicles of Narnia: 

The Magician's Nephew: Christmas Year 10
Prince Caspian: July Year 12
Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Thanksgiving Year 13
The Silver Chair: Thanksgiving Year 14
The Last Battle: July Year 16

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Year 10 (based on 2020's calendar)
Five Nights at Freddy's (Horror/Thriler/Sci-Fi/Drama)
January 17th
Directed By: Jennifer Kent
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Miles Teller, Jim Carrey (voice), Charlie Day (voice), Anne Hathaway (voice), Bill Hader (voice)
Summary: A night guard at the local family restaurant Freddy Fazbear's Pizza expects an easy job, but the animatronic characters get a little "quirky" at night.

Tenderfoot (Romance/Action/Comedy)
February 7th
Directed By: Brett Ratner
Starring: Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson
Summary: Two of the greatest CIA agents in recent history are assigned to capture the leader of B.Y.S.U. (Blow Your Shit Up), but there's only one obstacle that could jeopardize the mission; their marriage.

Past, Present, Future (Sci-Fi/Drama)
March 13th (limited), April 3rd (wide)
Directed By: J.C. Chandor
Starring: David Henrie, Christopher Larkin, Michael B. Jordan, Elizabeth Olsen
Summary: Four MIT students discover a means of time travel, and they discover how their actions affect the past, present and future.

Amulet II: The Last Council (Traditional Animation/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi)
March 27th
Directed By: Bryan Singer
Starring: Joey King, Daniel Craig, Sam Claflin, Preston Bailey, Jessica Chastain, Jake Abel, Christoph Waltz, Nick Frost, Chris Pratt, Ralph Fiennes
Summary: The sequel to the award-winning Year 7 animated film, Emily and her new friends must find the lost city of Cielis, while on the run from the Elf King's forces. But their destination is not as it seems.

Starbound (Sci-Fi/Adventure/Drama/Epic)
May 15th
Directed By: James Cameron
Starring: Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac, Bill Paxton, Mary-Louise Parker, Olga Kurylenko, Michael Fassbender
Summary: The mosaic of six intergalactic explorers, and how their stories culminate in finding the secrets of the universe.

Super Mario Bros. (Animation)
June 19th
Directed By: Rich Moore
Starring: Paul Giamatti, Steve Carell, Drew Barrymore, Billy Bob Thornton, Charlie Day, John Hurt, Kristen Bell, Jay Pharoah
Summary: Based on the hit video game series, and the first in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe, plumbers and brothers Mario and Luigi immigrate to the Mushroom Kingdom, a place unlike anywhere on Earth. Mario then falls in love with Princess "Peach" Toadstool, who is captured by the Koopa King Bowser. Now, Mario and Luigi must save Peach before war breaks out in the kingdom.

2 Sharkz (Horror/Comedy)
July 1st
Directed By: Alexandre Aja
Starring: Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Ansel Elgort, Josh Hutcherson, David Henrie
Summary: The sequel to the horror comedy OMG Sharkz, the Valley girls from the first movie are back, accompanied by three super-hot guys, when suddenly, there's two more mechanical sharks!

Columbine (Drama/Thriller)
July 24th
Directed By: Darren Aronofsky
Starring: Miles Teller, Freddie Highmore
Summary: A dramatic retelling of the infamous Columbine High School shooting, this film tells the story behind the killers, and the events leading up to the event.

