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Ezen Baklattan

SUR(V)IVOR: Episode 10 - Bad Times at Survivor City

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For this episode, we'll dive into the psyches of our remaining 10 players, and how they feel going solo.


DAJK: I'm happy that me and YourMother made it to the merge for a second time. We really do feel like a good luck charm together. Something doesn't always seem 100% right, but there's been a remarkable lack of drama. I just know something's gotta be a secret somewhere in the season, but I can't really tell right now. I just....I hope we can make it through this, and...


YourMother: ....not break up. I'm just....does he even like me? Do I have to step up my love game? Because let me tell you, I will. I've been surrounded by posers all this time. I feel like I need to step it up for DAJK. I know exactly what to do. This season is going to rock. But...he does need to know my secret soon. How honest should I be? Hmm....


Baumer: So this is how the other half lives. Well, not quite there yet, but I do hope to make it to the next round. Should be a big one. There's only one person I don't trust here, and it's - 


CaptainWondyful: I've been getting some fan mail that people think I'm evil. Oh please, I hate Wrath. He's a despicable, vile creature, and I can't believe people rooted for him to win. He is an embarrassment. See, I hate him! I am trying my best to build a positive persona. And I am NOT trying too hard!


WrathOfHan: It's weird to be back here again. I'll probably be booted soon once people realize who they're up against. It's happened a lot in past seasons, might as well get it over with. *Sigh* At least with Wrath I felt close to someone during the game. I hope it isn't too late.


Keanu: It's so awesome to have made it this far, but I do miss Slambros a lot. Sheikh seems awesome, but I'm not sure I'm up for a relationship right now. I'm trying to win, I can't let it distract me. Obviously I won't be as chasmmi was, but even I have my standards.


Chasmmi: I still sorely regret bumping ZeeSoh. I mean, I was always good. Elusive, maybe shady, but my heart was in the right place. And I did this just because! I didn't even have to fight Wrath. What's wrong with me! ZeeSoh hates me and rightfully so. I'm embarassed for myself.


Sheikh: Phew, actually feeling pretty good about things. Trying not to let anything disrupt my friendships, but Keanu....should I ask her? With everything that happened, I feel like I have to say something. Does she know? Ugh, I can predict numbers, not feelings, damnit!


Claire: Okay, these bitches are wild. I'm kind of reeling in this new life, but trying to stay out of the chaos myself. It's worked out to mixed results thus far, but....I have scoop. And I'd be willing to give it away for a price. I'll see if I have any buyers.


*Empire is sound asleep, but he was muttering about his bizarre journeys, and how he has had enough chaos to last him ages. He almost wants to be eliminated, holding a sign that says "give me your poison apples."*


And we reach the results:


@WrathOfHan - 91.61%

@captainwondyful - 82.84%

@Keanu - 78.03%

@Sheikh - 75.51%

@chasmmi - 75.20%

@Claire of Themyscira - 70.22%

@Dr Loomis baumer - 63.71%

@YourMother the Edgelord - 61.15%

@DAJK - 45.68%

@Empire - -33.57% (yes. a NEGATIVE score)


WrathOfHan is going to the final 9!!! But someone else is going home. You know the drill. Here's the second immunity challenge.


Predict the Tuesday grosses of...


A Star is Born

The Old Man and the Gun


Night School


And here's the weekend challenge:


First Man (Saturday)

First Man (3-day)

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween (Sunday)

Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween (3-day)

Bad Times at the El Royale (Friday)

Bad Times at the El Royale (3-day)


A Star is Born

The Hate U Give

The Old Man and the Gun


The Sisters Brothers

The Nun


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