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Ezen Baklattan

SURV(IV)OR: Episode 13 - I Want My Mummy!

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Spaghetti: 60% of the contestants have been eliminated. Only you guys remain. Your task is to venture inside this luxurious display of artifacts and art to find the clues needed to for your weekly predictions. Have at it!


Eevin: Hey, Arlborn. I’m glad we didn’t act brashly last week, I just feel really comfortable around you. In fact, I wanted to share something with you before we started this week.

Arlborn: Nice! What is it?

Eevin *He pulls a notebook out of his backpack* It’s my private notebook. I keep all my thoughts, my dreams, my adventures, my memories in here. I wasn’t super popular in school, but as long as I had that notebook, I was so happy. It meant to world to me. *Arlborn is amazed. It has a ton of drawings, text, and everything you can imagine.* And that’s probably the fourth volume. I brought them all with me. I’ll show you once we finish together.

Alrborn: Whoa, dude. This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. You’re truly special, mate.

Eevin: Thanks. I really appreciate it.


*YourMother glares at the two*

YourMother: If I can’t have my dream....neither can they. I have a new target, Chasmmi. And you better not chicken out on me.

Chasmmi: Believe me, I will do no such thing. I’m not sure what came over me last week.


CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Let me guess, YourMother is gonna try to tear Arlborn and Eevin apart. Whoop-de-doo. Being evil just isn’t fun anymore. At least I’m not as desparate as --


*DAJK is checking his phone.*

DAJK: Come on, they should be here any minute now.....awesome! Hi! Just drop off the goods here! *WrathOfHan and Elcaballero come up* Friends! Hey! I brought baked goods for everyone! Figured now that there’s 8 contestants left, we could use fuel to keep going strong!

WrathOfHan: Let me guess, you’re kissing up to everyone because you’ve been vilified and can’t win second immunity this week?

DAJK: What? Nooooo... *in a Whalberg Happening voice* okay. Maybe. But I know Chasmmi was behind my downfall, and I think he’s roping YourMother into his side. We have to take both of them down.

WrathOfHan: As weird as it is that you’re trying to eliminate someone who crushed on you hard out of self preservation -

DAJK: Ugh.

WrathOfHan: Wait. I’ll help you. Under one condition.

DAJK: That is?

WrathOfHan: I need you to spy on Wrath. He won’t tell me anything about why he’s here, and he’s my dad. If you’re an outside party and can sneak into his stuff, we may be able to find something.

DAJK: That’s a little over the line, don’t you think?

WrathOfHan: Perhaps, but you seem like the only person I can trust besides....well....I don’t know. Just follow our plan. *WrathOfHan and Elcaballero walk away.*

Elcaballero: Are you sure this can work? How can you trust DAJK!

WrathOfHan: I’m just trying to build trust with whoever I can. We’re so close to the finale at this point.

Elcaballero: Well, I certainly hope you trust me.

WrathOfHan: I’m just trying to help you  control your secret.

Elcaballero: It’s just that I need to make sure I stay chill. Thanks for helping me out.

WrathOfHan: No problem. I know you’d do the same for me.


*Wrath, WrathOfHan, Elcaballero, and DAJK explore paintings*

Wrath: Hey, Han. Need a hand exploring some of these paintings?

WrathOfHan: Sure. I just wanted to talk about some memories with you. I think it’s coming back.

Wrath: I’ve got some as well.

*They begin talking for a while, while DAJK sneaks behind and manages to pickpocket Wrath. As Wrath yawns, WrathOfHan winks to DAJK*

WrathOfHan: Thanks for talking with me. That felt good.

Wrath: Sure thing, son. Anyways, I think that painting over there has a clue or two. Let me investigate.

WrathOfHan: You found something?

DAJK: OH man....I hit the motherload. *He finds a high-tech smartphone*


*Arlborn and Eevin explore dioramas of various scenes, including puppets of every BOT Emoji, the great Pokemon thread wars, Pink’s Dark Knight saga, and more.*

Eevin: Hey, I think I see something!

Arlborn: Where is it?

Eevin: It’s way above, behind the model of the sun! I may need a little boost, but I can make it work!

Arlborn: I got you! *He lets Eevin climb up onto his shoulders, noticing that Eevin’s notebook are in his backpack.*

Eevin: Got it! I saw a few more clues on the roof, hold my backpack for a sec.