Jackson Family Reunion (Comedy/Drama)
August 14th
Directed By: Jason Reitman
Starring: Robert Downey, Jr., Jennifer Garner, Ansel Elgort, Chloë Grace Moretz, Max Charles
Summary: Carl Hartman, a former alcoholic and druggie, returns to his family as a radically changed man. But whether his new changes as an aspiring businessman will gain his family's love back is a mystery.
Happy Wheels (Animation/Comedy/Horror/Action) - September 18th
The Tourist (Sci-Fi/Drama/Thriller) - October 2nd
SCP Foundation Tales (Horror/Sci-Fi/Thriller) - October 16th
Monopoly (Fantasy/Comedy/Drama/Satire) - October 28th
The Throne of Fire (Fantasy/Adventure) - November 6th
Steve Jobs (Biographical Drama) - November 25th
Life in the Wild (Animation) - December 18th
:((Thriller) - December 25th
Atahualpa (Period Drama) - December 30th (limited), January 15th (wide)

Year 11 (based on 2021's calendar)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Animation) - March 12th
Kirby (Animation) - June 18th

New World (Sci-Fi/Action/Drama) - July 16th

Star Fox (Animation) - December 17th
Earthbound (Animation) - TBD Year 11

Year 12 (based on 2022's calendar)
The Legend of Zelda (Animation) - April 1st
The Serpent's Shadow (Fantasy/Adventure) - April 29th
Amulet III: Prince of the Elves (Animation) - June 24th
Snow Crash (Action) - July 29th
Amnesia (Psychological Horror) - October 21st
Super Smash Bros. (Animation) - December 16th

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Year 9

Among the Imposters

Month: January

Director: Andrew Niccol

Cast: Ty Simpkins, Bryan Cranston, TBA

Plot: A sequel to Among the Hidden.


Teen Titans
Month: February
Director: Joe Cornish

Cast: Ty Sheridan, Michael B. Jordan, Abigail Breslin, AnnaSophia Robb, Tony Revolori, Ron Perlman
Plot: The origins of the Teen Titans


The Thin, The Fat, and the Felon

Month: March

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, David Tennant, Nathan Fillion, Benedict Cumberbatch, Maggie Smith, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, Rafe Spall.

Plot: Two modern day English friends are magically transported into a 1960s Spaghetti western and get tangled up in the plotline of the film to dangerous results.


Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Underworld
Month: April
Director: Clark Gregg
Cast: Chuck Norris, Liam Neeson, Mr. T, Clark Gregg, Salma Hayek, Dwayne Johnson, Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson, Jackie Chan, Bruce Willis, Willem DeFoe, Jamie Foxx, Conan O'Brien, Nicolas Cage
Plot: The continuation of the epic franchise.


Flash 2

Month: May

Director: Shawn Levy

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams, Neil Patrick Harris, Ryan Gosling, TBA

Plot: Flash vs. Professor Zoom!


Return of the Last Six

Month: May

Director: Brad Bird
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Armie Hammer, Andrew Garfield, AnnaSophia Robb, Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine, Matt Smith, Charlize Theron
Plot: Fifty years after the original film, a professor invents a way to travel to the ruined worlds of the Last Six, while Afterlife's wife, Lust, appears to have vengeance on the Last Six.


Month: June
Director: Rian Johnson
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, J.K. Simmons
Synopsis: The finale to the sci-fi trilogy. Plot details underwraps


Sir Thymes Time 2

Month: June

Director: Tom McGrath

Voice Cast: Jack McBrayer, Robert Patrick, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch, Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston, Emma Stone, Justin Bartha, Ian McKellan, Jeff Bridges

Plot: The jukebox is converted to digital music, but Sir Thymes sees something lurking underneath.


Improper Chronomance

Month: July
Director: Seth MacFarlane
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, Brian Posehn, Anne Hathaway, Zach Galifianakis, Michael J. Fox, Seth MacFarlane, Nicholas Cage
Synopsis: After a playboy from the 1920s and a leader of the French Revolution switch bodies, characters from Double Chronomance andThe Improper Exchange team up to fix the timeline and prevent the Axis Powers from winning World War II.



Month: July

Directors: Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Cast: Dave Franco, Brad Pitt, TBA

Plot: An adaptation of the DC comic.


Area 142

Month: August

Director: Alex Hirsch

Voice Cast: Kristen Schaal, Jason Ritter, John Goodman, TBA

Plot: A girl and her robot butler attempt to overthrow a totalitarian state. It's a comedy!


