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Peeta Tong Karanasios

Into the Woods OS thread

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Into the Woods is an upcoming musical fantasy film produced by Disney.

It will be released on December 25, 2014 and it has a ensemble cast(Johnny Depp,Meryl Streep,Anna

Kendrick,Emily Blunt etch)

I am only interested because it has talented Anna and Depp!

The budget is only $40 million so it is actually difficult not to earn a profit.


We haven't seen not even a teaser yet however i think that we will see a teaser in July or August.

They did some changes recently and some fans were dissapointed but i believe that the changes can help Into the Woods be more friendly with families.


I think $100DOM and possibly over $100OS but still we have to see a teaser first.


What do you think?

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Into the Woods took a $2.7 million day-and-date debut from 6 territories over the weekend. The Disney holiday musical struggled to get started in Russia, where it finished with a $600k debut. South Korea brought in a respectable $1.9 million bow. The film grossed a total of $48.8 million in its first weekend of release. It expands to Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, and South Africa next weekend.


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Into The Woods traveled to new screens in Brazil and France as well as Switzerland, the Philippines, Chile, and the Netherlands. The haul was $4.7M, taking the international total to $40.6M. The Rob Marshall musical is playing in 29 territories and next week heads to Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay.



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