Arlborn: Sure thing! I’ll walk over here and find some. Just gotta mind the wet floor and... *He slips, and the notebook falls out, sliding on the ground.* No! Wait! *It keeps sliding and then YourMother steps on it.*

YourMother: Looking for this, Arlborn?

Arlborn: You...you! Give that back right now?

YourMother: So this is Eevin’s special notebook? That he trusted this with you? Wow, this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read.

Arlborn: Shut up! Give me back the notebook!

YourMother: Want it? Only if you promise to vote off Eevin this week.

Arlborn: Not in a million years!

Chasmmi: You heard him, YourMother, give them back.

YourMother: *Looking through the pages, stopping and looking with glowing eyes.* Very well. Your journal. Or, well, Eevin’s. *He gives it to him with the page in tact.*


*Arlborn reads the page and stares in shock and despair.*


Wow, I finally got Arlborn to stop being an annoying ass. And all it took was for me to pretend I loved him. I’ll dump him once he gets eliminated, it’s clear he’s not leaving my side any time soon. At least I’ll never have to see him again once this competition ends.


*Arlborn is mortified, but suddenly enraged. He throws the journal on the ground.*

Eevin: Arlborn! I found some clues! Can you let me down?

Arlborn: Oh, sorry, Eevin. I think I let you down enough. *He stomps away, leaving Eevin alone. He falls on the ground and yelps. He limps to the journal.*

Eevin: No!


CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: I really do love Arlborn. I trusted him with everything I had. I did feel that way at first. But DID is the operative word. I’m truly genuine now. He has to believe me.


*Eevin chases Arlborn around the museum*

Eevin: Arlborn wait! I’m sorry!!! I really do love you!

Arlborn: You can’t play with people’s feelings like that! They get hurt!

Eevin: I was wrong to feel that way. I want to make this right! Please give me another chance.

Arlborn: At the start of this competition, you wanted nothing to do with me, let’s go back to that, shall we? *He leads Eevin out of the museum and into their cabins. He finds Eevin’s journals.*

Eevin: No...no! You wouldn’t!!

Arlborn: Oh, but I would! *He looks at the fireplace in the cabin, glaring. Eevin is near hysterics.*


Elcaballero: Nice find, DAJK. Now we can finally find out why Wrath is here.

WrathOfHan: No offense, guys, but I think I should be the one to find out.

Elcaballero: Hey, no fair!

DAJK: Han has a point. This is his father, and no one knows what we may find on this. We need to let Han have the first crack.

Elcaballero: Hmph. Very well.

WrathOfHan: I’ll be right back.


*WrathOfHan hides in a closet and tries to play the messages on his phone. Somehow, he is shocked to find that the phone unlocks for him. @Negative Panda Covfefe appears, a man in a panda costume and suit.*

WrathOfHan: Ugh, a fucking furry.

The Panda: Hello, Wrath. You’ve done well to make it this far on Survivor. And you’ve even found your son. Very nice. However, we have a mission of upmost importance here. Chasmmi is one step close to winning the grand prize, and helping Blank achieve world domination. But we have surveillance that there is another agent working aside from him, someone else who competed on the show. But it’s not safe for WrathOfHan now. We need to make sure he gets eliminated ASAP. You understand, and hopefully he will too, once he finds the truth.

*WrathOfHan looks on in shock and returns to the other two.*

Elcaballero: So what did it say? Do you know why your dad is here?

WrathOfHan: Well, I know that he’s......going to the bathroom! *He bolts out of there.*

DAJK: Well, that doesn’t sound good.

Elcaballero: Let’s just wait here. Maybe he really had to go.


*WrathOfHan runs to Wrath*

Wrath: Hey, find anything useful?

WrathOfHan: I...I think so. *He puts his arm around Wrath, stealthily sneaking his phone back into his pocket.* Phew.......I was running so much I thought I wouldn’t find you.

Wrath: I’ve always been here, and I found good intel. Let’s head back to the pavilion.

WrathOfHan: Sure thing. Hopefully the other.....s don’t beat us this week. *They leave.*


YourMother: That was amazing! Arlvin is dead!

Chasmmi: I don’t care anymore. Just get us to the pavilion. While you were playing devious bastard, I actually did the challenge.

YourMother: God, when did you become so boring?


