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CAYOM Studio Plans (New Thread)

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    I suppose Fox works reasonably well. Unconventional products, good animation focus, secret meglomaniacal plans to rule the world. It fits. I'd prefer Disney (and/or most of the other major studios) but I suppose that will have to wait until I smother Spaghetti to death with a pillow. (Metaphorically, of course.  :ph34r: )


    I deny any involvement with the Chipmunks franchise though.

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    Keep this thread solely for your studio plans. When you make a significant update to them, post a link to the updated/edited post in the Behind the Camera, Year X Discussion, or CAYOM Magazine thread (use the Magazine thread for more specific updates into the progress of your films or to announce new films and franchise directions). This will prevent the thread from spiraling out of control in page count and splitting people's plans across multiple pages.



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    Hi, guys. So, I'm a newcomer and I'm going to join in the game. I find it really fun.


    The Adventures of Double D

    Directed By: Neil Burger
    Cast: Ansel Elgort, Chandler Riggs, Sasha Pieterse, Willem Dafoe, Robert Maillet, Emma Stone, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss
    Plot: When a popular sleepaway camp is sold to famous real estate developer (Dafoe), nobody has the slightest clue that he is really a corrupt executive planning to avenge his daughter's death fifteen years ago. A young secret agent (Elgort) is sent to the camp to prevent him from achieving his goal.


    Sideways Stories from Wayside School


    Directed By: Shawn Levy

    Cast: Isla Fisher, Rainn Wilson, Cloris Leachman

    Plot: This story follows the crazy episodes of the students on the top floor of a 30-story school, their teacher (Fisher) and the school's groundskeeper (Wilson).


    Comeback Kid


    Directed By: Josh Boone

    Cast: Sterling Beaumon, Madison Davenport, Hailee Steinfeld, Jon Hamm, Lena Headey, Laurence Fishburne, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Matt Espinosa, Taylor Caniff

    Plot: After losing most of his fans to a fast-rising European boy band (Grier, Dallas, Mendes, Espinosa, and Caniff), a teen singer (Beaumon) starts to fade away. With the help of his biggest fan (Davenport), he tries to make a comeback.

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    Cookie Pictures


    Cookie Pictures (main division / live-action production)
    Fine Films Inc. ("second wheel" / low-budget production)
    Cookie Pictures Animation (main animated division / divided into numerous teams)
    Red Crane Features (independent / foreign production)

    Schedule (Cookie Pictures Animation):

    Poe (Adventure/Drama) - February 14 Y10
    Abstract (Sci-Fi) - March 27 Y10

    The Shadow Entities (Fantasy) - July 24 Y10

    Duck project - December 11 Y10
    Untitled project - November 24 Y11
    The Black Knight AKA Scrooge McDuck 2 (Adventure/Comedy) - May 27 Y12

    Schedule (Cookie Pictures):

    Metal Slug (Action/Sci-Fi) - July 31 Y10

    Untitled OC #1 (Black comedy) - October Y10
    Untitled OC #2 (Drama) - Holiday Y10

    Edited by Chr1stm4s C00k13
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    Hunt Productions:

    All release dates TBD


    Director: D.J Caruso

    Cast: Asa Butterfield

    Evanna Lynch

    Logan Lerman

    Jeremy Renner

    Untitled Winnie the Pooh project

    If I Could Do it Again ( Johnny Depp sci-fi/drama)

    Director: Cameron Crowe

    Cast: Johnny Depp

    Recruitment ( tentative title)

    Director: Gavin Hood

    Cast: Orlando Bloom.

    Holiday crossover film( Rudolph/Frosty)

    Director: Tim Hill

    Cast: Matt Damon

    Paul Rudd

    What Can Happen in Thirteen Hours

    Edited by Ethan Hunt
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    I think i'm ready to back on the Game (after a try one year ago... not mémorable)

    So This is m'y Project for Y10:


    Smart Films Schedule :


    The Journey of T.S. Spivet :


    Plot : (Adapted from the selected works of T.S. Spivet / Remake of the french movie): T.S. is a twelve-year old boy who won a Smithosian contest, He have to left without parents' permission his natal montana to get to Washington during a long journey in wich he will learn the life.

    Warner Bros - SMF Prods

    Directed by : John Wells

    Casting : Kevin Costner (ts'dad), Ty Simpkins (TS), John Goodman (Jibsen), William H. Macy (?)


    Back to Earth :


    Plot : A man wakes in a world he does not recognize. Away from social gatherings incrites in his memories. Designate as soon the elect fallen from heaven by the few humans living on these desolate lands, he became the leader of the revolt that will come back to earth "other" humans, those not dying of hunger.

