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Percy Jackson | Disney+ | Officially greenlit

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2 hours ago, filmlover said:

What the hell is wrong with people bullying a 12 year old on social media? I make no apologies when I say these folks are a cancer on society.

Some people are obviously not right in the head.

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Did Disney Cook Something?!?



Full of action, and all of those magnificent revelations of adolescence, “Percy Jackson” is one of the strongest YA television outings in a long time. The series has the same captivating elements that made the “Harry Potter” film franchise successful. Unlike the “Percy” films, which aged the characters up, launching the show with younger actors spotlights a unique period while establishing a solid framework that will allow the story to expand as the leading trio ages.


In addition to the stunning effects, the actors’ talents can’t be understated. As Percy, Scobell has a snark and cynicism that perfectly encapsulates the experiences of a defiant boy. In contrast, Jefferies’ Hermione Granger-like Annabeth is a badass warrior. Bold and unafraid, she has an intensity beyond her years. Balancing out the pair is Simhadri’s Grover. Gentle and thoughtful, he often plays the mediator between the two, bringing a wisdom and calm neither of the demigods has grasped yet.


Possessing enticing pacing, riveting physicality and history lessons on the Greek gods, the show captures the dizzying but brilliant tone of the preteen years while setting a foundation for what future projects centering on Gen Z and Gen Alpha can be. “Percy Jackson” offers teenagers control of their feelings and experiences without patronizing them. The series depicts a genuinely inclusive world, showcasing storylines and characters that will captivate fans for the next decade. At long last, Riordan’s work has been given the extensive visual adaptation it deserves.


(A rave of a review from Variety)

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