*Back at the cabin fire, it is tense. Arlborn is about to throw Eevin’s notebooks into the flame. A pause occurs as Arlborn glares at a sobbing Eevin.*

*Another pause*

*Another pause*

Arlborn: ....god damnit. *He slams the notebooks down on the ground and leaves the cabin. Eevin sits on the ground, speechless. Eevin hears Arlborn crying, feeling guilty.*


CONFESSIONAL - Eevin: Okay....I messed up, badly. I’m so sorry for what I’ve done. I just hope Arlborn can forgive me.


*YourMother, Arlborn, Eevin, Wrath, Chasmmi, and WrathOfHan enter predictions.*

DAJK: So....teammates gotta stick together, right?

Elcaballero: Sure. You know, I think you were the sanest person on our team. And WrathOfHan may be keeping something from us. Us against the world, huh?

DAJK: The two of you saved my life, so I don’t know. Let’s get to the pavilion. Hopefully some good will come from this. And by the way, I can see you getting tense and competitive around WrathOfHan. At least this week. Are you okay?

Elcaballero: Totally! Not my competitive jerk side lashing out again....I hope.

DAJK: Okay....here we go.


CONFESSIONAL - Elcaballero: Augh!! Now DAJK knows! What’s next? YourMother and Chasmmi find out? Ugh!!! This is the worst week for Survivor ever!




Spaghetti: After one of the most intense weeks of BOT Survivor yet, the results are ridiculous. Here they are, without further ado...



@Arlborn - 100.14%

@WrathOfHan - 92.97%

@elcaballero - 88.33%

@chasmmi - 87.06%

@DAJK - 80.80%

@YourMother - 72.06%

@Wrath - 63.31%

@Eevin - 58.97%


Arlborn: Woo!! Final 7, baby! We did it, Eevin!....wait, no! I hate you now! Ugh!

Eevin: I understand. And if you vote me off, I deserve it.

Arlborn: We'll see about that!

Spaghetti: As for the rest of you, you know the drill. The challenges only get crazier from here on out. Vote someone out this week, as always, and we'll move forward from there! Get ready for another treacherous week of....BOT SURVIVOR!




Arlborn (22)

Eevin (18)

Wrath (11)

WrathOfHan (16)

DAJK (14)

Elcaballero (16)

YourMother (6)

Chasmmi (32)


STAIN REMOVER - 6 Coins (Removes the weakest score in your weekend prediction)

RECYCLED PAD - 8 Coins (Doubles your vote in the Tribal Council)

MAGIC MIRROR - 8 Coins (Force another contestant to reveal their vote(s) in the Tribal Council)

MARIONETTE - 12 Coins (Allows you to replace someone else's vote in Tribal Council - you may use this even if you are not a candidate for elimination)

GOLDEN HALO - 25 Coins (Guaranteed immunity - Will expire once five contestants remain)



Predict the Wednesday grosses of the following:

Wonder Woman

Captain Underpants



Beauty and the Beast


Second Immunity Predictions due at Wednesday at 11:59PM EST!!! Votes due Thursday at 3PM EST!!!



How many theatres will these films lose on Friday?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul


King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


FIRST PRIZE: Steal half of the tuck shop coins...

LAST PRIZE: ...from the person in last place.


Flash Fight Predictions due Tuesday at 11:59PM EST!!!



Predict the Weekend Grosses of the Following:

The Mummy

It Comes at Night

Megan Leavey

My Cousin Rachel

Wonder Woman


Answer the following questions pertaining to The Mummy (-+5% for each wrong/right answer)

  1. Will The Mummy be #1 for the weekend?
  2. Which Tom Cruise movie will have an unadjusted opening weekend closest to The Mummy's?
  3. Will The Mummy drop more than 10% on Saturday?
  4. Will The Mummy make more than $3.5M on Thursday previews?
  5. Will The Mummy cross $30m on Saturday? (i.e. the Friday+Saturday total)


Predict the 3-day rank of the following movies: (-+2% for each wrong/right answer)

Captain Underpants

Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2


Everything, Everything



Answer the following questions pertaining to other weekend films (+3% for right answer, +0% for 1 off, -3% for 2 off or more)

  1. After the 3-day weekend, where will It Comes at Night rank in A24's filmography for grosses?
  2. How many films in the top 20 will have a sub-$1k PTA?
  3. How many films will rank between Pirates V and Alien: Covenant on Friday? (i.e. how many films will gross between those two film's friday grosses?)
  4. How many wide releases will end their run on Thursday, June 8th?
  5. How many animated films will drop less than 40%?


