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The BOTM thread - many point potentially to be won in here over the course of the summer. Don't ignore this thread :)

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Introducing a new feature for the Summer Game!!! 


BOTMs (Baumer of the Moment Questions)


So how does this work? simple. Over the course of the game Baumer has free reign to ask the player based box office related questions, along with a deadline to answer. players who get the question correct will score 15,000 points, players who are incorrect will lose 10,000 points, wraths players who abstain will score 2,000 points. 


So an example question may look like the following:


Will Guardians of the Galaxy 2 make more than 45 dollars?  Deadline Friday August 4th 11:59pm


Players will answer these questions in thread and the thread will be locked between each deadline and the question's resolution. 


How many questions will there be over the course of the game? Only Baumer Knows... 

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