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Strangers: Prey At Night March 9th 2018, Full trailer released

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I would honestly consider giving this a shot if I had someone to go with this weekend


Also if Hurricane Heist turns out to be an okay/meh movie rather than a monumentally bad one, I may opt to see this instead

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On 2/21/2018 at 4:43 PM, Krissykins said:

It could’ve been a hit for Netflix, that’s the only place it was released.

The premise of Hush was such a potentially crowd-pleasing, suspenseful narrative; I wish someone like Gal Gadot or Blake Lively had been offered the movie so it could find a larger audience. It is such an underappreciated treasure.

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Literally right after the movie was done, my friend and I saw that the auditorium next door was showing “Get Out,” and we walked right into the theater. I don’t know why they were showing “Get Out” since it is a year old movie, Oscar season is over, and the Presidents day promotion is over, but I was grateful it was playing. Of course, the movie relieved all of the disappointment and anger that “The Strangers: Prey at Night,” made us feel.


Liv Tyler I miss you.


Here's my review of "The Strangers: Prey at Night":



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53 minutes ago, DAJK said:

Lol so this is the only new release with a Fresh audience rating 68% on RT. Although I think WiT is getting Ghostbuster'd a little as it's at 33

Yeah it’s IMDB score is at 3.4 while Strangers is at 6.6. 

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