Weekend Challenge Due at 11:59PM EST!!!


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*Arlborn reads the page and stares in shock and despair.*


Wow, I finally got Arlborn to stop being an annoying ass. And all it took was for me to pretend I loved him. I’ll dump him once he gets eliminated, it’s clear he’s not leaving my side any time soon. At least I’ll never have to see him again once this competition ends.


*Arlborn is mortified, but suddenly enraged. He throws the journal on the ground.*




And that flash fight... Do I dare??

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Right now.


Tribal Council: Week #13


Spaghetti:  It's time to cast your votes. Only 8 contestants remain, which makes this week the start of true intensity.



@Arlborn, @chasmmi, @DAJK, @elcaballero@Eevin, @Wrath@WrathOfHan, and @YourMother cast their votes.


Spaghetti: The votes have been tallied, but this week, we're gonna present the votes in a different manner. Because someone used a recycled pad, this week had nine votes. Incidentally, it was a 4-5 vote as to who got eliminated. I have 7 idols to give out. If you receive one, you are safe. This is the one week you WANT to receive an idol. And mind you, second immunity has already been determined and will not effect the results.


*Eevin gives a pleading look to Arlborn, who deliberately ignores him.*

*WrathOfHan looks at Wrath, then back at Elcaballero*

*Elcaballero looks at DAJK*

*Chasmmi looks around nervously, while YourMother smiles.*



Spaghetti: And here we go. The idols go to...




















Spaghetti: The six of you are safe. However, we only have one idol left. And it's between Wrath and DAJK. Two of the season's fiercest competitors, and one is going home.

*DAJK is panicked, but begins to glare at YourMother.*

*Wrath looks to WrathOfHan, who nods.*

Spaghetti: The contestant going home tonight is...





DAJK:  No!

YourMother: Sorry, mate. 5-4 vote. The tribe has spoken.

Spaghetti: Hey, that's my line!

DAJK: YourMother....I just wanted to say that I'm sorry about everything. I know Chasmmi's messing with your head. You don't have to be the bad guy anymore.

YourMother: Oh please, I..... *Flashes back to everything bad he's done* I'm so sorry. I'm a horrible monster. I just....I want to make this right so badly.

DAJK: There's still good inside you. I know you did a lot of messed up things, but.....you have to stop Chasmmi and get to the finale. You were one of the coolest competitors ever when I met you. Don't let this darkness get the best of you. And....I did have one last thing to give you before I left.

YourMother: Really? Like....like what? *DAJK kisses YourMother.*

DAJK: That. Farewell, YourMother. WrathOfHan, Elcaballero, thanks again for saving my life. It's been real, survivor island.

YourMother: *raises fist in the air to salute DAJK.*










CONFESSIONAL - DAJK: Apparently I was a favorite to win earlier in the season, which makes the blow of elimination a lot sadder. But I know what I have to do now. YourMother might have forgotten it, but he was a really good person, and he's better than this. With a little bit of faith, he'll shake Chasmmi right off him.


CONFESSIONAL - Chasmmi: Seems YourMother has gone soft now. Great. Just when I thought I could unite with the others against a common enemy. Operation Lesser Evil has gone to a standstill. Little do they know, it was my idea to sabotage Eevin and Arlborn's newfound love. My idea to let DAJK drown. The other finalists won't know what him them.


*Elcaballero is practicing his secret, turning from good to bad.*

Elcaballero: *To himself* So I become a monster when I get a good score, but when someone is kind to me....I calm down. Come on, Elcaballero. Control it.

Chasmmi: My next mission has begun.


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Damn, well it sucks to be eliminated, but I'm just so glad to compete with you guys this year. It honestly brought me a lot closer with many more BOTers, and committing to this competition has honestly made me a better predictor (I think). 


Thanks all for participating in this, for being my friends throughout this, and a HUGE thanks to @Spaghetti of 1000 Planets spending so much time and effort into this each week.

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@Arlborn, @chasmmi, @elcaballero@Eevin@Wrath, @WrathOfHan, @YourMother


Congratulations on making it to the final seven. I'll just say, however, you *might* want to make sure your predictions are pitch perfect this week. You'll find out why on Monday.

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