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - The Legacy of Nightmare Moon

Month: September

Director: James Wooton

Voice Cast: Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Andrea Libman, Tabitha St. Germain, Cathy Weseluck, Neil Patrick Harrist, Sean Astin


Untitled Time Loop Film

Month: October

Director: Michel Gondry

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Quvenzhane Wallis, TBA

Plot: A man who has been living the same day over and over again suddenly finds a little girl joining him in his time loop.



Month: October

Director: Mike Newell

Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Zachary Quinto, Alex Pettyfer, Hailee Steinfeld, Callum McAuliffe, Aaron Johnson, Ian Somerhalder, Elizabeth Banks 

Plot: The conclusion to the trilogy.


Green Lantern

Month: November

Director: Jack Bender

Cast: Idris Elba, TBA

Plot: The origins of Green Lantern.


A Series of Unfortunate Events: Movie the Fifth
Month: November
Director: Rupert Sanders
Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Asa Butterfield, Paul Bettany, Gary Oldman, TBA
Plot: An adaptation of The Carnivorous Carnival  and The Slippery Slope.


Beauty and the Beast

Month: December

Director: Marc Webb

Cast: Anne Hathaway, TBA

Plot: An adaptation of the classic musical.



Month: December

Director: Duncan Jones

Cast: Michael Fassbender, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Hayley Atwell, Emily Blunt, Eddie Redmayne , Jude Law, Martin Freeman

Plot: The finale of my Bond trilogy


Future Years


The Once and Future King: The Ill-Made Knight (Year 10)

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Cast: Freddie Highmore, Gary Oldman, Douglas Booth, Helen Mirren, Daniel Craig, James McAvoy, Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, TBA
Plot: An adaptation of The Ill-Made Knight

A Tune without a Name (Year 10)
Director: Spike Jonze
Cast: Anna Kendrick, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Paxton, Eddie Redmayne, Ellen Page, Angus T. Jones, Hayden Paniettere, Ashley Gerasimovich, Jessica Brown, Jason Ritter, Pierce Gagnon
Plot: Lyra discovers the cause of her curse in the first of a two-part sequel.
RESTART (Year 10)
Director: J.J. Abrams
Cast: Karl Urban, TBA
Plot: A man discovers the biggest cover-up ever: The restart of the world's calendar. (See how the world of CAYOM began, with the cataclysm that caused the calendar's restart.)

The Franklin Feud (TBA)
Director: Tom Hooper
Cast: Albert Finney, David Tennant, TBA
Month: October
Plot: Benjamin Franklin clashes with his loyalist son. TBA.

Witch Hunt (TBA)
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cast: Amy Adams, Tom Hanks, Joaquin Phoenix, Bryan Cranston, Jeremy Irons, Halle Berry
Plot: Set over a week, the story follows a possible threat of a school shooting, and how the administration deals with the rising paranoia going among a small town.


Cows II - Vengeance (TBA)
Director: Clark Gregg
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, TBA
Plot: After removing the alien cows from Earth, our hero must deal with a sudden resurgance in the cows.

Untitled Gravity Falls Movie (TBA)
Voice Cast: Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, Alex Hirsch, Linda Cardellini
Plot: TBA

5 (TBA)
Director: David Fincher
Cast: TBA
Plot: A fictionalized account of the Manti Te'o scandal.

Untitled Comic Con Musical (TBA)
Director: David O. Russell
Cast: Patton Oswalt, Amy Adams, John C. Reilly, Jason Segel, Mark Hamill, TBA
Plot: Pitched as "The Hangover meets Society meets Silver Linings Playbook in Comic Con," Three nerdy childhood friends reunite at Comic Con, but moan the now mainstream-ness of the event. However, when a vendor at one panel meets one of the guys, love blossoms despite in this original musical comedy of errors.

