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EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING | 05.19.17 | Warner Brothers

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On 5/6/2017 at 9:43 PM, rjones1325 said:

YA novel adaptations. You get either two types of them: the dystopian future SCI-Fi one and the teeny girl romance one. Just look at the poster and take a nice guess onto which type this one is.


interesting. sounds corny. It seems to have a lot of the same problems as the book from what I remember. The guy being super corny romantic love interest stereotype who is there to serve the female lead and the mom being completely under developed. Teens might eat it up though lol. 

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16 minutes ago, rjones1325 said:

I honestly don't remember I don't remember it being last minute either.

Yeah I just checked this forum the reviews for Me Before you started coming in May 24 and it was released June 3 (technically on June 2 Thursday night).  So about a week before. This is hitting theatres tomorrow and still no reviews? Me Before you was from the same studio and also based on a book It ended up with aroudn 52% on RT.


Makes me think the movie is awful. 

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Girl who wanted to go four for coffee a few weekends ago now wants to see this with me Friday night.


Should I try and push it and suggest Alien Covenant? Or just accept not having the best of both worlds :lol:

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9 minutes ago, BoxOfficeChica said:

Youtubed the Harry Styles album last weekend and 100% of the ads on the channel were for this movie, WB definitely knows their demo if nothing else. Nothing wrong with that! 


You'd think they'd put Dunkirk spots on for Style's stuff. @MrPink

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21 minutes ago, Kingp0va said:

this would have done at least 120 WW if the lead was a white girl, thoughts?

maybe not 120 million WW but it probably would have done better I suppose. It made so little internationally. I wonder why the distribution was so bad. Even compare it to Paper towns that did around the same domestically but made more than triple it did internationally. 

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