    Universal - SMF Prods

    Directed by : Kevin Macodonald

    Casting : Jared Leto (X) Steven Yeun, Alfred Enoch, Viola Davis


    The Adventures of Tintin :


    Plot : The new adaptation of the most famous Belgian detective. In this reboot Tintin surveys on a curse which affects some explorers. This investigation will take him all around the world in some perilous situations...

    Paramount - SMF Prods

    Directed by : Chris Williams

    Casting : Jude Law, Gerard Depardieu, Woody Allen


    American Dad, the Movie!


    Plot: The First movie adventure of Stan, Roger, Francine, Steve and Hayley (mit ein bischen Klaus)


    Directed by Seth MacFarlane

    Casting : Seth MacFarlane, Wendy Schaal, Scoot Grimes, Raphael MacFarlane, Jennifer Lawrence (cameo), Russel Crowe, Henry Cavill, et Sarah Palinn


    Broken Life of a Corpse


    Plot :In the little town of Wutherings the young quarterback of the high school is found dead. Who did that ? And who was he ? Between a hidden boyfriend and some suspect activities.. The life of Mark Smiths was not so quiet that it could looks to be.

    Directed : Ang Lee

    Casting : Cameron Monaghan, Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman; Joseph Gordon Levitt, Chloe Moretz, Carl Greene 


    Oscar Pill


    Plot : (adapted from The Adventures of Oscar Pill) Oscar Pill discovers he is a Medicus, he has the power to travel in the human body. He discovers wonderful capacities of his power, and all that he can do on human body. But he also discovers that if his father had been killed is because he had had a dark past.

    Directed by Wes Ball

    Casting : Joachim Phoenix, Charlize Theron, Jean Dujardin, Jeremy Shada, Amandla Stenberg, Elle Fanning

    Notes : the movie franchise will be much darker than books.




    Oscar Pill saga :

    Oscar Pill II : Rise of the Medicus (project title) : 11/19/Y11

    Oscar Pill III : Eternel's scret (project title) : 11/18/Y12

    Oscar Pill IV : Age of darkness (project title) : 11/24/Y13

    Oscar Pill V : The last journey (project title / could be in two parts (NovY14/JulyY15) : 11/22/Y14




    Beyond two Souls : TBC (rumors : Nov Y10 / March Y11)



    Monsterverse (Universal Monsters) :

    Creature from the Lagoon : Halloween Y10 (TBC)

    Wolfman : Spring Y11 (rumors : Del Toro could be in this project..)

    Dracula : Halloween Y12



    Fear : 

    Fear : January Y11 (TBC)

    Fear : the beginning : Y12 (TBC)





    That's my schedule, it is not big, maybe i will add some movie. But i prefer to do less and better :P. I think that's a solid first year, hope you'll like it and understand me ^^.

    Edited by Neity
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    ORIGIN Films
    Year 10 Schedule
    The Culling 
    Genre: Sci-Fi, Action and Dystopian
    Date: September 18
    Director: Marc Webb
    Cast: TBA
    Plot: For Lucian “Lucky” Spark, Recruitment Day means the Establishment, a totalitarian government, will force him to become one of five Recruits competing to join the ruthless Imposer task force.
    Budget: $85M
    Status: Pre-Production 

    We Were Liars
    Genre: Mystery
    Date: June 5
    Director: Matt Reves
    Cast: TBA
    Plot: TBA
    Budget: TBA
    Status: Pre-Production 

    YASUO: The Unforgiven
    Genre: Action, Fantasy and Drama
    Date: July 1
    Director: James Mangold 
    Cast: $125m
    Plot: Yasuo is a man of resolve, an agile swordsman who wields the wind itself to cut down his foes. But this once proud warrior has been disgraced by a false accusation and forced into a desperate fight for survival. With the world turned against him, he will do everything in his power to bring the guilty to justice and restore his honor.
    Budget: TBA
    Status: Pre-Production, production rights shared with BoxOfficeZ

    Year 11
    Untitled TEEMO Film
    Genre: Fantasy, Action and Drama
    Date: Year 11
    Director: TBA
    Cast: TBA
    Plot: TBA
    Budget: TBA
    Status: Pre-Production 
    Untitled VAYNE Film
    Genre: Fantasy, Action and Drama
    Date: Year 11
    Director: TBA
    Cast: TBA
    Plot: TBA
    Budget: TBA
    Status: Pre-Production 
    Future/Planned Projects
    - Untitled LEAGUE OF LEGENDS Film (Fantasy/Action/Drama/Epic)
    - Legend - An adaption of the novel 'Legend' by Marie Lu (Sci-Fi/Action) 
    - Club Penguin: The Movie (Animation/Adventure)
    - Goners (Horror/Slasher) 
    - Angel Beats! (Action/Tragedy/Fantasy)
    - Second Chance Romance (Romance/Drama)