Middle Men (TBA)
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Bryan Cranston, Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Samuel L. Jackson
Plot: In 1907, a group of middle class citizens come up with a plan to rob and kill John D. Rockefeller.


The Hateful Eight Redux (TBA)

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Cast: Michael Shannon, Aaron Paul, Samuel L. Jackson, Joaquin Phoenix, Christoph Waltz, Sacha Baron Cohen, Idria Elba, James McAvoy, Matthew McConaughey, Clark Gregg, Charlie Day, Woody Harrelson, Sandra Bullock, Uma Thurman, Paul Dano, Ken Watanabe, Matt Smith, Jonah Hill, Shia LaBouef, Patton Oswalt, David Tennant, Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Stiller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Nathan Fillion, Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck, Kenneth Branagh, and Robert DeNiro.

Plot: This follows a fictionalized account about how Quentin Tarantino went on an epic revenge quest against Gawker after they leaked his new script. However, Robert Rodriguez sides with Gawker, and it's all-out director warfare in Hollywood.


RAF Polebrook (TBA)
Director: Brad Bird
Cast: Topher Grace, Jeremy Renner, TBA
Plot: A biopic following the days Clark Gable was fighting in WWII.


Danny Phantom (TBA)
Director: Matt Reeves
Cast: TBA
Plot: An live-action adaptation of the show.


Untitled DJ Crime Drama

Director: Jeff Nichols

Cast: Morgan Freeman, Michael Shannon, Benedict Cumberbatch, TBA

Plot: After a radio contest accidentally causes the death of one of their listeners, three DJs get caught up in a major crime ring.


Untitled Sci-Fi Thriller (TBA)

Director: The Wachowskis

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, TBA

Plot: In a world where time freezes every time someone falls asleep, there is a murderer outside the time system. A detective leaves the high class's level of time to bring the serial killer to justice.

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4 Superhero movies in 1 year, Blank? I think even Marvel would say you'd gone a bit overboard...


Star Platinum Studios




Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Part 2

Release Date: Q3/4

Director: Paul McGuigan

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris, Hayley Atwell, Robin Williams


The second part of the adaptation of the popular video game. Phoenix Wright finds himself defending his rival, Miles Edgeworth, against the domineering Manfred Von Karma, a man who has never lost a case in 40 years.




Release Date: May 3rd

Director to be confirmed

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, rest to be confirmed.


A cocky professional racer may find himself in over his head when he agrees to enter the Overdrive, the most dangerous race in the world. Driving across a highly militarised country whose government will stop at nothing to kill any Overdrive racer they find, the question soon becomes less about who will win and more about who will survive.


Log Horizon

Release date: May 24th

Director to be confirmed

Cast: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Chris Pine, Chloe Grace Moretz, Ben Kingsley, Michael Shannon, more to come.  


An animated film. Elder Tales used to be a harmless MMORPG until one day, every one of its players woke up to find themselves trapped in their avatars in the game. Now, they must find a way to bring order to their new chaotic world while looking for a way home. However, the biggest danger may not be from the games, but from the players themselves...


Fate Stay Night

Release Date: June 14th

Director: Bryan Singer

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Ellen Page, Karl Urban, Bill Paxton, Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Mackensie Foy, Vin Diesel (voice-only), Paul Dano, Jaimie Alexander, Sophie Turner, Rory McKann, Lena Headley and Oka Antawa


The Grail Wars. A secret contest fought by the most powerful mages, battling with the spirits of ancient heroes in hope of gaining the ultimate prize, The Holy Grail. When Sam Bowen, an ordinary college student, accidentally witnesses two spirits in battle, he is dragged into the War and forced to fight for his very survival. His only hope might be the spirit summoned to aid him, a mysterious woman named Saber.


