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Winter Game SOTM 18 - The I'm all out of ideas, but 17 is a horrible final number of SOTMs so I have to do one more, question.

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    The bottom part of the WW top 10 is getting all close and spicy. So here is a nice simple question to end all the SOTMs for this winter:


    Predict the Winter Game WW standings from 7th to 12th.


    As things stand the WW grosses are as follows:



    6. Trolls 339M

    7. La La Land - 294m

    8. - Passengers 293m

    9. XXX - 229M

    10. The Great Wall - 224m

    11. Inferno 220m 

    12. Assassin's Creed 211M

    13. Arrival  192M

    14. Split 169M

    15. 50 shades 146M

    16. Hidden Figures 140M

    17. Resident Evil $135M

    18. Lego batman $92M


    For Each correct film on the list score 10,000

    For each correct film in the correct position on the list score 20,000


    For Each incorrect film on the list lose 7,000


    Get all 6 films correct in any order and score 40,000 bonus points

    Get all 6 films correct in the perfect order and score 80,000 bonus points


    Deadline is Thursday at 11:59


    Abstain for 3000 points

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