    Edited by Wormy
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    Celestial Animation Studios (CAS, owned by Disney) Year 10 - 11 Schedule:


    ​Rendezvous (CAS), rated PG 

    Genre: animation, drama adventure, action 

    Date: January 14th, Year 10 

    Director: Lucas 

    Cast: Rachael Lillis, Steve Blum, and Grey DeLisle  

    Plot: There's a place in Jenny's heart, a small one, that has only gotten smaller as the years have passed that knows her father will return to her but seven years since his absence from the family, Jenny believes that he will still return, and she will wait, even if it kills her. 

    Budget: $50 million

    Status: Post-production


    Escape (CAS/Pixar), rated PG 

    Genre: animation, comedy adventure, action 

    Date: June 12th, Year 10

    Director: Lucas and Pete Doctor  

    Cast: Janet Varney, Vic Mignogna, and P. J. Byrne 

    Plot: What happens when an antagonistic shadow leaves it's human subject?  Trouble brews!  

    Budget: $50 million

    Status: Post-production


    Journey (CAS/WDAS), adaptation of "The Riddle", early rating of G

    Genre: animation, action adventure, comedy, musical

    Date: January 24th, Year 11

    Director: Kirk Wise, Maro, Roger Allers, and Rob Minkoff 

    Cast: TBA

    Plot: In this musical adventure, a young prince and his trusted servants set out to travel the world in search of a bride for the prince.

    Budget: $150 million

    Status: Post-production


    Exile (CAS), early rating of PG-13 

    Genre: animation, action adventure, comedy, dystopian tale 

    Date: June 16th, Year 11

    Director: Chris Sanders and Kyle Balda 

    Cast: TBA 

    Plot:  Machines govern the dystopian world Lara calls home and machines are the ones about to destroy her home but what can SHE do?

    Budget: $125 million

    Status: Post-production 


    Future Projects:


    ~ Exile: Machine Wars, sequel to Exile

    ~ Exile: Reborn Part 1 and 2, sequels to Exile: Machine Wars

    ~ Name Me!, musical adaption of Rumpelstiltskin 

    ~ Runes, an RPG/MMORPG stylized animated film inspired by Elsword and RuneScape

    ~ NEW YORK!, anthropomorphic animals escape from captivity and try to live life in New York as half humans

    Edited by CelestialFairyIX
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    Year 11:

    The Suspect- mystery drama

    Forbidden Love- fantasy Romance

    Guys Trip- comedy

    Shed- action/sci-fi/fantasy

    My year without you-  Romantic comedy

    Guy Ground- action/sci-fi

    Steele Heart - action/sci-fi

    FLY - animation

    The Acrobat- action

    Edited by lamamama
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    Escape and Journey productions have been slashed.  Rendezvous release date delayed to November 27th while Exile has been re-positioned for a May release Y10. 


    ~ Exile (CAS), Rated PG-13 

    Genre: Animation / Adventure / Science Fiction

    Date: May 29th, Y10

    Director: Lucas L.

    Cast: Grey DeLisle, Jennifer Lawrence, and Steve Blum    

    Plot: The world of Exile is secluded from the rest of the globe for reasons undisclosed.  Lara, a young adventurer finds herself in a series of situations that could potentially demote her on the social ladder due to the amount of knowledge she's attained and through these situations, she uncovers hair raising truths about her home's past.  

    Budget: $35 million 


    ~ Rendezvous (CAS), Rated PG 

    Genre: Animation / Adventure Comedy

    Date: November 27th, Y10

    Director: Jennifer Lee and Lucas L.

    Cast: Tina Fey, Danny Jacobs, Grey DeLisle, and  Lewis Black 

    Plot: Naomi finds a peculiar map in her dad's ancient office that could potentially lead her to her long lost father but her mother, Carrie Frosch (voiced by Tina Fey) doesn't want her to go, afraid of losing another loved one. 

    Budget: $35 million


    Upcoming Projects:


    ~ Escape NYC, Animation / Adventure Comedy, amalgamation of Escape and a tweaked version of the original New York! 

    ~ Runes, Animation / Adventure Comedy

    Edited by CelestialFairyIX
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