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MOANA | 394.6 M overseas ● 643.3 M worldwide

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2 hours ago, kayumanggi said:

BIG HERO 6 overseas gross: 435.3 M


Will this be the next FROZEN?

More the next Tangled than the next Frozen. The Arendelle phenomenon continues to stay strong at every level and will be very hard to replace it in the heart of little girls (and also in much of those not just little girls). More, I think that if Frozen 2 will be released in 2017, for Moana will be a disaster, cause the great anticipation generated. Moana would need a great story and another Let It Go (or maybe a sister like Elsa ....)

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1 hour ago, cannastop said:

Why do you think Moana will be especially popular in China?


Well, quality, of course. And also.....Disney films right now, are becoming more and more of an event.


Also, the previous Disney films did well in China.


Frozen did $48M. Big Hero 6 did $83M.


If Moana deliver big numbers......anything over $100-150M in China, can be doable.

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It seems that Moana is directed by Musker & Clements (also credited as screenwriters), 126 years of age combined. For M&C It is the 7th Disney Classic, the 2nd produced by John Lasseter and the first in CGI. Among their works we all remeber Aladdin and The Little Mermaid as Disney golden era masterpieces, then Hercules and more recently Treasure Planet and The Princess and The Frog. If the quality of their work continues the decreasing trend from 1990's to 2010's, poor Moana.

However Moana is a musical, so will be important to see the quality of songs and soundtrack. Btw the authors are in the worst possible position: just after one of the the most successful musical in history.

Obviously we don't know much yet about the plot, but at first glance the characters seem weak and the story has nothing of new or interesting and without good music and catcy song Moana could be another TGD.

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