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BO Germany/Austria: Avatar2 #1 with strong 6th weekend

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The numbers are not exactly overwhelming, but really good compared to Marvel's last entries. And weather really hurt cimenas this weekend, it had 30°centigrade or more and even the evenings were so warm everybody was out barbecueing or partying.Edit: Latest weekend trends Germany (admissions):AP4-Reunion 675.000Avengers 500.000The Lucky One 150.000Battleship 60.000Intouchables 45.000Hunger Games 40.000

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AustriaAmerican Pie 4 ...100,399 adm.The Avengers...... 50,264 adm.The Lucky One .... 8,102 adm....German speaking SwitzerlandAmerican Pie 4 .... 64,362 adm.The Avengers ...... 32,621 adm.The Lucky One ...... 9,740 adm.....Germany still only trendAmerican Pie 4 .... 720,000 adm.The Avengers ...... 550,000 adm. .. but highest grossingThe Lucky One .... 160,000 adm.....Who would have thought that the Germans dig SHs?

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The Dark Knight made about 35 million $ in Germany+Austria. Batman Begins made about 9 million. So it MIGHT be that Dark Knight was a kind of singularity then and not repeatable. We don't know that yet, but usually Superhero films don't make big $ here, and Avengers is really going strong at the moment! I thought the max this could reach are Hunger Games nrs. and with this opening it might do that ($-wise; not admissions)

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It'll be really interesting to see if TDKR can match the 2.8m tickets that TDK sold. I think it will reach at least 2m.

I think TDKR will beat TDK there, it's not a traditional SH movie, it's more adult, not teenage.Germans should like it more.
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