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Strangers: Prey At Night March 9th 2018, Full trailer released

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14 minutes ago, Boxofficerules said:

Rated R for horror violence and terror throughout, and for language. 


Sounds like the kind of unrelenting horror experience audiences love.


No wonder it took so long for there to be a sequel. The filmmakers apparently wanted to take the time to get this sequel right.

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35 minutes ago, Boxofficerules said:

This is out in 4 weeks, seems like there is zero buzz.

Its because 1) yes the film was a hit for Rogue and ended it up being their biggest at that time before they became relativity. 2) but however, the film has now met a lukewarm reception with people complaining about the ending, and it’s cited as now mediocre. 


This a sequel at best should’ve been a straight to video flick. 

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I went ahead and made a club for this film based on the fact that it is the second film from the distributor Aviron; Strangers: Prey at Night over Kidnap. That would mean that it'd cross $30M total in the domestic landscape. And because of low horror and March competition, I think it just might. I mean, the film still has to be good...

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6 hours ago, Boxofficerules said:

I’d say this is dead, lucky to make $10 million this weekend. No marketing or buzz at all. If this had come out closer to the first it probably would have done well, why they wait so long?

I've seen a decent account of marketing. I'm probably going to wait until DVD myself though

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