Death Note: The Eyes of a God

Release Date: September 13th

Directed by David Fincher (subject to possible change)

Cast: Zac Efron, Ezra Miller, Peter Stormare (voice-only), Brie Larson, Gary Oldman, Hayden Christensen, John Hurt and Judy Dench (voice-only)


The 2nd film in the Death Note series. Light finds the noose tightening around his neck as L finally makes his move, driving Light into a corner. However, Light isn't finished yet and help may come from the most unlikely of places... 


Night of 1000 Fists

Release Date: Fall

Directed by Gareth Evans

Cast: Iko Uwais, rest tba



Cybernetic 7 (title subject to change)

Release Date: Winter

Director to be announced

Cast: John Hurt, Maisie Williams, Mark Strong, Emma Thompson, Emily Blunt, Ryan Reynolds, Ron Perlman, rest tba


A loose retelling of Kurosawa's classic 'Seven Samurai' set in the distant future. A poor farming planet under attack by Raiders must call upon the aid of seven unlikely heroes. Traditional Animation.


Attack on Titan

Release Date: November 8th

Director to be announced

Cast: Logan Lerman, Ellen Wong, Thomas Sangster, Alfie Allen, Rooney Mara, Bradley James, Dane DeHaan, Colin Morgan, rest tba


Many years ago, humanity was driven to near extinction by the appearance of Titans, giant man-eating humanoids. The remnants of humanity built three giant walls to protest themselves from the oncoming threat and lived in relative peace. Until now...


Rumoured projects for this year (AKA, those films I might do if a) I can be arsed and b ) can find a good spot for them)




Scooby Doo

One original animated film directed by Mamoru Hosoda

Multiple other original films




Dresden Files Sequel

Run & Gun Sequel

Death Note 3

Attack on Titans Sequel (?)



Giants of Asambhava




Mushishi Sequel

The Legend of Redwall: Mattimeo

Clean Sweep

Fortune Calls

Edited by Rukaio Alter
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4 Superhero movies in 1 year, Blank? I think even Marvel would say you'd gone a bit overboard...


Yeah, it's mostly because I've decided my direction of the DCU is going to be mostly adapting crossover arcs once I introduce all the characters. Phase 2 is going to be long...

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AKA Remember Me prequel

July Year 10

Director: Sam Mendes

Cast: Keira Knightley as Nillian; Norman Reedus as Edge; Willem Dafoe as Quaid; Natalie Portman as Olga; Ron Livingston as Charles; Melissa McBride as Scylla; Meryl Streep (special appearance) as Lady; Olivia Thirlby as Young Girl; Wentworth Miller  as Young Boy; Sophie Nélisse as Young Nillian; Gregory French as Guy 1; Max Calder as Guy 2.


AKA Alice in Horrorland 2

June Year 11

Jodelle Ferland as Alice; Caitlin Carmichael as Young Alice; Roger Jackson as Cheshire Cat; Donald Sutherland as Mayor Elder; Andrew Chaikin (Voice) as White Rabbit; Woody Harrelson as The Mad Hatter; Jarion Monroe (Voice) as The Caterpillar.

Edited by Blink23
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Year 9 


Metal Heads 

Director: Matthew Vaughn 

Release Date: August 2nd 

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johanson, Jason Bateman, Miley Cyrus

Plot summary: Dylan (Ryan Reynolds) recently discovers that he's got a special power; he's got a metal body that cannot be harmed by anything. In a town full of crime Dylan becomes Hardcore, a somewhat superhero wanting to make the world a better place. With the help of Silver Bullet (Scarlett Johanson) and Heavy Metal (Bradley Cooper) they become the saviors the town needs, but what will happen when they face a challenge bigger than all of three of them combined? 


John Allan

Director: Robert Luketic

Cast: Ben Affleck, Channing Tatum, Ken Watanabe and Kevin Costner

Plot summary: When the president's teenage daughter is kidnapped, the president has chosen John Allan to investigate and find the assassin and eliminate him for good. John Allan is the world's greatest detective.


The Scene of Violence

Director: Marc Foster

PCast: Chloe Grace Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Viggo Mortensen, Cate Blanchett, and Josh Hutcherson

Plot summary: In a small town in Illinois lives a set of twins. Faithe and Destine live in terrible conditions and are constantly being abused by their parents. The only friend they have is Jackson, a friend that will go to extremes to make sure their best friends get justice.


More TBA


Year 10



Director: Baz Luhrman 

Cast: Kate Mara, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Ryan Gosling, Helena Bonham Carter, TBA

Composer: TBA

Plot Summary: Hector is a young vibrant musician best known for his musical compositions. One day he sees for the first time a woman who matches all the charms of the ideal person his imagination was dreaming of and soon falls desperately in love with her. By a strange alomany, the woman of his dreams only presents itself to Hector's mind without being associated with a musical idea. Music is the core of the film.


El Valle de Juarez

Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu

Cast: Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Javier Bardem and TBA

Plot summary: Guadalupe, a small rural town located south of Juarez, is currently having their elections for presidency. Antonio and Omar seem to be the frontrunners. One of them will do anything in his hands to win and give their family back the power that they feel they deserve, even if it means getting involved with the wrong people and getting their hands dirty. 


More TBA 

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LAGER STUDIOSY9May-July: Into the Dead (DIR. Frank Darabont)Aug. 16: Candle Cove (DIR. Ernest Dickson)Oct. 4: The Disaperance of Ashley, Kansas(DIR. Hideo Nakata)Nov. 22: Tulpa (Dir. Lynne Ramsey)Dec. 6: Psychosis (DIR. Jonathan Glazer)Y10Jan. 3: The Rake (DIR. Andrew and Spencer Buschetti, Fake)Feb. 14: Huntsville Trip (DIR. E. Elias Merhige)Mar. 13: Untitled Friday the 13th film (DIR. Andrew Douglass)May. 22: Into the Dead 2 (DIR. Frank Darabont)Jun. 5: Lost Episodes (DIR. Adam Wingard and Xavier Gens)Jul. 31: Survival Guide (DIR. Wes Craven)Aug. 14: Go to Sleep (DIR. Zack Snyder)Oct. 18: 1999 (DIR. Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez)Nov. 13: The Cellphone Game (DIR. Samuel Bayer)Dec. 11: The Sandman (DIR. Jonathan Glazer)Y11Jan. 8: Eyeless Jack (DIR. Andrew Buschetti, Fake)Feb. 13: Forgotten Valentine (DIR. Akiva Silverman)Mar. 26: The Devil's Game (DIR. Frank Darabont)May 14: Abandoned by Disney (Dir. Spencer Buschetti, Fake)Jun. 18: Lost Episodes: The Second Set (DIR. Adam Wingard)Jul. 9: A Nightmare on Elm Street (DIR. Bradley Buecker)Aug. 16: Candle Cove: Tales of the Laughing Stock (DIR. Joe Johnston)Oct. 29: To The Ark (DIR. Nicholas Winding Refn)Nov. 12: The Goatman (DIR. John Carpenter)Dec. 17: Point Pleasant (DIR. Jonathan Glazer)

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I'd figure I do this since this was something fun we did back in the old thread, where we compare everybody's studios to real life studios.


Here's some of the big players:


Numbers: Paramount Pictures

Spaghetti: Walt Disney Pictures

Riczhang: Columbia Pictures

Alpha: Warner Bros. Pictures

Blankments: Universal Pictures

Rukaio: 20th Century Fox


And then some of the smaller players as the mini-majors. I didn't include Rukaio on here because he's made such a huge name for himself in only one year:

Hiccup: Lionsgate

Alfred: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Films: Summit Entertainment

ChD: The Weinstein Company

Blink23: Relativity Media

Dr Awesome: CBS Films

Rorschach: Open Road Films


I don't know where to put the newest players Fancyarcher, Empire (well, back in the game :P) and BoxOfficeZ since I haven't seen any films from them. But I think the list is fairly decent for now.

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